DEAR LITTLESCRIBE: Interview with a Witness: #1 - @timcliff

in witness •  6 months ago

The interview with @timcliff (top 4 Witness) was fun and informative. We talked about what time he wakes up in the morning, how many times he shops at the Mall of America per year, why he quit his day job, and an upcoming hard fork proposal.

We also had the privilege of hearing from @bethalea -- SPL moderator, cofounder of @ccasino, co-curator for @buildawhale (with @themarkymark), former PTA president (she'll hate me for saying that), and NOT married to @tuck after all (#nottuck). But she did find her missing canvassing homeless people. I know, right?

So here's the show:

*disclaimer, apparently everyone was asking me to turn the volume up on Tim's voice. And I guess I was too nervous to notice! Sorry guys! I'll catch your comments next time!!!

Favorite quotes from the show:

Steemit is my home, and I want steemit to be a wonderful place."

I think Puck is our official Steemit mascot

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Steemit is my home too @dreemsteem and I'm so glad that there are people here on the platform that will go above and beyond themselves to make this place wonderful.

People make the platform and genuine promising newcomers all need another genuine caring person to help them move forward. That's what The Welcome Wagon provides by the bucket load.


Thanks @calumam! It really is what it's all about :)
The Welcome Wagon feels so privileged and honored to get the chance to come alongside our recruits. This week was magical :) @bluefinstudios and @saffisara rocked it this week in all the training that they so lovingly gave! It's a huge commitment, but after seeing our recruits SHINE this week - it was worth every minute! Loving this opportunity!! So warmed by your appreciation!

Hello my dear friend, your dog is very cute and lovely.
I became lover your pet.
have good time and good luck.

You’re totally gorgeous to watch and listen to! ❤️ Agree with the 5 Cs and to finding that gaps to do what we do best.


Aw, thanks! You made my day. :D

Hey, this is really cool. Going to try and catch it live next time.


Nice! Well I should have a witness on every week for the next while. And actually NEXT week we'll be having a witness debate between @timcliff and @sircork. So that should be pretty stimulating. :D

You are such a bad-ass @littlescribe!! Being live and speaking, interviewing, moderating comments and keeping the flow going is no easy task! I’m so impressed with your skill! You make it look easy. 😉

I havnt has a chance to listen to the whole Tim Cliff interview yet, but I look forward to it!


Thank you so much, @coruscate! Yes, it is a bit of a trick. It's been full speed learning the skill. I'm super excited for the opportunity to work with such amazing people the whole time. We'll be doing a lot more of it! And you'll be on the show on the 20th I believe....right?


Yes! looking forward to being on your show on the 20th! :)


Awesome. Although, I'm looking at my schedule for that day, and honesty, I could give you more time on the segment if we put you on the 27th. I'm wondering if that might work a little better. Why don't you DM me and give me a preference. I am good with either, but my preference would be the 27th. So it's kind of up to you.

We all love @timcliff and vote only witnesses that had the sole focus on steem and steemit and not anywhere else.

Great interview with Tim Cliff. Really enjoyed your interview style @littlescribe , please keep them coming!

Regarding people reaching reputation 60 in 2 months, I believe @aghunter did a bit of research into this recently and showed it is actually harder these days. Having said that I do know one person who reached 60 (without bots as far as I can tell) in 2-3 months this year. She is up to rep 64 now!

Title Idea? 2 Witnesses and a Scribe :)


Thanks! We'll have lots more coming. June 13th is the debate, so stay tuned for that! Next week we'll have @patrice on. She's in charge of steemcleaners, broombot, and spaminator. I'm looking forward to that interview.


So... during your show... I had no internet. None. It left the night before at midnight. Probably did really fun, bad things... then FINALLY returned the next day around dinner time. I asked no questions. Was simply pleased it returned to us.

Watching you now.

You're so damned cute!

Nice "set" ya got going there. ;)

If you have ANY kind of really dark (or light) solid sheet you could hang it behind you and I'll teach ya how to chroma-key in OBS. You'll be so awesome. More awesome. AwesomeR. 😎


I do. I need to chroma-key in. It's paramount. I need to up my professionalism now that I've got some heavy hitters coming on and I've got the basics down. Also, you need to dm me. We gotta talk.


For realz, yo. Dress for the job you WANT. 😎 Or... dress your set for the job you want.

I did enjoy and was among the audience, joined the discord though I have not presented yet, still thought about finding my way here and say thx. Puck is cute btw


Oh yes! I saw you! Now I remember. Well, it's been good getting to know you on other venues, like PYPT. Again, love the accent. Maybe you should come on my show and help me co-host something. Seriously. I could listen to you all day. I'm sure I"m not the only one who feels that way. :)


I do my best on dlive on Tuesdays and have even thought of hosting a show about film music once, but I do not think I have the talent as entertaining host like you or Carrie. My skill comes in music I guess. Maybe a guest haha Still that is a beautiful thing you said.