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NBA Fantasy Picks Monday 1/29
We are back with another edition of NBA Fantasy Tonight!
Marcus Morris PF 4700. Marcus Morris looks like the beneficiary from all the injuries on the Celtics. Ever since the road trip started 3 games ago Morris's shots have risen. He is now averaging 15 shots per game. If you look closely, it seems that Morris always shows his upside on the road. The Nuggets really do not have a good match up for Morris as the PF position. They have been experimenting with different front court rotations all year. At 4700 the floor on Morris is too hard to pass up on what is expected to be an uptempo match up in the mile high city this evening.

Nicolas Batum SG 5500. Batum has been shooting terrible lately. That is why we are seeing such a price cut. Batum shooting usually turns around sooner than later. He has shown ability to put up north of 40 fantasy points recently. That upside is good enough for me to buy in. The Hornets desperately need someone besides Howard to step up. Batum specializes in his defensive capability and the Pacers have been coughing up the ball quite a bit lately. Even a game with 8 makes has 40 fantasy point upside because of Batum's capabilities on the defensive end. There is no reason to avoid him at this depressed price tag.
Dillon Brooks SF 4300. Brooks keeps getting the playing time in Memphis. 30 and 34 minutes respectively in the last 2. That was against real teams in the West the Clippers and the Spurs. Today he gets a match up with a soft Suns team, that is basically made up of all rookies like himself. The Suns rank 17th against the SF this year and that mainly has to do with a healthy Warren early in the season. Warren is no where near 100% right now. If Brooks get usage here he could easily break 30 fantasy points. With the combination of a lack of depth at the position this evening and a depressed price tag I will be going all in on Brooks tonight. Play with confidence.

Joel Embiid C 9700. Embiid took 19 shots on the Bucks last game in a blowout win. Expect more of the same tonight. Henson has zero chance of defending Embiid and the 6ers know it. you can expect Embiid to get fed all night tonight. 9700 is way to cheap for this superstar. He has 65 fantasy point upside ,with a floor around 45 fantasy points. Expect Embiid to get his short hook shot working tonight and 6ers putting another tick in the win column. Play with confidence.
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I loaded up on Saric cause Embiid is out, I was thinking about Brooks I'll have to seeeee

Batum just hasn't been right, hasn't been consistent all season coming back from his injury. buyer beware! But that said he can also randomly notch for a big game, so getting him cheap is nice.

For a punt on Miami vs Dallas, read here...

Embiid is the move right now. I was thinking Marcus Morris could be trending up too he's getting his hands on the ball often

Care, looks like Joel is out :(

Shit yeah BB IS my JAM

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