Steempeak Is Steemit 2.0

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Have you heard about Steempeak? This is a new and fresh alternative frontend reader for the Steemblockchain, similar to or Steemit itself. The content is the same, the features are richer and the design nice and modern.

Amazing Design

Things move so fast on Steem. I barely had the chance to look at Steempeak yet and had to learn that there is already an off-spring called Peakmonsters, a market and explorer for the popular @steemmonster cards. The team behind Steempeak clearly knows its stuff as they present the most polished design of all Steem apps so far. Everything looks exactly where it belongs and the posts are better formatted for easier reading.

Feature-Rich Editor

The Post Editor features side-by-side view that actually feels proper. Beneficiaries for the post payout are super easy to add and post templates and scheduling for posts are default features as well. Steempeak does not take any beneficiary rewards, I think, but offers a favorite feature for popular beneficiaries where they include themselves. I have used that option and 5% of this post will go to @steempeak. There are also Drafts and Templates options.

Impressive Grid View

The feed view and the blog view have grid and single view, just like on Steemit. However, the grid view looks amazing and even offers to watch youtube and dtube videos directly from the feed without leaving it. In the settings you can even activate an image slider for the post previews but I kept that deactivated as it looks a bit odd. Additionally, you can find a filter function on the feed to filter all resteems out.



The notifications from Steempeak are the best on any Steem platform yet because they offer a special notification settings to filter them. You can filter for votes, replies, transfers and rewards. I have only left the replies on as the rest just clutters my notification window. I love this!


The Dashboard is particularly interesting as it offers a set of various data in chart form and lets you load more and more data into them. You get infos like author and curation rewards, account growth, incoming and outgoing votes as well as the number of posts and replies. This is very inspirational for my own 1UP project where I want to have nice and clean data as well.



Steempeak is amazing and exactly what we were waiting for Steemit to become. I will certainly use Steempeak as my deafult frontend reader for Steem and make use of the new features that you cannot find on Steemit. I am excited to see more from the team as I feel this is just the beginning.

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Hey @flauwy! I am finally checking out @steempeak as a result of your post. Everyone's been talking about it. I feel late to the party!! Better late than never! Seems great so far! Thank-you for that last lil' nudge to get me going! ✌


I am glad to be the messenger of the gods dApps.



LOL You are!! And, @patrickulrich turned me on to the Edge wallet today. What a crowd on #STEEM

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Glad you're liking it... always fun to see what features people are enjoying the most!


It's awesome! Are you part of the Steempeak team?

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I only just got to know it, and I LOVE it! Although sometimes (like now), I grab back to Steemit as the interface.


I did that in the beginning as well. But try to write some comments over there or even use the amazing editor. It grows quickly on you. We are habit beings. Break the habit. ;)


You're very right about the habit thing! ;-) I'm using it more often (almost all the time) on my ipad, or on my home computer, and the advantages and easier way of working is tremendous! However, when I want to check Steem in the office, I'd rather use Steemit for now, since it is more discrete, and less social media looking ;-)

Using steempeak daily the auto scheduling post feature is perfect for me :)


Oh nice. Do you like the way it works? Do you have special times for posting?

Yeah I've been using steempeak for a couple of days now. I find it hard because I habitually type whenever I open my browser but I often switch back over to steempeak if I remember.

I really love the platform, I think it's what steemit could have been if it had been worked on consistently. But honestly, the steemit team have so much in the background that I wouldn't expect them to make steemit the best. It's the beauty of this blockchain, we can have 3rd party devs creating great platforms like this!


I agree, this is why Steem will become so powerful - because of the 3rd party apps. Let Steemit make Steem better and us the ecosystem!

I use an icon-based (no text) bookmark bar in my browser and have Steemit and Steempeak among many others ready at click.

Wow thanks for showing this to us, we heard of it too and now are motivated to finally check it out (:


Try writing a post with it. I love the side-by-side view which automatically scrolls with you.

Danke für den tipp! Habe mich auch eingeloggt und muss sagen steempeak ist echt ein geniales Projekt und kommt mit vielen interessanten Features.

Don't forget to give the team some love.

@asgarth @jarvie @r00sj3 @dmytrokorol and myself @anarcist69

Also pop over to the Discord if you have any suggestions:

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