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Return of the Blockchain Boarders
For this week, hit mute and skip halfway through this video.

We arn't going to be doing anything like this. But strongly encouraged.

Getcha' tricks now!


Best entry wins SBD.


Yo guys! This is my entry for #steemskate week 15,check it out.Im new here and lots of good content is coming up.FTR

Definitely threw down some tricks

first time entry!!! thank you for participating. looking forward to viewing your entry!

Yooo guys!!! This is my entry!

yo that was sick

I'm taking all donations for a new board lol.

damn dude that was fun to watch though. just shnapped it with that pop shuv lol

Seems to be a bad week for me with boards :/

yes boss! you good!

So,if I got it this weeks theme are strange tricks?Hmmm that's intresting...
Let's gooo

pressure flips is an option right ?

hell yes mon! are you a polish skateboarder? WELCOME mister! welcome to steemskate. where we dole out STEEM for original skate edits!

bring em in! i can't seem to get anyone i know to play steemskate!

this should be an interesting challenge. Cant wait to see what everyone gets.

jayr-88 i hope you enjoyed the show

@web-gnar's entry got me hyped to push!

Sick like always man

Thanks bro.Waiting for your entry.
I am sure I'll watch something good!

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