DTube vLog 16 Wasted in the wasteland - Beers, sunshine, and a yellow pipe @nicolcron STEEMSKATE WEEK 10 [DTUBE EXCLUSIVE]

in steemskate •  5 months ago

Hey everyone! I am finally back with my exclusive series of DTube vLogs! This being episode 16!

Steemians and DTube massive! I have missed you!.
After chilling all day in the paddling pool drinking beers I felt suitably prepared for my first vlog adventure in ages! I tried to get more of a mini section than the usual trick or two, to try to make up for my lack of posts for you lovely weirdo's
As usual this also contains my skate tricks for the @web-gnar / @stickchumpion organised #steemskate contests.
This is my entry for steemskate week 10.

Music was made by my friend 'Egon' in 2005, unnamed tracks I'm afraid, but really weird! I love them!

Thanks for checking it out! So sorry for being absent for so long! Had a few real life things to deal with but nothing drastic! =)
StAY wEIRd my friends!!
Love is all.

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God fucking DAMN finally dude.
Couldn't wait for a vlog mate,you and your homies killed it.Murdered the DIY spot.Fs nose pop out bolts,and that radman dude blunt to board what the hell.
Awesome,awesome awesome + got that big payout. @dtube supports steemskate a lot man.
Hope you won't be late uploading again,you vlogs get me so hyped Mark.
P.S I was searching for you on youtube dude,and i saw your parts with Death skateboards.So fucking epic parts and that coffin grinds fak yeah.
You are a legend dude.
Sorry for the big comment and my grammar,i just wanted to get most of my thoughts out of my head.
So much respect.


Yo brother!! Yeah sorry it took so long!
Thanks so much dude, it was a busy time for me and it was painful to not be making videos.
But it seems you are correct, the steemskate skate adventure type vlogs that we do are getting some much appreciated recognition! I think @dtube knows that skateboarders have a certain quality filter on our content that will mean almost every video will be interesting to skaters and non skaters alike. And we are trying hard man!
Thanks for your kind words man, I will try to get more videos up! I must do a little recap on inventing the coffin grind! ;) I forgot about that!!
Anyway, big ups to you @knowhow92 !! Lets take this vlog format and run with it! I love making them and I love watching your videos too, and all the steemskate crew!
Lovely to see your vlogs are SMASHING it!! =)
#steemskate crew lets do this!!

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Happy to see $$ on your vlog haha keep vlogging! 😁


Yay @Pinay!! Thank you so much, I will do! =)
Hope all is well!!