Menē Unboxing - Pair of 24K Classic Dice!

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Menē Unboxing - Pair of 24K Classic Dice!

I first tried to order the gold dice from Menē back over the summer, and even though my order went through on the website they contacted me to let me know that there was an issue with their stock and they didn't have any more available :-( The good news is that they gave me a nice gift card to use on my next purchase!

They notified me when they were back in stock, but by the time I got the notification and went to order them they were gone again! Now, thanks to @goldmatters, I was finally able to get them. So I took a much needed break from Steem Monsters server upgrades to open them and share the "unboxing" with you!

It all comes packaged really nicely, of course, and in the envelope is the certificate of authenticity.

They make you work to get to the goodies!

Aaaaand here they are!

Obligatory selfie, just so you know it's really me.

And finally, here's my entire precious metals collection!

That's it! I'll stop slacking off now and get back to work. Looking forward to meeting many of you at SteemFest next week, and also I hope everyone has a happy Halloween!

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Are they pure gold? (as in solid)
Where you get the steem tokens?

Yes, its 24 karat gold . Mene sells only 24k jewelry and gifts :)

You can help us place orders? I need more info on Mene gold.

Also, can you purchase with steem?

There is abundant info on my blog including referal links. Currently Mene uses coinbase commerece which accepts bitcoin, etherum, bitcoin cash and litecoin

Cool. I’ll start following you and I have litecoin so we are good. Thanks.

I bought two of the silver rounds when they were originally sold earlier this year by @sevinwilson, and I got the other two from @virtualgrowth when I saw him at Token Fest in Boston.

I'm so jelly. I just have these shitty coins I made when I was calibrating my 3D printer.

And a lot of marvins

And a big ass boat.

Ha, I like the marvins! Anyway, I think @virtualgrowth may have more of them to sell if you're interested.

Haha 🤣 I like the color of those shit-coins 😉

ha, cute... but time to get some silver and gold bro (-:


its a cool eyecatcher but usually you have to pay a lot of premium price for this kind of gold. But for the right star wars fans this can be a treasure.

Mene sell gold by gram weight x current metals spot price + a transparent design fee. Its of course a higher premium than a coin or bar, but compared to other jewelry companies who wont disclose gram weight and charge upwards of 1000% mark ups, its a good deal :) I’m stoked to see someone knows the Star Wars history of the gold dice! Did you know that Bonnie Piesse, who played Aunt Beru is on steemit? She has done several Mene unboxings

Did you know that Bonnie Piesse, who played Aunt Beru is on steemit?

Say what?? I didn't know that! What is her account name?

I didnt know that , bring more force to steemit

Nice collection. I need to get in the gold train.

Take some breaks every now and then. It’s good for you. Thanks again for all the work on steemmonsters.

Not nearly as cool as gold dice, but there are several tokens that allow you to buy gold.
Each DGX represents 1 gram of gold. Supposedly they will buy 1 gram for their vault whenever a DGX is purchased.

Whohoo! This is so awesome! I think you will enjoy these gold dice, every time I show mine to someone they lose their mind :) thanks for doing this great unboxing yaba! Resteemed

I’m glad you got your Dice!!!! I remember when we were talking about them! They are so popular and often times out of stock!

are you into mene and goldmoney too? i just became verified and investing on goldmoney. have you considered purchasing their stock? it seems attractive to me / ty and peace

I love Menē!!! I am considering in both Menē and Goldmoney!

cool, new follower, keep us posted (-:

Same here! Hit me up on discord (sevinwilson#5606) if you have any questions

by the way, as I understand it goldmoney owns about 40% of mene, so i would prob just invest in goldmoney, but that's just my noob view, fyi

Yeah I think it’s right around 40%, maybe a tad lower. I guess it depends on which is more undervalued at the time and how their prices are correlated. Menē was getting too big to not be a separate company

And what are you testing now ???
Bots go on the second circle ???

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Nice rocking of the dices Matt! They do look cool. You'll have a couple more silver rounds to add to your collection if SM comes out with them. :)

Edited: OHH, just read on steemitblog that you will be interviewed at Steemfest!!! Good luck and let there be no stage fright. As my son likes to do....ROAR like the Rexxie. Show them some brotherly love!

I tried to find you on Discord to thank you in DM - but I think we have to share a server before I can do that!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving 20 packs of Steem Monster cards as rewards for @spunkeemonkee!!!! :)

@paulag told me of your incredible kindness and generosity - and I'm so appreciative of your support of our new project! The kids will be absolutely THRILLED to dig for treasure and see some NEW prizes in there :)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! :)
AKA Monkee Capt'n Dreemie

AKA... voice of Selenia Sky for Steem Monsters! hahahahaa :)

Thanks again! :)

holy shit, i've been following goldmoney and checking out mene as well, nice! I guess word is getting around about this. actually i'm investing in goldmoney now and have my account all verified. also, have you considered buying any goldmoney or mene stock? nice call bro! peace