Thank You SSG!!!

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Well that was awesome!!! A little confusing to start with — for me at least 🤪 — but another crazy good time with all of yaz! Many, many thanks to all of you who participated and extra special kudos to the members who dug deep and hurled in some love for the MR3!


Personally, i wish to thank: @enginewitty for his badass combo pack:


And @plaid for his badass combo pack too:


And, of course, @mikepm74 who offered these:


And congrats on the Jets bro! They are cool, and i was confused re: picks available, but i’m glad you got them 😁😁😁

And also, i would like to thank @senstless for this:


And @sircork for this super cool 1oz CC style bar:


The above is what i won for having bought about 220-230 tix — 7oz and a Morgan — not too shabby!

T. Damus
5525 West Blvd. #131
Vancouver BC, Canada
V6M ~ 3W6


But also, i bought Mrs. D 100 tickets (she gave me Saturday off) and she went and kicked ass!

I will suggest she write her own post, but for now, and on her behalf, i would like to say thank you to:

@summertooth for this killer prize:


And @saffisara for these 2 awesome Star Wars rounds:


And of course @welshstacker for his Athenian Owl — she loves it (i sent pics 🤩)


Now just fyi, ‘asktera’ is a typo and should read @asktara. She hasn’t posted in forever, but i believe it behooves her to say thank you to SSG. And further, though she was my proxy, the winnings are ALL HERS to do with what she likes.

I would also like to say CONGRATULATIONS to:

@summertooth for winning both 2 rounds of tests, and the final COMPLETELY RANDOM draw for the Lambo — there is no doubt that @summertooth was meant to take home the car and the dragon!


Congrats @matthewwarn for winning the bitcoin bill loaded with 0.00567890 on it — FAK!!! I hope it’s still over $20usd by the time it gets to you!


And also, congrats to @tbnfl4sun for winning the pre ‘68 x three Canadian dollars. At 0.6 oz of Ag each there is 1.8 oz of shiny coming to you in a format that feels great in the hand and “sings” beautifully if you give ‘em a flip. (Yo tb, hit me up with a mailing addy on discord @thedamus#1267)


And finally, congratulations to @mikepm74 for being a big spender and a master at rock-paper-scissors! He won my “top 3 ticket buyer contest” in one single throw, and is going to be getting this in the mail ⤵️


Thanks SSG!!! And thank you to all Steemians who participated in the MR3. From the looks of it, we are poised to be in great shape long into 2019. So way to go everybody!!!

Cheers! from @thedamus



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Even though I have ten of them on the kitchen counter behind me as I type this, I got lazy about the whole packaging, and international shipping thing, so I copped out and spent a little extra to get one shipped direct via amazon, which made the international part a LOT easier than shipping one of mine or using my US based suppliers anyway.

So congratulations, thanks to my being lazy and doing it the fast, convenient way, my prize for you is already on the way as of about 5 minutes ago:

Wow! Sir Cork!!! On a friggin’ Sunday too, i’m impressed 😁👍

Thank you for this beautiful prize — i really like it already 🕺

Not tryin to go full sircork ego or anything, but i guarandamntee you, that when you see it, its going to be your favorite prize you got. They are truly badass. I have ten I bought to sell, but cant make myself let go of them, hence way overpaying to send you an 11th one :)

I can hardly wait man! I’ve read they bend easy so i won’t be carrying it, and it looks too beautiful to sell just as silver so i understand that you don’t want to part with any of the ones you already have (that’s the stackitus talking...and you sound like you have it pretty bad! 🤣🤣🤣) I would bet i’ll have this one a long time — thanks again @sircork!

It was so fun!!!! Congrats on your wins, @thedamus!

Thx saver! I’ll have to figure out the voice char for next time 😁👍

Man you remain king of the high rollers! That's quite a take! I'll be sending 4oz of goodness in the mail for you tomorrow. Thanks for saving me a little on the shipping by snagging my prize to go along with the Phelimelt.

May your PO Box be overflowing with silver goodness!

Thanks @mikepm74!!! I can hardly wait to get my hands on that...thing! I’ll get the OPM out to ya asap


It was a blast, thanks for the prize I have none like that in the stack!

They feel like nothing else in hand!


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Wiw! Thanks @wokeprincess 😍👍👍⚡️🕺⚡️

You cleaned up again Captain. Glad that I won something though. It was a great time.

Yeah that was fun! Mrs. D had some good beginners luck — and she’s pretty chuffed 😁

oh that was some fun you and your better half got some awesome stuff I can't wait for the next one I'm planing something big in my mind for it Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Everyone has to recover... but i’d bet the MR4 is goong to be redonkulous!

Congrats on the wins you and the Mrs. TD won! There are a lot of great pieces shown above.

Mrs. D killed it! 😁🤩🤣

She is one lucky lady! And maybe she’ll contract the dreaded stackitus as a result — we shall see 😎👍👍

Have to DM me your address and yo! That owl is frign awesome. Good pulls my man!

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Cheers witty! Mssg sent 😜

Congrats on your wins, Damus! I wasn't around to see it, but it looks like you did well again.

Do you know who ended up winning the 10 Steem Precious sponsorship that I donated?

Thx man wnn, it was a wild, chaotic good time again 😁😁😁

Not sure what is going on there, maybe mssg Welshie on that...

Glad you had fun. Enjoy your prizes. I'll ping Welsh and see if he know. Thanks.

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