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RE: Thank You SSG!!!

in #steemsilvergold3 years ago (edited)

Even though I have ten of them on the kitchen counter behind me as I type this, I got lazy about the whole packaging, and international shipping thing, so I copped out and spent a little extra to get one shipped direct via amazon, which made the international part a LOT easier than shipping one of mine or using my US based suppliers anyway.

So congratulations, thanks to my being lazy and doing it the fast, convenient way, my prize for you is already on the way as of about 5 minutes ago:


Wow! Sir Cork!!! On a friggin’ Sunday too, i’m impressed 😁👍

Thank you for this beautiful prize — i really like it already 🕺

Not tryin to go full sircork ego or anything, but i guarandamntee you, that when you see it, its going to be your favorite prize you got. They are truly badass. I have ten I bought to sell, but cant make myself let go of them, hence way overpaying to send you an 11th one :)

I can hardly wait man! I’ve read they bend easy so i won’t be carrying it, and it looks too beautiful to sell just as silver so i understand that you don’t want to part with any of the ones you already have (that’s the stackitus talking...and you sound like you have it pretty bad! 🤣🤣🤣) I would bet i’ll have this one a long time — thanks again @sircork!

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