Print Your Own Money and Make Your Momma’ Proud! (DASH)

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Hi Friends,

I have already written several articles on printing off crypto paper wallets (or “bills,” or “cold storage” [see below for links]) but i thought it was time to revisit this gorgeous feature of digital cash. And what better currency to use than, well, Digital Cash — or DASH, as it is more widely know?


The above “dash wallet” has never seen the blockchain or the internet. I’ll explain in a minute, but for now know this: the qr code on the left is the public/deposit key — show it to anybody and all they can do is send you loot. The qr on the right is the private/spend key — show it to anybody and they can access wallet freely! So this is the one you wanna’ protect!

Above bill destroyed.


So, what are the advantages of holding your Dash (or btc or ltc or others) this way? Well, first off: there is zero third party involved. No exchanges, no wallet providers, no nobody! Just you and your loot. Second: this bill has never even seen the internet or a blockchain. It is client-side encrypted which means the program does not communicate back private key to anywhere. Instead it relies on manual imput. Here, check it out.



You’re at 1%


Now grab your mouse/pad and give it a shake. Very rapidly you will see randomizer working...




Okay, cool! We’re at 100%. Now, choose “paper wallet” from tabs and then hit the “generate” button a couple times. NOTE you should generate new addresses each time you print a page — otherwise you’ll be printing dbls, or counterfeit bills as it were. Having two identical bills (identical private keys) is not how it is done...ever.


...and why not select for a little colour (although entirely unecessary)?

I have found that 3 bills per page yields the best sizing — although if you please, you can print several (more) per page.


There’s 3 with the private keys covered over...

Grab some scissors and cut yourself some stack!

Now, here’s how they work. Get your empty bill ready


And open up your smart-phone Dash Wallet and prep it to send:


I have chosen “insta send” just for shits and giggles. Scan the public key (qr code), choose amount, and follow easy-peasy directions



Now since i’m on an iPhone i just have to tap the button with thumb, but i could’ve used 4 digit PIN number i set up when i opened this free wallet (AND, very meticuously wrote down the wallet recovery phrase.)

Okay, the loot has been sent, and godamn, Dash is fast!

Okay, sweet! We’ve loaded a bill that is ultimately secure as long as it is: not lost, not damaged, and not shared with anyone. Fucking bulletproof yo!

So how do we get the funds back? Open up wallet and select for “import private key.”


Now scan the qr on the right side of bill — the SECRET one, and then tap the money G!


And bingo, bango, bongo — the digital cash is back on your “hot” wallet and ready to spend!


I have to say, i’m very impressed with the speed and the low fees on the DASH network. I have recently bought more, and expect that the $100 CAD it is today will look like impossibly small print in the coming months. This shit works! It’s working already! And it’s getting better and more widely distributed all the time. Of course i am still a permabull for btc and ltc — see below — and i do hold several other tokens. However, recently i am more interested in the “money” coins: the ones that have a Max Supply, their own blockchain, and purport to do nothing else besides act as a means of holding and transferring value with zero permission required. I would add XMR (Monero) to the above list of faves but would, or course, suggest you do your own due dilligence.

For more on this (btc & ltc) and some other stuff, check out my articles from last year below.




...not sure if there ever was a #4 lol


And of course, reach out if you have any other questions or a comment, or if you have anything to add.

I am @thedamus and i: Print My Own Money and Make My Momma’ Proud! And you can too.

Cheers! from @thedamus and welcome #dashnation



Hi @thedamus, I always appreciate these posts on cryptos. Thanks.

Just a reminder, extra point, for those true newbies . . . that long string of characters next to the QR codes ARE THE KEYS (right?). . . . so the long string of characters on the Secret Side are just as important as the QR code.

Absolutely correct @goldkey — the alpha-numeric string is the private key — the qr code just makes it easier...

Very interesting. I think that I will be left in the non-crypto age... there is so much to learn. But why for is this added layer of complication? Can the world stop turning? or turn back the simple times... please!!! CHEERS @thedamus... the new year has been super hectic for me, I hardly have time for steemit!

I will help you saver. It’s a steep learning curve but it gets easy fast. Gimme’ couple days and i’ll pit something together for you.

I have always loved dash, and want to hold more. It seems to me to be one of the better true digital cash, with a heck of group behind it. They have some great youtube clips and other resources. Hoping this one actually gets adopted more.

It’s going off in S. America — see Dash Columbia — and yeah, the community is great. And damn that “insta-send” feature works fast.

Very cool post!
I would love a decentralized stablecoin which I can hold via paperwallet.
Adoption would be ultimative!

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You can always buy Gold! 😜👍👍

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold


Now That is GREAT Info out of The Ole' Pirate...................

Cut yerself a stack buddy 🤩👍👍

Dash is honestly one of my favorite coins to use and hold! Great article. I have been thinking about making them with plastic cards and using security stickers for the private keys.

Good things happening for Dash in S. America. Release the hounds!!!

I really like paper wallets. Just keep them in an envelope with your cash in the safe!

Like a Boss fat-e! ⚡️👊😎⚡️

The mad dash.....🤣😂🤣😂👍

Moon & Lambo buddy 🤩👍👍

major warning on DASH

tl:dr one entity has over 53% of mining rewards

one Wallet has 53% of block rewards

Thx isacoin! ...saw that 😳

Awesome tutorial! Thanks for this.

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very good article, paper wallet yeah. hold is a nice option too

They work every time!

Im starting to try other cryptos like EOS, besides transactions is there anything else or websites or applications that you can use dash for?

Dash is money. That’s all it does... But it does it well. 👍

I have never heard of the concept of a paper wallet. Seems like it is a great way to make sure your crypto is secure. I will definitely be looking into this for my holdings!

Great! It is a secure way to hodl as long as you keep the bills safe.

Keeping it in a safety deposit box or a really nice safe seem like great safe storage ideas. Do you have any additional ideas for safe storage?

Deffinitely NOT in safety deposit box!!! I want to be able to lay my hands on it and do not trust the banks — even the ones here in Canada.

There are thousands of great places to hide your loot: in the wall, behind the fridge, false bottomed drawere, hoow doors, secret nooks and crannies everywhere!

Nice tutorial... but I have a question and maybe this is a noob question: Isn't there an HD wallet for Dash? And wouldn't that be better for cold storage? I thought these paper wallets with private keys on them were considered obsolete.

There are many options for Dash. The whole point of the paper wallets is that one needn’t rely on any other service or provider.

Right, but what I meant was, wouldn't you have a safer, better, offline paper cold storage wallet by writing the seed words to an HD (hierarchical deterministic) wallet on a piece of paper? I'm not talking about using non-paper wallets.

Edit: Just a quick follow-up. Some cursory research led me to Dash Electrum, which is an HD wallet. I believe storing the seed to a Dash Electrum wallet on paper (preferably in handwriting with copies in multiple secure places) is more secure than paper wallets with private key in QR-code form. (I can explain why for anyone curious.)

Note, I'm not being critical of your post. It's a great and entertaining tutorial and it's very important that people know how to secure their cryptocurrency in cold storage form. I only interested in security and safety of offline Dash, just as you are I'm sure. My question was in earnest.

The HD tech is beyond me. And frankly, as i understand it, there is no reason to load seeds or anything else when the humble paper wallet simply works with zero permission required or any other kind of “security” restraints. But hey, if it works for ya, then great! Thx for clarification.

Well, the thing about paper wallets is they aren't really wallets. They are backups of a single address and private key. So you have to very careful with them. For instance, you should not try to spend a partial balance stored on your paper "wallet" as there are no change addresses made automatically. These printed wallets are also more susceptible to damage and harder to recover. I speak from experience, unfortunately, having lost several Litecoin via these type of wallets.

The Bitcoin wiki has a good discussion of the downsides. I'm pretty sure that Dash paper wallets are based on Bitcoin paper wallets.

A paper wallet is the name given to an obsolete and unsafe method of storing bitcoin which was popular between 2011 and 2016.... This method has a large number of downsides and should not be used.

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