Print your own money and make your momma’ proud — Part 3

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Hello friends!

So for anyone who listened to me and bought litecoin — Congratulations, and you're welcome!

Last Tuesday my good pal DB gave me $5,000 cad to get him some Iitecoin. I sourced out cheap ltc and got him 36.7 — i charged him just 1ltc for my efforts and for expertise. His 35.7 ltc are worth over 15k now — 7 days later!!!

I get by with a little help from my friends...


So here’s some info for all you crypto whizzz kids out there. FYI, i’m currently charging $100/hr cad for consulting: wallets, exchanges, cold storage — whatever ya wanna’ know. So here’s some free info for all my pals out there. Feel free to upvote this post if you learn anything.

So. Wanna’ print your own money?


Bitcoin and/or litecoin paper wallets


Print as many as you want — they’re free but for the cost of paper and ink! The one’s pictured were never loaded and have been destroyed, but i wanted to show them naked for everyone to see.

EDIT: Exact same procedure for Litecoin wallets except you start by going to

If you don’t know why paper wallets are the smartest way (imho) to store crypto, then do some reading on-line or hit me up in Steemit Chat. I’m sure we can work something out...


Okay. Here we go.

Go to google and type in



Click it motherfucker!!!


Now you’re in. Flip around your mouse and watch the randomizer (lol) change. Keep going until you hit 100%

You will see this:


Now go over to “paper wallet”


Type in 3 wallets per page, AND THEN click generate.


Now go and print that shizzle!!!

[Second edit] do this on a printer you trust and for gold’s sake DO NOT photocopy these (for backups) Commercial zerox printers have chips inside that remeber every page — maybe in the future people will be mining the dump for old copiers... Do some research about this stuff — it’s all available. And be smart, this shit is tricky.

Print it!


Check your printer — you’ve got mail :)

Important: make sure you click on the “generate” button after each page of 3 wallets. If you don’t you will be printing copies and that is very bad... get out the scissors and cut some bills!

Important note: the qr on the left is how you load the wallet. Show this to ANYBODY and all they can do is send you money and/or look in the wallet.

The qr on the right is your PRIVATE KEY. Show this to NOBODY — whomever has access to this key can swipe all the funds in the wallet.

DO NOT take a picture of this with a smart device. Do not show it to a security camera. Treat it like it is your actual butt-hole — and show it to no one.

Now. Send as much as you want to wallet. It is securely stored in a “cold wallet” offline. As long as you keep paper bill safe and clean and warm and dry you are in control of your funds and beyond all Hackerz. No pass words, no recovery phrases, no third party, just instant access to your own funds.

Now, who’s you pal?


And who are our pals?




Good times friends!!!

If you found this helpful please say thankyou here:


Send me some lites! = 1/1,000ths

Or even some “photons” = 1/1,000,000ths

Honey Badger don’t care!!!


Merry, Happy, Shiny Christmas!!! Don’t forget to pick up some crypto and some metal — it’s all on sale!

Cheers! from @thedamus


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Very nice!

Brilliant Article!

Thanks m2tm! I’m still packing the 1/2 oz of Sunshine you sent up months ago ;)


This mofo is worth every penny, if I can do it you can do it to. You are the man @thedamus aka BITCOIN OG aka Crypto OG, Aka Silver fucking Pirate, you pick....

Your pick Ray, just don't call me late for the BB-Q!!!

Reminds me of this old Zerohedge story:
«Tennessee Woman Arrested For Printing Money: All Those Other Bitches Are Get to Print Money...»

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ha! Too hilarious!!! because it’s true. Those other bitches are printing money so i am too!

you are a machine!!

👊😎 Rock out with your cock out!!!

Back in the early days of bitcoin, I was doing a lot of public speaking on bitcoin. Mostly public sector, but also banks. There was a guy out west (Casascius) who was making physical bitcoins. I was going to buy a 1, 10, and 25 so I would have something physical to pass around during my talks. Damn I wish I had pulled the trigger. It cost a couple BTC to purchase the coins. But BTC was only a dollar or so back then. Sure would be nice to have today.

The Casascius coins are legendary! I remember seeing them out here in Vancouver, around the time the first ever bitcoin ATM went live.

I wish i had pulled the trigger too!

Imagine having a coin worth 850,000 dollars. Lol. I almost did. I’m so stupid.

I did buy ripple. Which is going nuts right now.

Congrats on your gains, but fuck xrp!

I like it. :)

That’ll go away...

TheDAMUS kicks a$$!!! Way to go, Bro! You are like Yoda, w/o the funny ba$$-ackward$ talk, plus some timely profanity thrown in! :D
Teach me the Ways of the Fooorce.... ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

When people ask: should i buy bitcoin now?

Answers there are two

  1. Do you want to own bitcoin? — buy bitcoin

  2. Do you not want to own bitcoin? — do not buy bitcoin

Do or do not, there is no try.

Great post buddy.

I have been looking at a metal bitcoin wallet card. Its fire proof, wash proof, everything proof, even wife proof as i would have the keys. At £29.99, i think it a good buy.

Ps, been telling myself for months to buy soem LTC, i am still happy have the gains from my 0.5 i brought for $20 afew months back, lol

The only prob with those is that “someone” has seen the private key. You need to trust that the company making them is not recording your info...
Otherwise they’re pretty awesome.

This is brilliant bro. And to think I want to spend money on a hard wallet...

Fuckin’ A bubba!

With a trezor you still need to write down a revovery phrase...

I like the paper wallets because I can print anything on them after the QR code. Your article makes me think a latent image of my butthole might be good to do next....

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You could fuck your own ass with your litcoin wallet!

I was thinking more of what I can tell the IRS, if they ask to see my cryptos......

With the right skillz, you just say “what cryptos?”

Coinbase = irs (btw)

@thedamus Love It. NOOBS are just opening their Coinbase Accounts.

I'm so behind the game 😣

D,ooo,ooo,oooD — learn quick!!! Please!!! Awesome rock n rollers that pour their own silver should be among the lords of wealth creation.

Seriously! Study... watch a couple youtube vids. Go to and find out where the closest machine is. Download a free wallet and get some. Stake a claim mo-fuckah!

This is only starting...

I'm trying @thedamus I got Stok trying to show me the way and reading posts like this get me pumped man. Thanks. Don't forget to hit my giveaway brotha, I don't think I saw you on there

Cool man!

It’s a steep learning curve, but it get’s easier fast. You may want to consider accepting crypto for your products...

Phelimint did this just prior to the “Community” rounds becoming available.

And flying a flag for the IRS lol

Im mad to because I had a few litecoin months ago and then I decided to buy stuff with it and now this always my luck. I can't ever get this stuff right.

...practice makes the master

Dropping free advice like its going out of fashion. As always a massive thank you for showing me and many others the way. Ive only just got my head around getting a wallet and holding some, I'm never going to spend any of it. I'm going to be an online millionaire!!!

yeah you are!

This looks like a great idea man, and I never have to worry about a hardware wallet. Dumb question but will this work for any coin?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I’ve seen a dogecoin paper wallet but never printed one. Haven’t looked very hard for other wallets.

Yes, if you can generate a private key for that coin.

nice! Glad some of your consultations are free on steemit ;P

Dog eat dog baby! eat cat too...

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That's pretty slick. If only I could mine my own litecoin...

...just buy some

Why not both? Why not Zoidberg?

Give it hell!!!

It is awsome.

Thanks for the post. Great insight on paper wallets. Wish I had of had the nerve to get in months ago.

Never too late unless you don't start today...

Thanks for all the info! Great post.


great post , keep the good work

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

all coin growing up. Bitcoin and lite coin are limited in number. so it will increase if you are a bag holder. And if you are a hit run and go type better not put your hard earned money at this moment. I am 85% confident that the price of Bitcoin will fall.

Excellent post . thanks for sharing.

Interesting Post Friend 👍🏼

Where did you go make a LTC paper wallet? Never mind I guess I should have paid attention to the post lol


i watch this post dear. i think it is amazing post. now @resteemed this post,
thanks for sharing @thedamus

Great post - many thanks!

Thanx you so much dear @thedamus for sharing this information . this post #resteem & upvote done .

Thanx you so much dear #thedamus for this helpful post . now #resteem & upvote done .

Posntingngan anda sngatt bagus, saya benar2 menyukai postingan anda.

Everyone wants to print their own money but not all succeed. Good luck in this business

NAKED! (hides eyes)

nice article

wohh awesome post my friend and thanks a lot to showing us how to collect our own Bitcoin money... You are great my friend,,, i had no experience as a new steemit user how to withdraw money... But very easily you showed us how do it... You are great man ,,,, yeah money is most important for human life,,,Without money we can't happy our family....

Poverty is, ultimately, the leading cause od drath... stay safe and warm friend!