Pour Me Another One!!!

in steemsilvergold •  10 months ago

Quickly please. My stackitus is raging!

The symptoms are getting worse all the time. Ever since the good Dr. Brockman isolated and identified this rare condition, i have been seeking a cure. This is an omnipotent force we’re talking about here, and its affects are as alarming as they are benevolent.

First off, my stacking habit and my drinking habit seem to be experiencing a confluence — hell, even my vocabulary is experiencing ‘conflation’.

I ask my bartender to ‘pour me another one’, and though i am thirsty and the guinny takes a lil while longer, i can’t but help think — pour me another silver bar — bar? — bar! — Y’Arrr!!!
Ya see what i mean? It’s also causing ‘extrusions’, as in: the profanities were extruded from the mouth of @thedamus with such force and frequency, he was thought to be a truckah, muthafuckah!

But i extrude...


A couple days ago while perusing and amusing, and sometimes abusing, on my fave home for stackerz i saw one of the ‘fellas talking about E-hards, so i thought i’d whip out mine! Yo Pit, i know we just met, but check out my Hard-candy:





No need to squeal, when yer sealing the deal
Just check out da boys for maximum appeal


I have some magnificent blobs on the way from @pit-bullion and i can hardly wait! Symptoms have abated after handling the vintage JM and E bars, but i’m feeling a little tickle in my pickle which surely means the sickle is fickle and one tough prickle!

I need help! Mork calling Orsen...Come in Orsen...


Orsen sent a proxy:


I knew #thealliance was highly reliable and definitely from out of this world! And we’ve got wicked ninjas and throwing stars and all kinds of fancy other shit!
My fellows and felions, @thedamus sends greetings!

And happy Sunday to my palz and galz over on ssg — #steemsilvergold — we are kicking serious ass all over the blockchain! A new coin coming up, a new crew with a literal wealth of knowledge about pouring-it on the scene, more fucking contests than late night teevee, people packing and stacking like their futures depended on it and a sexy-fucking-robot that is upgrading, downloading, upvoting and exploding all the time — my crush is as bad as my stackitus!


Even the indigenous band is rocking out with their pockets out!


Everyone is having a gay old time! Bah ha ha — especially gimp-cat! Yo friends, THANK YOU for your support. And particularly the Big Slammer with the Big Hammer @raybrockman for calling on all flags to point at gimpy-fag should he mess with any other member.

Yo gimp-cat, this is for you:
They don’t call him @uglyboy for nothing!!!

Think i’m gonna’ go and get a little blackened!!!
(...cough, cough...cough...hahhhh...)

Y’Arrrr, much better! ...you savy?

I am:

And i am a proud member of aforementioned groups, and, commonwealth buddies with many from #teamaustralia and the UK contingent.

Cheers friends! The stackitus will get much worse — but that is a sure sign that things are getting much better.



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nice silver stash

Boom boom motherfucker dropping the silver hammer on this place. Man you gonna have to add on a room for the silver. Ah and grumpy cat, that fucker knows what's up. Don't wanna have to put those mafia boys on it. Oh and you gotta be careful with the Don of silver @pit-bullion his silver seems to intensify the stackitus symptoms.👊😎👊


@pit-bullion is definitely the one who let the dogs out...



I gotta agree! These mafia guys are are starting make me itch.


I’m checking my rearview mirror and my visa balance all the time!!!


The Don sure has a nice posse! Lol

I got some ideas a brewing... gonna’ hit you up lil later in chat...


please help her for my advote

yo curators, just waiting to see if ray shows up...


There is way to much goodness in this post, and who is grumpy cat, ain't seen him around lately. SSG FOR life. Stackitus in full swing on this bad boy


Woo hoo! You made it over! Hotdog, this baby’s getting curated after i get the kids to bed.

does this mean i am an internet meme now ...
looks like you have been building your retro stash
im going to have to start shopping


Well between this pic and Phil barechested-witha-chainsaw i’d say we Are well on our way!


I think i have a better one


Well played...


Get us a closeup of the teal toning on the American Silver Eagle.


This is great... You've got a creative capacities....


Thx @mbj

Steemit has been a blessing on many different accounts.



Yes I am a living testimony..

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Your safe is going to crash through the floor. :)


Nope. The safe is on the bottom floor in the vault room/swimming pool-bar area — one floor below the Lambo garage, which is one floor below the regular garage, which is one floor below ground level and my exotic bird atrium.

I may have to take the gondola down to my wharf later and make sure The Ingot has plenty of fuel, fiat and dry powder — i’ve got a looting run scheduled for this upvoming week.



Lol. Nice.


hahaha dude your the funniest person ive found on steemit so far keep the laughs comin

You had me from hello big boy 😂 friggin awesome post bro. Thanks for the shout out for me and the mafia. I was laughing all the way through this post. Untitled 3 2560x1440 15.12Mbps 2018-01-20 17-30-21_0.00.266.jpg



I love those pour lines on the JM and Engelhard bars!


Yes indeed! Very nizzze

I don't have much Engelhards, but I do have one beauty in it's original box, from the early 1970's1516575685788188608089.jpgAccording to the all Engelhard site, there were less than 1000 made. The box is very pretty too😁1516575830777587549791.jpg


thats a nice one



Oooh. Those bars make my Engle hard!


Wah wah waaaaa...!


Those who collected silver coins in the 1970s find they buy about the same amount of goods they did then. One can still sometimes buy a mercury dime on Ebay for $1 or less. That said if there's an especially opportune time to buy precious metals a period when interest rates are at historical lows and have nowhere to go but up (as they did in the 1970s) would be it. Fiat has been steadily collapsing since 1913 with phys and crypto being the only exits available.



I must confess, Epic is the word.....Job well done


Thanks D!

Come on back real soon now ya hear?


You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!

Man those bars are sweet! 🤤 just let me get a little taste.


Under lock and key mo-fuckah! But i heard it’s been said, that: everything is for sale...

damn them are some nice ones


We aim to please ‘round here!


Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 82.20% vote... I was summoned by @thedamus! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh


Hi Ya!!!

Thanks ninja!



Hi O, keep an eye peeled for a post about @pit-bullion — i’ve got a 5oz GD dancing bear on the way! And it looks just like you ⚡️💀⚡️

that's some good lookin' coins you got there!

Extruded E-Hards, raging stackitis, tickled pickles, sexy robots... GotDAMN!! ! SSG got it all!


Pouring it
Swilling it
Storing it
Killing it

I love those old Engelhard bars! A few years back I snagged a 100 ouncer. Thing is heavy as hell! It has since been passed on though! :(

These poured bars are starting to grow on me!!


The 100s are a little easier to find... but that's a big purchase! These little 5 and 10ozers are really super sweet. There was a gorgeous 5 oz poured E at my lcs for $350 cad, and it SOLD!!! meanwhile the 10 oz extruded JM bar for $350 is still there. The old E-hards are hitting above their weight!


Yeah I like those little 5 ouncers a lot!!!!! I can't believe that bar sold for $70/ounce! Sheesh!

Nice vintage stuff there, if that don't put stackitis in remission then I don't know what will.


Powerful medicine alright, but stackituis is a ferocious condition! i'd be willing to bet that sometime in the next 24 - 48hrs there will be a return of the malaise, which suggests ol' Silverbeard won't be far behind!

Stackin silver like a boss!

good post, I invite you to continue supporting each other in steemit. You have my vote

Nice. I just passby and saw your article. Continue the support 😊

This post has received gratitude of 11.72 % from @appreciator thanks to: @thedamus.


Thank you A!

Vote me,thanks you


Please don’t ask for votes here.

Thank you.

Man your picking up some beautiful bars I love those vintage JM's keep up the pace! :-)