#MeneMonday: Let us open a Splinterlands Orb Pack with my Lucky Mene Box!!!

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It is always fun to open Splinterlands card and find a gold card!

We've had so much luck finding gold foil cards when the card opening is done with our "Lucky Mene Box".

So.... why not open another Orb pack with a Mene box on hand, right? Nothing to lose doing that!

So let us do it!

The first card is a common Armorsmith.

Okay, the seond card is a common Molten Ogre. Nothing unusual here.

Another common Armorsmith! Two more cards to go.

Oh, oh!!!! A second common Molten Ogre... and with only one more card to go!

YAY!!!! My lucky Mene Box did not fail me! A GOLD Rare Death Monster: Undead Archer!

Now... wasn't that so much fun!!! Do you have a lucky Mene box?


Thank you for viewing this article. I will see you again soon!

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Happy #MeneMonday!!!
Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!!!!

I won a pair of Gold Cards TODAY in @neoxian's Discord, as well! 👍💪

I think it was due to this drawing with your lucky MENE Box


CONGRATULATIONS, @underground!!! For sure it is because on my lucky Mene box... hehehe.
Thank you, my friend. I appreciate you always. Take care 🥰🌺🤙

I do have a lucky Mene box, and it got me a Gold Naga Windmaker today.

Hahaha... Congrats, @shaidon! WOW, a GOLD Naga Windmaker... that is awesome!!! Have a great day, my friend, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Considering all the cool characters in this Card game, I wonder if you were a SPT card what would you be?

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Whoa... A moji-you centaur!!! How cool is that! What would I be if I was a Splinterland car.... hmmmmm... good question....

I'd be a Red Dragon

Or a Sacred Unicorn

or the Dark Enchantress

Or the Mermaid Healer


Mahalo's for the upvote, @steemmonsters. It is truly appreciated! Aloha 🥰🌺🤙

Holy Cow Ms. Saver You need to do More MENE Monday GOLD Steemmonster Unboxings. The People just Can't Get Enough. You are So Lucky I NEVER seem to Get any GOLD Monsters when I open a Pack. That is Beautiful and I Know that you will have a Fantastic Monday........ @silversaver888

Hahaha, I am so cracking up right now!!!! Thanks, @stokjockey! What a great start to my day.
Have a fantastic day at the battlefield, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Nice Gold card! What a great Splinterlands post! I love those orb packs! A Steem Monsters upvote is coming your way!

I am so excited! I just discovered the Daily Quest feature... and I tried it and completed the Earth and the Water quest, and I got 4 cards as a reward!!! How coo. is that?! So I think I will write another article for the novice and beginning players like me. I am sure there are many out there wanting to play but are intimidated with the game like I am (and was!) It only took me a year, LOL, but I am so glad that finally I joined in on the fun and the challenge. Like... it is never too late!.
Thanks for your encouragement and the upvote, @clove71. I sincerely appreciate you, my friend. Take care 🥰🌺🤙

Yes Honey You Need to Tell others how Fun the Game is... I Like It @silversaver888

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Can you use the menemonday tag @silversaver888 ? I would appreciate it <3 . Also you need another “m” in steemmonster :) just want to make sure you get the credit you deserve for this great post!

Btw i put your post in the steemmonsters promotion channel :)

Goodness... I left it out! Let me correct that right now!!!

You made my day with this post @silversaver888! I LOVE this ! Thanks for kicking off #menemonday in a big and golden way :)

You’re the best :):)

I corrected the tags, I hope that this article made it to the #menemonday feed. I eagerly waited for #menemonday to post this article, hahaha! I love surprises, and it does not cease to amaze me to find a gold card as the last card.... like WHAT!!!! My lucky Mene box did it again, @goldmatters!!! Have a terrific day, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thank you Ms. Saver!!!!

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I keep looking into splinterland but I haven’t taken the dip yet....
Looks like fun!!👍🤗

I know how that is. It took me a year because I was primarily intimidated by the game. That is why I have started to write about my Splinterlands journey starting with my very first article here: https://steemit.com/spt/@silversaver888/my-first-battles-ever-played-and-set-of-12-splinterlands-reward-cards-received

Perhaps someday you will play your first game, my friend. Take care, @silvertop 🥰🌺🤙 !tip

Wow, you have a nice little hot streak going @silversaver888! I just bought one without my Mene box and got no gold.

I need to get my Mene box dusted off. Haha!

Your lucky Mene box still has its magic ;)

Cheers and have a good evening

Don’t do steemmonsters and have no time or desire to. Congrats bestie🌹

I'll take your cards if you didn't think that was fun😋