Anchors Away It’s Pirate Sunday....

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Afternoon everyone.....

So it’s that day of the week once again. That means a #piratesunday post.

Yesterday one of my stacking friends from north of the boarder posted a different kind of item from her stack for #silverpornsaturday. So it gave me an idea for today’s post.

The post was from our lady “Raven”, for those who do not know of her please check her posts out.

Here is her post from yesterday:

Now back to pirate Sunday.....


So back in the day I had quite an array of jewelry. I played in a heavy metal band and dressed the part quite well. Including a six inch silver cross that used to hang from my ear when performing. I no longer own that piece, it was given to my girlfriend at the time when I stopped performing. It was way to heavy to wear on a daily basis.

I had numerous rings of skulls, dragons, Lions you name it. I had many different chains and numerous charms or pendants for them. Most of the stuff has long been gifted away, but I do have a few pieces still.

Today I am going to share one of those pieces with you. It is very pirate Sunday appropriate. It is a sterling silver pendant or charm whichever you prefer to call it. It is an anchor charm, it’s roughly 2 1/2” long and I just weighed it at 26.7 grams. That’s a pretty nice weight.

So here it is...


Happy Pirate Sunday


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So appropriate, an awesome silver anchor!!! Happy Sunday, bestie🥰🌺🤙 so close to church now, need to turn off phone!

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I had some awesome pieces. My friend took me up to an indian reservation in New York where a guy would create anything you wanted out of gold or silver. If I ever come across the few pieces I kept you will be amazed. This anchir was not made by him it was from a jewelry store. I had a skull ring made tbat was obnoxiously big that had amazing detail. It was scary....😊

It sure is pretty, bestie! I am jelly🤣😂🤣

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OMG. I am soooo glad I didn’t completely miss this post. I agree with Summer. Pleeeeease share a photo. There must be photos somewhere.

Pictures or it didn't happen...

Guess it didnt happen then.

That is a really Beautiful silver anchor ⚓ love the rope thing around it 😍 awsome my friend.
Have a happy piratesunday and much love 💝🌹🤗

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That's a pretty sweet pendant! And appropriate for pirate Sunday. Nice one dude

Thanks man, if I can find the skull ring youll be blown away. It was hand made by an indian jeweler on a New York reservation. Its amazing

Toss in that Silver Anchor and are what Silver you pull out!😊
Very unique ......
That’s how we all keep this stacking interesting!!!👍😊

Back then I was trying to stack. I was too busy chasing tail........😊


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Great #piratesunday piece!! Also great bit of history about yourself buddy! Thanks for sharing!!

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Thinking outside of the Ship!
Thanks for the mention @silverd510 as I've been having difficulty getting the time and resources to post for this #piratesunday , I still have to literally dig up my coins.

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