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I had this cute little sterling silver stallion for more than a year having got this from a donation auction at a local Salvation Army thrift store. The pendant and chain weighing no more than a third of an ounce.

Regrettably, I paid far more than spot price but I couldn't help having to outbid the next bidder with Stackitis in control of me. I had to let my hair down and abandon what reason that held back.

It's cute and reminded me of another lady Stacker I came to know, Silver Riding Cowgirl. When she suddenly pasted away my emotions well up from inside me at her loss.

On the other hand, this Silver Stallion also reminds me of another Silver Casting Artisan on YouTube; Bunker Bullion!

My sister @silversaver888 is already very familiar with this famed silver pourer as she has quite a line of his handiwork in the past as a part of her Stack.

These are a pair of 'Baby' Bunker bars. The stamp you see here is the second iteration of his logo, while my pendant similarly represents his original logo.
Centered tastefully on the pour lines that give each bar its personality. Polished to a uniform brightness and sheen. Each bar stamped 2.5 oz of 0.999 fine silver.

A beautiful matched pair of Baby Bunker bars from a man with an unmatched style. He shows his pouring videos in a steady slow speed. I can watch the bright flames dance as the pour lines freeze into their beauty forever.

#silverpornsaturday is a #steemsilvergold tag initiated by the beast @silverd510 for the mature, responsible, and liberty minded Stackers that know what real value is.

I am a Silver Stacker and a proud member of the #steemsilvergold community.

I am Kerris Ravenhill, legend only in my own dark mind.

I am the Bloody Raven, Pirate Captain, "I say, Arrrh!"

And your Gothic Stackitis/Stackitus Nurse. "Say ahhh!"

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What a beautiful stallion pendant with the Gigi bars... EPIC show for silverpornsaturday, stacking sis @kerrislravenhill! What a great reminder of our many years together stacking! Luv ya, sis take care 😘🥰😍🌺🤙 You are so pretty in your lolita attire, sis! I love the raven wings eye, your black raven forehead mark, and your choker and the ribbon on your hair!

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Thank you Sis, I like to dress a bit on the unconventional side. Bunker Bullion is still going on strong making great bars.

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I Loove your stallion bars and I dont have any poured bars myself yet but I absolutly love seing them 😍 the baby bunker bars are awsome and I love Your horse silver stallion is my favorite, understand why you like it so much.
You have such an awsomeness collection and I know @silversaver888 has many amazing poured silver, blows me away every time 😉
Thank you for sharing... Have to get me some to.
Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic weekend sweet Sister 🤗🌹😍❤️

Ohhh... Nurse stackitis I say AAAHHH! LOL

Poured bars are a totally different kind of silver to collect, and you thought Basic Stackitis is bad enough.
The high Premiums per ounce along with the low market recognizeability (ISO 2000 standards) make it a NO BRAINER NOT TO GET INTO, but the value is in the friendships, relationships, and LOVE that forge the artisan's product just as much as the tools they use. Yes Love!

You like Stallions, Eh❣ 🤣

Cool Pendant, Kerris! 👍💪

Like Black stallions. Hmmm, my Sister 👆 mentions everything except for the garter.

lol She gets herself into trouble if she goes there 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️

Nice shiny there Kerris! Those Bunker bars are great

May be the only Bunker Bullion bars I can get as the Canadian Border Services Agency charged me another $18 to open it and check for terrorist threats before sending the package to me. Postage tyranny, sad, sad, sad.

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Wonderful piece and being auch a hefty reminder of your silver family members makes ot worth even more than you paid my pirate sister!!
We are all so blessed to have one another and our community! Thanks for sharing some awesome and those amazing Bunker Bars! HiHo is an epic artist and these always remind me of all the things we have been through with each other. Thanks for sharing!!

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Almost feels like those were the days when this craft was coming into it renaissance and we grew together as a family. Hiho Silver is still going on strong creating his art, I tend to follow him on IG more than YouTube lately. Thank you @dwingsworld.

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Sometimes you just gotta do it. It was meant to be you own it. Very nice piece.👍

If simply had a nice fit into my Stacking plan , hope to find more thrift store gems like this Silver Stallion.

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The Bunker Bullion Silver bars are awesome hand crafted treasures .....very worthy of their place in the stack!!😀

And for some reason, the Canadian Border Services, make it so much harder for it to come over the border from Washington State to British Columbia. To Protect us from Terrorists? Hell no, it's a mail held hostage scam until you pay up! Sadly, this may be the only Bunker Bullion I can get but at least I have a lovely pair.

Very nice @kerrislravenhill !😀
The border is a challenge at times....
I worked in the Graphic Arts Industry ( Lithography ) I artistically created with film what you see in brochures, magazines etc...
My official job description was Four Color Journeyman " Stripper "......
You can only imagine crossing the border and when they asked what I did for a living I said .... Stripper!!! 😇

That is a gorgeous charm. Charms are my first love when it comes to silver. I have been accumulating them since I was a baby. This stallion is well detailed.

Happy Pirate Sunday on Fiesta Tuesday. 🤣😂😁😄

Thanks @dfinney ,other than the 925 stamp a second stamp are the letters MJI of which I have yet to discover. A third is "Made in Italy". Lovely on a chain bracelet or a necklace. A fantastic find even if I paid well over spot price.

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Now that's a nurse I want to see help me. That would have been awesome when I was getting stitches over the weekend.

Yeah, I can do stitches. Unofficially.
I love those "No Uniform" days on my work place. It just adds some enjoyment to my job as I can dress in whatever I like, with the exception of certain shoeware. Oh, little did my supervisor realize. 🦇
I like to imagine entering Billionaire George Soro's room, look upon him on his death bed and say, "Hello Mr. Soros, I am the Angel of Death...Metal, and I'm here to send you my Lord Chuck Schuldiner! Now this will hurt, stay still."

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Bahahaha! Yes, that would be awesome.

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Thank yea Guvnor.

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Thank you Sir.

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