Seduced by Silver's #5 Butterfly Bar - The Last Numbered Bar

in steemsilvergold •  3 months ago 

This beauty is on auction NOW at

It's the first one cast in 925 Silver, and the LAST of the numbered special editions. A truly unique creation. A portion of the proceeds from the auction go to build Seduced by Silver's stack.

I've Also recently had the Pleasure of creating a custom bar for Clever Coin to celebrate his 1,000 YouTube Subscriber GAW.

Can't buy that one... you've gotta win it :D

Check out my other poured silver art at

Peace Y'all!
SBS Bar.jpg

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Amr o chay na hole o khub baje dekte issa thake

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Khaiya maths is running without

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These are just perfect token or reward for your faithful friends in your group here. I like it coz it's a nice way of saying thank you to these people who deserve it. In giving rewards to them, it can encourage the behavior of the persons to continue to do those good things and they will want to work much even better... Im fond of collecting Sterling and Unisilver silver jewelries too, I think they are beautiful ones. And I have a silver butterfly designed ring too from the silver accesories store. I like the butterfly design because of the song that I like, and the title of it is, 'Butterfly,' and it has a nice meaning. And the ring makes me remind of the song. The silver tokens that you have are good quality and maybe the same to the white gold jewelries and not the unreal ones... And I'm fond of giving gifts to my boyfriend for our remembrance for monthsaries before. And it shows how he means to me.