Logo design for @raybrockman #steemsilvergold

I dipped my toe in the #steemsilvergold waters today and I must admit I rather liked it… Here's that post… I decided to stay around a while and check out what was going on. Whilst I was there I saw that @raybrockman was running a competition to design a logo for him, actually re-running one and all the details can be found here. I had seen his initial post, but it was nearing the close, and so I didn't want to enter last thing.

From what I can gather @raybrockman has been around for a while and is a father figure over at #steemsilvergold, I've been watching him from afar and he seems like genuinely a really nice bloke. Generous and supporting to the core and in reading his posts you can build up a picture of the man behind "stackitus". He's a family man, loves stacking and crypto to feed his stackitus habit, great sense of humor, owns a bulldog, doesn't tolerate nonsense or cheating…

Ray's criteria for his logo:

  • My name
  • steem silver gold
  • crypto currency
  • Steemit
  • Giving

Taking all that into consideration, here's my design for @raybrockman's logo.


I hope that this design encapsulates all of these. Oh and "dare quam accipere" is Latin for "better to give than to receive".

Anyway @raybrockman, I hope you like it and even if it doesn't win, you should have a kickass logo and I'm looking forward to seeing it stamped in silver :)

Cate .png

red wellies gif.gif

Original content by @redwellies


Not sure how I missed this, but WOW. This is diffently one of the better ones. I like the latan quote. And I diffently like that all of the 5 requirements are there and make since. Well done

Thank you @raybrockman, glad you like it and happy to tweak it for you should the need arise :)

I just talked with the guy who will make the stamp. The shield can not have any layers to it. Like the coin and the crown. So what if you placed SSG in the middle of the shield. Also none of the blacked out section would show up either.

@raybrockman OK, leave it with me and I'll see what I can do :)

Hey @raybrockman something like this?

@Raybrockman - Stamp.png

I think this may be it. Looks great and is diffently able to go on a stamp

Damn @redwellies! Yer kicking up shit with the best of ‘em 😜👍

I really like your design too — jolly good!


Wtf...I’m playing poker with the boys and she’s flaunting her stack online and working for Ray!!

Lofl!!! 🤩👍 — you got a good one MW!

@matthewwarn I know right, aren't you lucky 🍀

@thedamus LOL! Thank you and a big thank you for the resteem!! 💪🏻

you are a box of surprises @redwellies !!

nice logo or even family shield :)

@beiker Thanks! I am somewhat of an enigma 😉

I super love this design Mrs.Wellies! I know you made some changes but the first entry is my favorite! Great job!

@dawnsheree thank you as always for your support :) It was fun to design :)

@matthewwarn You're right I am... thank you for acknowledging that ;)

very cool design i love the latin motto, i think the english translation should be on there too tho, maybe around the inside of the shield? great work :)

Fuck the translation! Everybody has a google on their shnoogle these days.

@thedamus LOL... very true :)

Heya rw, fyi ray had missed your post... i sent him a link and i’m pretty sure he digs it.

Hey @thedamus, thank you so much :) Appreciate the help!

@owenwat thanks for your comment and feedback, I was wondering whether I should add the English version and will play around with the the design, here's another variation, but I'll see if I can get the motto inside the shield without it being too small...

@Raybrockman #2.png

Great work, and a good logo,i love it

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