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Hello #steemsilvergold,

I'm @redwellies and the wife of @matthewwarn. You may know him, I've seen him recently lurking with the likes of @raybrockman, @thedamus, @pit-bullion, @phelimint, @welshstacker, @fat-elvis and others with something that is being referred to as "stackitus"... He's also mighty fond of a robot called @silvergoldbotty, who's a bit of a tart if you ask me… but that's another story.

As a wife of a stacker, I wanted to add my 2-cents.. ha.. get it 2-cents to the equation about what that's like and as a family how we try to understand and overcome it… how it impacts our lives daily…

There was one time when our relationship was touch and go… I mean when your husband sells off both cars to buy silver and you need to take the bus and then carry the groceries for miles home, a relationship can get strained. Thankfully @matthewwarn's rehab was successful and we were able to move past this digression.


Who am I kidding… but I had you going… In all seriousness, I'm incredibly grateful to @matthewwarn for introducing me to silver and gold as an investment and the peace of mind it offers our family.

I'm also proud to say that I'm a stacker of sorts. Shush… yes, I said it… Nowhere near on the same playing field as members of the #steemsilvergold who seemingly have at least one unboxing each daily, but I have a little stashed away. I have bullion and some pieces I bought well over spot because I fell in love with them. Pieces that that will appreciate at a faster rate and some fun pieces too…

IMG_1837 copy.jpg
A smattering of my silver…

I've been to local coin shows with @matthewwarn and have been asked on several occasions if "I'm there against my will" as often I'm the only women present… shame, more women should realize the value and partake in this type of investment, although some of "the boys" may not agree…


Recently I've not purchased any for myself, A couple of pieces for @matthewwarn when his stackitus was playing up and he's bought doubles on a few fun pieces, one for each of us. So, when he has a package arrive in the mail and I see the unboxing post on #steemsilvergold, I do feel a tiny pang of jealousy as there's nothing quite like holding those treasures ever so carefully in the palm of your hand in their airtight capsule or tube :)

1863 Gold Victoria Shield Sovereign - I'm from England and this was a gift from @matthewwarn

Out of all the pieces that I own, one of my favorites is my smallest coin, that was purchased well over spot lol. It's tiny! A mere 0.5 grams… a tiny rock rabbit, but she's perfect and I purchased her from the shop at the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa when we toured it back in 2015 and I also had the chance to make out with a 28lb bar of 24K gold when we were there, but I digress…


Oh and @matthewwarn has this one silver bar that I covet on a regular basis, it's an old pour Engelhard 100 oz bar that I'd like to keep under my pillow, but that would just be odd.


Anyway, I'm @redwellies, proud wife and supporter of a stacker @matthewwarn… and I may have a touch of stackitus myself… I do believe it's catching.

Cate .png

red wellies gif.gif

Original content by @redwellies


Hooray for the lady stacker! And if that “smattering” is any indication, you have a very decent stack started! However, young @redwellies, if you think it’s just the lads who are susceptible to the Stackitus, then think again! You probably haven’t realized it yet, but that pang of jelly you feel when looking at others’ piles is just the tip of the iceberg...

@thedamus thank you so much for stopping by and confirming what I believed to be true... that "Stackitus" is indeed catching and not to be taken lightly ;)

It knows no gender so be careful!

This makes a lot of sense. I didn't know @mathewwarn was your husband. You can have a goat whenever you want compliments of the Farmer. Just let me know and it is yours

@bowentroyer Ha! That would be brilliant!! A little road trip to collect her... I fear that @matthewwarn will not be amused by this and a bout of stackitus will ensue! The kids are I on the other hand would love to be able to take you up on that generous offer and she'd keep the grass down nicely in the garden... 🐐

They are great lawn mowers. ;)

lol...Mrs @matthewwarn is always trying to get me to buy farm animals for our .8

@bowentroyer aren't they like chicks... can't you just mail them? @matthewwarn would never know and it would make quite the unboxing post ;)

I have never mailed one. Will have to look into it. 0.8 acres is plenty of land for 2 goats;)

I do have 20,000 ft2 of lawn for them to munch on

@bowentroyer thank you for suggesting two, I'd hate for her to get lonely... @matthewwarn

Sound like enough for a cute baby calf as well

This is great! I have to get Mrs. Goldmatters on here !

@goldmatters you really should, I bet she'd have some interesting tales to share lol ;)

Lol I’m not sure how I would come out looking ? :) (obsessed?)

@goldmatters Obsessed or enthusiastic... it's fine line lol ;)

What is this? A Tag Team Stackers? How cool is that shit.
Welcome aboard. My wife can be reached at (---) ---.---- please give her a call, make sure you tell here that women can stack To.😎👊

@raybrockman Ha and thanks! And I'd be happy to call her lol 😉 More women really should stack!

I love your collection Mrs. Wellies. You got quite pretty good ones there.

@dawnsheree thank you! It's sure fun to stack :) more women should lol :)

It's not my thing so I'll leave the experts like you to do it. :) I'll just watch around. ^^

Art and coin collecting. You are full of surprises.

@watersnake101 I'm full of surprises lol. Like to keep them guessing :)

@redwellies that last picture of the BIG Engelhard Bar did it for me...........

I’m not sure what to be jealous of...she covets that bar

@stokjockey I know right! It's pretty impressive to say the least :)

You have a great stack there (can you say that to another mans wife?... lol). I see a steemsilverround in the mix so I'd say you have great taste. Don't be shy around here.

@phelimint Thank you and I think you just did lol :) @matthewwarn managed to snag a couple steemsilverround's from @fat-elvis I believe and was kind enough to share :)

I wish my wife was a stacker ... she thinks I'm a nerd with all my coins ... or maybe she's just mad that my daughter is getting all of my gold and silver ... either way we need more women in stacking ... too many old dudes 'round here :):):)

@goldnuntius Maybe she is secretly jelly lol... buy her a couple and see what happens :)

Ok, so I feel like @bowentroyer's wife should comment here and tell you how much I feel your pain! The man dreams of silver. And he's taught our children to stack it! My eldest son has more than me!

@thefarmerswife Ha! Thank you for commenting and commiserating lol. We encourage our kids to stack too and if they start young enough, they should have a great nest egg!

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