To Much To Take In!

Am I the only one thats overwhelmed??


First before I even give my take on the coming HARD FORK that will take place on Friday, I want to say that from the day I got here to steemit (3 years ago) I have come across a few Steemians that I whole heartedly RESPECT!

@blocktrades introduced me to blocktrades which allowed me to buy and sale steem. This account has always taken a leval head approach to issues that arrive on steemit.

@yapabmatt I never talked with Yapabmatt until this past year, he has been a supporter of the Steem Silver Round and is one hell of a developer.

@mattclarke, I feel like I have known Matt forever. Matt is a loyal friend that shares intrest in Precious metals. Matt has talked me out of leaving the platform a time or two ( Thanks Matt)

@neoxian, you might know him as the steemit Bank. But what you may not know is this, he has given much support to #steemsilvergold, I can remember floating around as a minnow and every so often neoxian seemed to make it by our post on steemsilvergold.

#steemsilvergold, now this my home, this is one of the oldest community on the steemit platform. There are to Many people in this group to even mention. But I hang my heart with this group.

Hard Fork


My thoughts.

I completely understand what has got steemit to this point. I also think that there are a couple of things that need to be mentioned.

Worng is wrong even if everyone does it.

I understand that there might have been somethings that my not have been told to the new owner buy the old owner. I also understand how the new owner could feel like a threat was given, so right there we have 2 wrongs what was the tipping point for me was when the new owner did the 3rd wrong by removing the witness that we as a community had voted in by using steem that was powered up by some exchanges. You could call this criminal.

Now to the witnesses, I have always had respect for the countless hours that each and everyone of you put in to run the platform. But locking down someones funds is kinda not okay as well. I understand completely why it was done. What I do not understand is why the Action was taken so quickly, did we or you even try and talk this out. What this did was showed people on steemit that it is possible to have your account locked or frozen by a elected group. Now as it turned out, it looks like you made the right decision.

My Concerns.

Now by no means am I a Whale or even carry a large stake of steem. But what I can tell you is that I have bought steem all the way through the price stages. From under $1.00 to over $4.00 and I have watched it get all the way to recent lows of $.10. So like most people here, Value is a concern. So what are we to do if after this hard fork on Friday the steem value drops even lower? And it takes us 13 weeks to pull it off. I am not looking to loose anymore value. I am sure that over time HIVE will grow as a community and a value

If you want everyone to leave steemit and come to HIVE why dont you change the power down cycle currently from 13 weeks to less? Then at that point those that want to cash out can do so and those that wish to stay invested can recieve your AIRDROP of the the new token. As I see it now, you are wanting us to trust that it will grow in value with out giving us any options to protect our investments.

Lets be Clear

Everything that is currently going on is a lot to take in, specially when both sides showed a hostile handling of a situation. There are a lot of things that the everyday steemit user does not know, thats why we need to beable to trust witnesses. I am afraid there is still a lot of unknowns. Now I trust the fact that the HIVE group is very capable of running this new Fork and producing a clone of Steemit. What I am not okay with is loosing anymore value that what I already have. Doing the Fork could reduce the value of steem to $0.00.

So where do I stand and where will I go?

I stand with my community #steemsilvergold, where they go, I will go as well. Now I will do my part to try and understand this better. I will also do my part in trying to get the entire community to convert to HIVE. I would like for you to serious consider the change in power down which would give members a 3rd option.

ZomboMeme 17032020201854.jpg

Would love to hear everyones thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the lengthy post. I'll leave you with a fitting pour.




Thanks for the shoutout, Ray. Chain wouldn't be the same without you.
I support the move. I wish it wasn't necessary, but I'm certain it is.
It's easy to look at the potential downsides but there are a heap of possible upsides, too.
Many people have left over the years, or avoided the chain due to the nijamine stake, or feelings about Steemit INC.
Now we'll have a battle-hardened team of knowledgeable devs, building what they've been wanting to, for years; and a community with a real sense of ownership.

Matt, I have always valued your opinion and thoughts. I diffently see the upsides. If we are able to get back just a fraction of the menbers who have left, theb it will be a win-win!

I believe the combined value of our Steem and our new Hive tokens should equate to at least the same amount or more (hopefully) after the fork. If JS decides to get serious about Steem and make it into what he wants, maybe it rises and I cash out (and buy more Hive). We will see. But I’ll likely just post to Hive after the hard fork.

Agree with you @daveks, the only thing that worries me is that steem will fall to near zero before a 13 week powerdown can complete. This may not be the case but there is diffently a chance of it happening.

JS has aleady taken a loss on his investment. I say he takes a crack making Steemit into something useable.

#(TBA)silvergold, and that's where I with hang me Tricorn hat and black flag. Arrrh! ☠ 🦜 🏝 ⚓ ⛵

Tha ls @kerrislravenhill. Let the flag fly high!!!

I will follow Steem Silver gold/Hive Silver Gold ...
I really think we needed more discord on what this implied First, but that time has passed...
How will this effect Steeempeak,Steemconnect, Steem Block Explorer and @actifit that I am a moderator on.
What about all the delegated Steem power to the many different accounts, what will happen to these, some might migrate, and some won't
I can't even power down if I wanted to, (I'm not) it would take 13 weeks!
I have many questions, and few answers....
Maybe this is the best, but I also don't want to lose any more of my investment.

Alot of good questions @silvertop, i am sure that all of the successful apps will migrate to HIVE in time.

Now we are in the middle of this Corona, the Canadian border locked down and the word is we will all be locked down where I am soon...
I think I might need one of @summertooth Guiness beers LOL!

Maybe when you figure this all out Ray put out a post.

Ray, i hope for us that this is the start of our true STEEM/Hive journey. Anything up until now has been a warmup and hopefully this time, it's done right.

I stand by the community, i have not been posting from a personal account that much but i still consider myself a proud SSG member.

Thanks for being a friend for the past 3 years. You, Welsh, Bugged and even crazy Damus have all talked me out of leaving at one time are another.

I have faith in the witnesses and they will do the right thing for us.


It has diffently been a journey that I will always remenber (you Bugs, Welsh and damus) we have always thought about this but never really been to this point. No matter what happens, we will walk away richer then we started, may not be financially but friendship wise the 5 of us are wealthy. Thanks Brother!!!!!!!

You know where I stand! I stand with my family Steem Silver Gold.

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Thanks Saver888

I agree that there are a lot of unknowns here. I also have to say that I will stand with the community ___/silver/gold (whatever be the new name). I'm hoping we all have enough time to deal with what we need to deal with and that none of us lose any more investment.👍💕🙌😎🌹

Thanks Liz, one thing I could always count on is the community staying tight and together!

You go, I follow.... You stay, I stay. Its as simple as that.

I think it was @daveks that said it: steem + hive = (?) same amount in $

Now I wish we could just go back to the troubling days of #newsteem, that seems like a walk in the park now. Hahaha

Welsh, you have always been a hell of a guy! I have mad respect for everything that you do, have done and will do for the community. I have steemit friends and then I have steemit bestfriends, the Fabulous Four I consider to be bestt friends. Thanks for Friendship buddy!!!!!

I am already on Hive though it won't point to it's chain until Friday. Personally I have no concern over the value of Steem since it has been destroyed/taken over. I see this whole situation as the people standing up against a tyrant, having enough of their bullshit, and just picking up the whole population and moving to a new town. Fuck the tyrant who came in and bought the land and tried to run rough-shod over the system.

What I want to know is what the first #HiveSilverRound will look like! We need something epic to celbrate the new digs!

The only thing we need to do is to change the name of our community to @hsg-community. I am happy to go to HIVE. I know that the first days will be hard, due to some of the apps will not be working on HIVE, but that problem will be solved, I have no doubts. For @precious to work, we need @steemauto, but a few days without upvotes will not be the end of the world.

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