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In order to support the SteemSilverGold community we will be offering a daily highlight of quality posts by members. The premise of the community is to promote physical gold and silver, support member content, share information, and grow the community.

The highlighted posts below are selected automatically on a daily basis, using a custom query that evaluates the quality of a post in order to curate the best community content. The rank below does not signify which post is best and we encourage you to read all of the posts.

Top Daily Contributors

Our top contributors are picked from the @silvergoldbotty following list.

1@goldmattersWin a 10 gram GoldCube from Goldmoney!
2@raybrockmanI AM A STACKER
3@goldkeyGold & Silver - Look at 10yr Historical Charts VS CPI
4@phelimintPocket Silver Challenge- The Succubus Goes on a Canoe Adventure.
5@corvoGold Prices This Week And Next Week's Forecast
6@jangaladesignsCoin History: Before "Hobo Nickels" there was "Sh*tting Liberty..."
7@thedamusStanley Park, Silver, Litecoin, a brand new Smith&Wesson, @goldenarms AND @raybrockman all in one post?
8@silverstackerukA few SILVER STACKING memes for your entertainment. Just for fun pt44 #169
9@welshstackerOne of these coins is not like the other! #24
10@ajainSilver, Gold and Crypto - Daily Digest: September 26, 2017 - All quiet on western front or is it?!
11@timitwistTimi Tuesday: 'Hand Made' Logo
12@handofzaraHUI September 26, 2017 Bulls Thwarted by the Bears and Perfect Price Discovery at the LOW


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The more we laugh, the more we laugh...

Cheers All!

Thank you for including me in today's list of posts.... @goldkey


It was a good post, np.

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