New Year’s Eve - Silver Lining

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If you’ve been following along, you will know I spent New Year’s Eve on a mini jaunt. The jaunt led to a sweet new to me coin shop! Here is my post about it if you would like to catch up. ☺️

While there I bought SIX ounces of silver!

Let’s have a peek at another ounce!


Silver Shield Freedom Girl

Oh the Freedom Girl. I have seen this silver round shared many times throughout the #ssg community. A product of the Golden State Mint, Freedom Girl is a modern version of the US Peace Dollar. The round is one troy oz of .999 fine silver. And.... it is very pretty.

So unexpected to find in a small town coin shop!!!

Ok... I will share ONE more!


2013 Chinese Panda!

I was excited to find this in the new to me coin shop as well!!! A couple months ago I had the pleasure of meeting @thedamus up in Vancouver. I watched him pillage his local coin shop and come away with this coin. It seemed like a great souvenir of our little outing and at the time I wished I had picked up this panda too. Now I have one! Three cheery nuggets..

More coins to share another day!

Keep on Stacking!

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I love the freedom girl round. It is one of my favorite silver coins. That panda is pretty awesome too.


I felt pretty lucky stumbling into both at a shop!

I love the F-bomb 😍👍 and that 2013 is the one to get fo sho!



FAAAAAACK!!!! 😉 😂🤣🤣😂

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I recently saw the freedom girl (and the trivium) come up on ebay... They look great, but the price got higher than I was willing to pay. Congrats on scoring one!


Thank you! eBay is always such a tease. The price starts ok until some one swoops in and ruins everything!

so how much does one of those things cost?


It depends. There are coins (silver which is leagal tender in whatever country) and rounds (silver that looks like a coin but is not money). Let’s say coIn or round each weighs one ounce. The weight price of each fluctuates depending on the day’s silver price. So today the silver cost for each is about $16. The price by weight is called the spot price. If the silver is actual currency it will also have a face value, which could be anything. On top of that each piece of silver has a collectibility value. Some are minted at low numbers so that drives the price up or they are a well liked design. These factors can drive up the price.

So.... the goal is to pay as close to spot (weight value). Most places add a little premium over spot when they sell silver. I have bought rounds/coins for as low as $16/oz and my most expensive (a Princess Leia Star Wars thing) was $135/oz. That was way too much $$$ by the way. The Freedom Girl here was $25 (could have got her for $20 online) and the Panda was $20. Online the panda goes for $35.

I try to get most of my coins/rounds for $25 and under. The closer to spot the better. But I am a sucker for a cool design. ☺️


thanks for the explaination..

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

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BEAUTIFUL pick-ups for the New Year! Your stack and collection of silver are outstanding. Stack on, my sweet friend!


Thanks @silversaver888! That is a great compliment from you the queen of Stacking! Happy New Year to you!

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@dfinney My Sweet Friend Ms. Saver @silversaver888 Sent me This 1/10 Oz. Freedom Girl as a Gift..............Freedom Girl Probably The Prettiest Silver Round that Silver Bullet Silver Shield has Minted.


2014 and Really Hard to Find Now..............



Hard to find indeed... they were still together then, Chris and the entire gang as Silver Bullet Silver Shield. The group is no longer together. I still follow Chris... what a tremendous guy and true to form against collectivism. I admire how he has put down in art designs for rounds all ideas and concepts that represent many of the attitudes and feelings that stackers share. Heidi's design of Freedom is truly outstanding and beautiful. I am glad you received it. I wasn't sure if the contents of the card made it to you. So far, three Christmas Cards each with a silver token of friendships have not made it to their destinations. I have developed a distrust for the mail system, in the US and abroad. Thank you @dfinney and @stokjockey.


1/10 of an oz! Very cute. How lucky you are to have received such a special gift. ☺️


Hehehe, cute and rare. Happy New Year!

Another cool find @dfinney! You really pillaged and plundered that coin shop for some nice shiny pieces!


😂🤣 It was a great spot. I am plotting my return! ☺️