Using Discord Bots for Live Raffles

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To run a Live Raffle all you really need is a random number generator. I’ve seen people use various different websites to register their raffles to make sure there is a level of transparency and they can be provably fair, but is that necessary if it costs you extra?


Last month we had a huge raffle for the #SteemSilverGold community organised by @raybrockman and after he had painstakingly added all the names into the site he was using at he was told he needed to pay $39 USD because there was over 100 tickets sold. Ouch! Surely there is a better and cheaper way to do these raffles so today I have been looking into alternatives.


In a few days we are launching possibly the biggest Community Raffle that has been seen on the STEEM platform and it’s pretty likely we are going to sell more than 100 tickets. We’re probably going to sell more than 200 tickets! Plus we want to do the draw LIVE in our Discord server so that everyone can get together and turn it into a big community event. So, the beauty of setting up a Discord Bot is that it is cheap and can be done in real time with everyone watching and it can also be provably fair with Open Source Code. Seems like a good option to me not just for this raffle, but for others the community members like to run too.


The first Discord Bot I looked at is called Tatsumaki which has a dice rolling feature where you can type in t!dice 1d100 and it will roll a 100 sided dice 1 time. It is a Discord Bot that you’ll find in use on the MSP Peace, Abundance, Liberty Discord Server, but unfortunately it doesn’t give you a random number range greater than 100. Considering how big the SSG Community Raffle is going to get I don’t think it will cut it.


Then I found Random Picker which has a command you can use to generate a random number. Type r-roll 10000 and it’ll give you a random number between 1 and 10000. Sounds like it will do the job no matter how many tickets we sell and it’s in use in over 1500 servers around the world, so it is widely used and trusted. So all we will need to do is copy and paste from a spreadsheet into Discord and use the bot to draw the numbers.


Too easy!



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@buggedout, you are a genius my friend. I would vote for you for something, if voting mattered!
Seriously though, great call! Plus I am adding this Las Vegas silver strike gaming token to the pot. I just updated my donation post. Officially :) it is .6oz silver. Her are the picturesScreenshot_20180528-200102.jpg

Thanks. I appreciate the support and encouragement.

That's a nice gaming token. I don't think I've seen one of those before and I'm pretty sure I stayed at the Venetian once. Nice addition to the pot! :)

Yeah $39 was steep! I am glad that you were able figure something out for the upcoming raffle because its going to be HUGE. I cannot wait :)

I know. It's almost getting to the point now where I am counting the sleeps. Get over to the latest @ssg-community post and vote for the prizes you want to win the most!

Nailed it! Great work buggs 😎👍👍

I may have to try that 100 sided di in my next faffle 😁

Do it man. The Random Picker bot has been added to our Discord now by @silverstackeruk so it can be used any time now by anyone.

Great Job @buggedout looking for the BEST Possible Solutions to help The @ssg-community

Thanks. Just trying to do add value where I can. It's nice to be appreciated :)

Discord is great. You can even get someone int he channel as a witness for the draw to add that extra level of transparency. Great tools if you know where to find them. Never knew about r-roll .. easier than remembering how to use t!dice.. good find.

It is not a good luck from yesterday.
@bmj rolled the 🎲 dice and got 33.

Thanks mate. The idea is that everyone can jump into channel and witness the live draw themselves. It's a great excuse to get a bunch of people into discord together and generate a bit of excitement amongst the group.

That was a wonderful idea. Congrats, my friend!

Gonna be interesting!!

Excel has a random function as well. If you can run it life case solved.

Thanks for the suggestion. The problem is that nobody can see whats going on in excel. What we want is a fully public and trust-able way to draw the winning numbers.

Discord is the greatest place.

Thanks for sharing this. I wasn't aware of this.

Rolling Dice!!!

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Thanks man for this information.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

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