Thanks Wall Street D--- Heads For Cheaper Silver

in #steemsilvergold2 years ago

Well i must thank those witless DickHead Traders on Wall Street for the chance to Buy More and Cheaper Silver, they get there fiat money bonus we get cheaper Gold and Silver.


Let's keep stacking.

We have to f--- the elite

As you said buddy it's best to just tell the dick heads thank you. Buy while the price is low and one day they will not be able to contain it. Thanks for sharing!

we will win in the end, if people don't believe there on a loser

We will win in the
End, if people don't believe
There on a loser

                 - britcoin

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Keep it real. Paper silver is disposable, sold quickly and cheap but even with the large move downward it is still the highest silver has been since the beginning of the year, cream always rises to the top no matter how many times you shake the bottle.

Never a Truer word said

Buy buy buy!

Sell sell sell?

No No No

Buy it now

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haha so true :P . I need cheaper gold and silver than fiat :P

real wealth in gold and silver

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