ADSactly Contest - SteemShort #4 - Post 1: Request for First Part of the Story

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UPDATE: The author for the first part of SteemShort #4 has been chosen (2018-Feb-21)

There were 18 valid summaries submitted to the jury.

And the jury chose the summary submitted by @catalincernat (Cătălin Cernat) from Romania.

Congratulations, @catalincernat

Here is the summary:

Nicky was looking down at the dotted landscape from the busy crossroads between West 4th street and West 12th. Colourful umbrellas floating around aimlessly. Yellow cabs honking at pedestrians and street lights flickering under the heavy rain. A stray sun ray pierced the heavy clouds, making its providential approach onto a nearby park bench where a beggar was sleeping under some rags, making it look like he was chosen for something. Nicky always loved to let herself prey to these diurnal reveries, where she tried to make some sense out of this broken world by replacing it with funny anecdotes. The air in the room was smelly. Sweaty. She was there for fifteen straight hours. Richard, her client, was sitting in a not so formal posture on a chair in the corner of the room. Are we done..? I am starving. Nicky smirked. Done? In four hours he have the first hearing. You are charged with murder, Richard. Murder! Richard mumbled something in an anemic try to reply. What’s that? Nicky asked in a patronal way. We’ve been over this for the last God knows how many hours, Nicky! I love her...I loved her… Richard started to sob.


SteemShort #4 - Post 1: Request for First Part of the Story

SteemShort are short stories written collaboratively by three differents authors and illustrated by an artist/photographer.
The process to create a SteemShort is described in this post. The rules to select the authors and illustrators have been modified in this post

This is the request for the first part of the fourth SteemShort.

The theme of this SteemShort is the following:

The main character is Nicky, a young lawyer in New York City, that works for legal aid.

Authors that want to write this first part should send 0.001 STEEM or SBD to the @steemshorts account, with their proposed summary in a memo starting with the character '#'.

This summary must be in 100 to 200 words. Any proposed summary that is shorter than 100 words or longer than 200 words will not be considered.

It is important that the memo starts with the character '#': that makes this memo readable only by the author and the @steemshorts account.

Example of the beginning of a valid memo:

# It was a dark and stormy night ...

There can be only one proposed summary per author. The proposed summaries must be received in less than 3 days after thist post.

After sending their summary, authors should tell in a comment that they have sent their summary, so that they can received confirmation that their summary is valid.

After 3 days, all the valid summaries will be communicated anonymously to the 3 members of the SteemShorts jury, and they will decide which author has been chosen.

The chosen author will then be instructed how to submit their full constribution. The full contribution need to be between 500 and 1,500 words.
Once the full contribution of the chosen author will be received, another post with this full contribution will request proposals for the second part of the story.

All authors need to agree for a "Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike" (

No title for the short story should be suggested. When the full text of the full story will be known, the three different authors will propose a title.

So, writers, send your summary proposals with 0.001 STEEM or SBD to the @steemshorts account.

ADsactly Steemshorts is authored and managed by : @vcelier

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Wow. Nice post.I hope these kind of steps motivate the youngsters who are interested in writing. True inspiration for us.


You are right and am also realy impressed too


Well written piece

Best of luck to everyone who is participating in this contest.
I am looking forward to read good stories and most importantly know about the creative ways of many users presenting it in their own way.

Submitted :)


Thank you for your valid summary.

I've sent my proposal.

Thank you!


Thank you for your valid summary.


Congratulations, @catalincernat, you are the chosen author for this first part of the story.

Please, contact me on (@vcelier) for your complete submission.


Thank you. I have contacted you on

Just posted my story. Thanks for an opportunity.


Thank you for your valid summary.

Thanks for the opportunity, i just sent my story.


Thank you for your valid summary.

My entry has been submitted


Thank you for your valid summary.


Thanks for the approval

I have submitted my proposal. Thanks for the contest. 😊


Thank you for your valid summary.


Welcome @vcelier😊

Love the concept, you may have a "lifer" to this type of contest! Thanks for putting it on, hopefully you have a lot of enjoyment out of it. Got mine sent, resteemed, upvoted.


Thank you for your valid summary.

Entry sent

Hope and pray i win


Thank you for your valid summary.

Summary submitted :)


Thank you for your valid summary.

Hi @vcelier!

I already sent my proposal for Steemshort #4 - Firts Part... Thanks for the opportunity!


Thank you for your valid summary.

Entry submitted sir


Thank you for your valid summary.

I’ve sent my summary @vcelier, Thanks for the opportunity. I love this kind of thing


Thank you for your valid summary.

Hello. I have sent in my proposal for the first part of this story.


@vcelier. I have not gotten your response on this.


Thank you for your valid summary

I sent a summary! Thank you for running this contest!

PS I will be running a contest of my own soon. It will be low tech, easy to participate in, and with a large enough award that it's worth entering but a very low time commitment. Do you have any tips? Any advice?


Thank you for your valid summary.

just saw this now i have submitted my entries, thanks alot.


Thank you for your valid summary.

welll this is amazing i will be the part of it nice to know

Hey, I have a question, I am currently writing a story but was wondering if I post my intro thoughts and ideas, will I lose my rights as the owner?
Thank you for your time,

Putting on my thinking cap now.

Would be back in a bit with my story and steem..


excellent blog

Wow...interesting and helpful post thank..i think this could be of great assist to poets

Nice contest

Its a good initiative.I am also thinking to participate in this contest.@upvoted and resteemed


Thanks, you welcome to participate


Thank's to @justiceweje.

Nice post adsactly

Good work,good post.


Interesting man.. let's see

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thank you for sharing your @adsactly successful friends always for you.

I want to be friends with you, please follow me and upvote me too.

Thanks for sharing this story of SteemShort part one. Which are written collaboratively by three differents authors and illustrated by an artist/photographer...

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amazing post! I wanna to participate. what should i do now for this


Everything is explained in the post.

Good Post. Thank you.

I read you posts you really good... upvote you

I'm inviting my peeps over ASAP!
This is hot!

I like your post
Thanks you very much @adsactly

Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

Wow so interesting thanks for sharing looking forward more of posts.
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Very interesting sir sounds good sir


Collaborative work of art. Very steemit! Looking forward to the next posting~^^

you are a popular person in steemit. please help me to progress as like you. thank you.

Nice post and contest.

Have to work on and submit our entry today.

This is Steemit Africa.

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I really want to contribute to the @adsactly society. But can't figure it out. Voted adsactly as witness and also member of the discord channel.

What a wonderful idea .

great contest @adsactly i resteem your latest post.
Hope To upvote my latest post on my blog @salim001

Good luck to the winning team/winner. You guys are doing a great deal of work, keep it up. But remember to have time for contest less persons like us. We sure need the to feel among too. :D

Very nice post.

I am going to prepare my summery

Sounds like a lot of fun.

nice post....i just upvoted you>>>please tell me what to do so that i can get many upvotes like yours

amazing post and a lot of information...sir
keep posting☺
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Why are you thanking people this is not your work


welcome dear :)

Mucho gusto !! es un placer si te gustaria seguirme excelente soy nuevo por aca Espero te guste mis publicaciones

Nice one my MENTOR look forward to emulate you............. still depend on ur upvote

This is such a brilliant idea @adsactly. The concept is so fresh and so in touch with the distribution model of business in 21st century..

If we talk elegance, this is the best post to look at. you have simple but it make appear impressive...

I love these types of contests, luck for all the participants ... with curiosity to read all the beats that each one is going to demonstrate

This is great but when will you start doing activities like this on @dtube and @dsound. Some of us aren't that great in writing stories but could be good in others. Hope to see same initiative from you on @dtube

Cool, I'm curious to the result. Unfortunately I'm not a good writter so I will wait for the story :)

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Nice post, this is what helps us on steemit.

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Postingan anda bagus dan ada mamfaatnya.
Saya sangat menyukainya.

nice post dear

Can author particpate or its selective

great your post

this will help the young learning writers like me to learn and experience alot from this
thank you for such move @adsactly

Me gusta bastante el contenido ya que me recuerda mi días como escritor, aunque no era bastante bueno pero me gustaba hacerlo

Nice psot sir. Restemeed and upvote..

Nice idea for a contest! Resteemed.

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Awesome post, this is the greatest contest ever on steemit.This is a good idea of discovering new talented writers.


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This a very interesting contest to all steemians who has a talent to write a story.

This is a very nice one

Looks like something for me. I am surely going to give this try. Though I haven't participated here in any of contests on steem, so will try to figure out how I apply to this. Any help would be appreciated :)

thanks for the post. have good wishes for us. I hope you will keep inspiring us by posting these types of post.👏



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well written article

great post i realy thank u

I want to join in the contest.

This will be a great contest. I am thinking of participating as well. For those of you that want to join in,there are somethings to keep in mind if you want to win a contest. THere is a post about it on my blog @rumaisah. I hope you enjoy it and maybe give it an upvote and follow me.


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Nice post.

It's an interesting contest

Wow, really interesting, will definitely try to participate, although I'm not sure that I'll be sufficiently creative.
I wanted to read previous SteemShort in your blog, but couldn't find them. Do you publish them after the contest?


You will find SteemShorts #2 and #3 on the @steemshorts account.

  ·  last year (edited)

i like your post adsactly. You have some different power. I want more beautiful post from you. I know i will

I will ove to be part of this...