RANDOM Comic Book Lots For Sale - PAY WITH STEEM!!! InSaNe DeAlS!!!

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Okey Dokey Folks...I am going to try this again!!! Last time I only had 1 Steemian take me up on this offer and for that...you are a true hero @darth-azrael!

Here is your chance to get an insane deal on some awesome Comics!!! This is ideal for ANYONE but I recommend it especially for anyone who’s never read a comic book. This is a perfect opportunity to snag some awesome titles for next to nothing and see what it’s all about. This could be for your personal collection, to resell, to give to the kids, burn, color on, you get the damn picture...right?!? Either way, I promise you...ya don’t want to miss out on this amazing offer using the @steemshop tag.

As I try to get my new place organized, I’m unboxing lots of books. Most of these books are copies I had to order in bulk to obtain the ratio variants so I have a massive chunk of stock just sitting here. I would like to clear some boxes out and make a little Steem (or cash) in the process. Peep the details below!!!

For just 20 STEEM or $20 through PayPal, you will receive a random assortment of awesome comic books totaling over $75 in cover prices shipped directly to your door (US Only). The issues will be from the over 150 different comics pictured above! All issues will be in great shape. Some of the issues here include Amazing Spider-Man #1 from 2014, the new super hot Venom #1, Darth Vader #1, Star Wars #1, Amazing Spider-Man #25 featuring the first appearance of Superior Octopus, and more!!! Killer characters like Deadpool, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Superman, Carnage, Deathstroke, Ninja Turtles, Black Panther, Walking Dead, Vampirella, Spider-Gwen, Silk, Bloodshot, X-Men characters, Harley Quinn and a whole slew of others!!! Cover artists the likes of Amanda Conner, Alex Ross, Francisco Mattina, Humberto Ramos, Terry Dodson, Adam Hughes, and more!!! Check out the post by @darth-azrael on what he received last time!!! https://steemit.com/comics/@darth-azrael/turning-steem-into-comics

Please no requests. It’s going to be a random assortment. You can get more than one batch if you wish and I advise to do so!!! There will be no duplicates if you order multiple batches. These are not crappy issues, they are recent books over the past few years...mostly from
Marvel & DC with a smattering on Indy titles. All known and popular titles!!! Not garbage!!!

International orders are totally welcome but we will have to figure out shipping. Once again, for just 20 STEEM or $20 through Paypal, you will get a random assortment of over $75 worth of fantastic comics shipped to your US address!!! Just respond below in the comments to get the ball rolling!!!


You can contact me here, through my Facebook Messenger, or at blewitt#5138 on Discord. C’mon folks!!! Let’s spend some Steem! Participating in things like this help this place grow. It creates another need for Steem. Lets help the comic community here on Steemit blossom into something amazing!!! Also...Stop being greedy and hoarding yer Steem!!!!!!! Lol

Thx and hope to shop you out some awesome books!!!



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Hope you don't mind me taggin you guys here. You all commented or expressed interest on the last one so I figured I would show you the new and vastly improved assortment!!


I have to say because I happen to catch this right now because I'm viewing this post and seen your comment, but I have no idea when people tag me in comments. I have no notification system that works on Steemit.com so I never know when this happens. I manually check my "replies" page but that does not include names being tagged in comments. It this a feature offered on third party Steemit app sites or something that people are using or is something nefarious going on?

Btw, totally would be buying but it would be totally to resell, still resteemed right away because this is a damn good deal I do hope some more #comics nerds here will take up on. I wish I had a kick ass physical store to offer such deals. Even or me reselling it valuewise checks out kind of, because of the randomized nature of the event it would be just too many new books for me to be holding onto until they would find homes that will love them.

However, to anyone reading this very private and personal conversation between me and @blewitt, if you have gone to a comic shop once in the past month to two months, you know, you actually read comics, or even if you are digital reader, this is f'n $75 worth of new books of big titles to sink your teeth into. This is the sampler platter you want, this is so cheap, the stuff you don't want you can give to family and friends. Which you should anyways, there is a comic book for everybody.


I use an app on my phone called Steemify that gives a lot more robust notifications. I know a lot of people use Ginabot (I think that runs through Discord?) and I’m pretty sure some alternate front ends have better notifications too.


I'm a Ginabot user and it's amazing for fine-grained control on notifications. You can even set it to notify you about keywords in posts. For example, I'm going to get a notice because I'm about to include the word 'tardigrade' in this comment.


Yeah I use Steemify as well but I haven't paid attention to see if it alerts on tags in comments but I guess it does...right? Wouldn't see why it wouldn't.


I don't know...sometimes I will just type in @blewitt into the search here on Steemit and I will see things pop up but I never paid attention to it the comments get mentioned. Does it get mentioned on steemworld.org?

No worries my friend!!! Just figured I would tag incase interested. I got ya for a shirt already so don't feel too bad...lol


Steemit really needs to implement some kind of notification system for mentions. It took me 10 days to see this post! I just happened to click on your name after seeing one of your posts in my feed today. Anyway, let me know if the deal still stands. I'll definitely see replies :).


I use @ginabot mostly, but you can also see mentions on Steemworld.org - which offers a crap-tonne of other features too

I'm in for $20. Sent you a message in discord.


Awesome!!! Ill hit you back soon! Just replying to a few messages here!

I see lots of number ones in there for anyone who wants to have a good starting point! Plus a lot of those being newer year books, should you see a storyline or series you start liking, you can easily pick up the rest of those books. Amazing deal here.


Thanks brother!!!! Good points!!!

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Thank you for your entry to @steemshop

You have been upvoted & resteemed :)

Upvoted and resteemed. I hope you get some buyers, as these are some insane lots. :)

awesome, thanks for using the steemshop tag, I have upvoted and resteemed your post!

That's a very nice collection. Not interested in buying. I read digital comics nowadays.

I'm a bit surprised there hasn't been more interest expressed in this offer.