Steem Desktop Wallet = Vessel! #9

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In Steem Secret #9, discover a desktop wallet for our Steem blockchain named Vessel created by witness @jesta which helps a lot with Steem Power delegation, storing private keys and making transactions all without the need to use! View the Vessel wallet at and read this post to learn more!

Direct download!

Current version 0.0.6-h

Newest release files on Github

Official Release and Updates by @jesta

  1. Vessel - desktop wallet pre-release - looking for feedback
  2. Vessel 0.0.6 - Steem Power Delegation

Best features

  1. Easy Steem Power delegation removal which was the main purpose I downloaded it for after finding the wallet in a Google search for "remove Steem Power delegation." Using Vessel is the easiest way I know of to delete a Steem Power delegation or make a new one fast without having to use anything else. More posts about Steem Power delegation soon because now with this wallet we can see how to do it easily!
  2. Local encryption with a password combined with the ability to import the active key. Now I have my wallet easily available without having to use and it is encrypted for security on my computer. With active key access, I can do everything necessary in the wallet without fear of losing access to my account.
  3. Easy send to an exchange with stored memo keys. Bittrex uses the same memo every time which then eliminates the need to copy and paste it with this wallet when withdrawing Steem. Warning: if they change the memo without a double check prior to sending, this might cause a loss of the Steem or SBD sent. So far my transactions have all been on the same memo.

Screenshots and Tutorial

How to get started using the Vessel desktop wallet for the Steem blockchain today?

  1. Use a download link above and get the wallet installed on the computer. On mac, click past the warning for best results.
  2. Grab the private active and posting keys from by switching our your username for mine.
  3. Choose a strong local password to encrypt the wallet and safe it in a safe place such as a password manager such as

Here are the screenshots for mac loading up the wallet!

Picture one shows after opening the .dmg file to drag it into applications for easy access.

vessel wallet install mac.jpg

Click past this warning on Mac.

vessel warning mac.jpg

New wallet open screen. Click IMPORT PRIVATE KEY. Do not use the owner key which is the master password anywhere online for security!

vessel wallet landing.jpg

See the import key screen here to both enter the active key and encrypt the wallet with a password.

import key.jpg

After a successful import, this screen comes up!

vessel wallet after key import.jpg

See account balances on the overview tab.

vessel account balances.jpg

Set a Witness Proxy!

Want to delegate Steem Power, remove a Steem Power delegation, or set a witness proxy? All of these options are under the accounts screen.

vessel steem wallet accounts overview.jpg

To set a witness proxy, use the witness proxy tab in the Vessel wallet or go to Witness votes are the most important votes we make on Steem because witness votes determine which users are paid as much as 250 Steem Power A DAY in rewards for maintaining the blockchain via Ubuntu Linux servers, witness updates, and community contributions.

The easiest way to fully participate in witness voting is to set a proxy. A witness proxy allows another user to handle all witness voting and is the best way to make all witness votes with the least amount of effort. I am grateful today about 100 users trust me as a witness proxy on 199M VESTS of votes which is the equivalent of about 100,000 Steem Power because I put a lot of thought, research, and energy into each of my witness votes with generally checking them every day or at a minimum once a week.

If you have not made any witness votes yet or are not interested in maintaining votes every week, would you please set jerrybanfield or another user you trust as a proxy to make all witness votes for you because these witness votes are the most important votes any of us make?

Here is how to use the Vessel wallet to set a proxy. First, click on the proxy tab.

vessel witness proxy.jpg

Finish the process by typing the exact name of the proxy in and hitting set proxy. The proxy can be removed or changed at any time.

set account proxy vessel wallet.jpg

Steem Power Delegation

Delegating Steem Power allows us to give our voting power to another user which is ideal for lending voting power in exchange for a Steem payment as seen at or to just give a friend or trusted curator our Steem Power if we are not using it. Without the Vessel wallet, managing Steem Power delegation is challenging especially when it comes to figuring out how to take the Steem Power we loaned out back. Vessel makes this really easy as seen below!

To begin, click on the SP Delegation tab!

steem power delegations in vessel.jpg

Each Steem account we add here shows the total vesting balance along with the delegations made. Making a new delegation is as easy as clicking the plus side, entering the account we want to delegate to, and then clicking broadcast transaction! For example, if I wanted to delegate my wife @laurabanfield all my remaining voting power, I could do it like this.

steem power delegation with vessel.jpg

To remove Steem Power delegations, we go back to the SP Delegation menu and review the amount of vests we have delegated.

steem power delegations in vessel.jpg

We then click on the trash can symbol to remove the delegation.

decrypt vessel wallet to broadcast.jpg

Once we have broadcast the transaction, then it takes 7 days for our Steem Power to come back to us! This is ideal for removing any delegations after the term has expired on which is part of the @minnowbooster project led by witness @reggaemuffin as a part of the @buildteam with witness and CEO @thecryptodrive.

Thank You!

I appreciate you reading this post and hope you found it helpful! I am grateful @jesta created this wallet which has been fantastically helpful for me today in removing a Steem Power delegation along with creating which I use almost every day also!

If you would like me to continue doing more posts like this, would you please upvote this post because the rewards empower me to do Steem full time here with you?

Jerry Banfield

Shared on

PS: Witness votes are the most important votes we make on Steem because one vote for a witness lasts indefinitely! Would you please make a vote for jerrybanfield as a witness or set jerrybanfield as a proxy to handle all witness votes at because when we make our votes, we feel in control of our future together? Thank you to the 798 accounts voting for me as a witness, the 198.4M VESTS assigned from users trusting me to make all witness votes by setting me as proxy, and @followbtcnews for making these .gif images!

Vote Jerry Banfield Steem Witness


Set JerryBanfield proxy

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Sounds interesting, I hope is safe


It is safe but eats your bandwidth if you used it more often.
be aware that you open it just when you need it.
But it is really useful.

Thanks for this was thinking the same thing!


Thanks dude for your services, appreciate that.

What I like about you is that you share things which I do not see many others doing that, it is like lets fly together thing from you, Thanks again @jerrybanfield

I have been using vessel for 2 days now and it's really good.
There is only one thing that I think it can be improve on...
The slider for vests delegation... I wanted to delegate a exact number say 1000 but its hard to control with the slider. Maybe an input field could be added. Just my thoughts....


I'm a bit behind on updates for Vessel, but I do have an issue open to get this added. I'll see if I can squeeze it into the next release.


That's great.. looking forward for the update...
I love your work.... ..
Voted you as well I hope you get back to number 1

I tried to create a proxy via vessel earlier today, but it didn't work .. so I did it manually and that worked. But other than that Vessel is a superb tool. Thanks for sharing and helping @jesta gain some more users and testers. :)

Can the delegated amount be used by either account during the seven day withdrawal period? anyone know?


No there is a 7 day waiting period for both parties.


Good to know. Thanks

I always learn something from your posts @jerrybanfield.
I didn't know you could designate a proxy witness votes.
I'm going to download this and set you as my proxy when I get the chance as I don't currently use all my witness votes.

Thanks for drawing attention to this wallet 👍

One of the best writers on Steemit thank you @jerrybanfield

Steem's the future!


I have to do more research think steem is the first crypto currency with life implementation. we are already in the future!

we can also power down from vessel or not?


Yep you sure can.

Very interesting, but do we have to share also 25% or something if we use this wallet ? Everyday more tools pretending to earn with us. ☺


No, there are no fee's built into the wallet. It's completely free.

Thank you for the valuable information

I Really like the way you present yourself. After following your course i wrote a little post. Should be fun i you could spent some time of your reading the post.


Jaxx is implementing steem right now.

This is the reason why STEEM is the future.

Great! thanks for share

THANK YOU FOR THIS!! I have been looking!!


Me too!! I need to learn more about post delegation!!

@jerrybanfield JUST voted you as a WITNESS! :) Thanks for all your contributions to the community!!

Everyone should go vote for @jerrybanfield if you haven't yet!


Why not for a witness who gives back a share of his income? Like a witness pool?


I am not really looking for @jerrybanfield's money or votes... the income he earns, is from the work he creates... why would I want to take that from him?

I voted for him because he provides good information and he is dedicated to what he does..


I am not speaking about his steeming, but the witness income. You know you just setup a pc somewhere and it's on. I don't think that single witness owner has a future. For example @maryfavour referenced me a witness (witnessgigs) who use his witness reward to organize events.

Steeming and running a witness isn't the same.


IF being a top 50 witness was that easy wouldn't everyone be doing it?? Im not sure that being a witness is about creating a future, its more helping in a present tense and helping maintain the network....

I think it takes effort, time, money and knowledge to do these things, I'm willing to support and not expect someone to pay or reward me for it.

I own a mining company... I process the blockchain for the coins we mine. Do I somehow owe the communities of the people I mine coins for some sort of reward because I am helping maintain their network?


It's a DPOS like many others. Most other coins with DPOS have pools reward for votes, for example it's very common in LISK. I guess the technical level is way higher in LSK but don't worry it will come here the more steem is known.

I have no problem with you keeping a fair share of your witness income. It's just that the situation isn't competitive enough to my taste, which reveals a lack of interest from the really knowledgeable users of blockchains.

With a vote sharing model (which will arrive) the witness are pushed to operate their nodes in the most efficient way ever to be able to propose the greatest sharing possible.

Running a witness is super easy, they are guides to follow with every single steps... you know it if you did.

Is DPOS a scam? that's the real question... full PoS like PIVX or full PoW like BTC. This DPoS is quite scammy.

It rings a bell, thank you.

Cool written. But I did not understand anything :-0
I'll go skiing :-)

Lovely, I always thought we could need something like that soon!

Nice post @Jerrybanfield ... upvoted and Resteemed it..

@jerrybanfield thanks for this good information.

If I was sitting on a pile of Steem I too would see it as being the future.

Btw steemians, if you know a witness "pool" it would be nice to share it. You know a witness who shares a part of his income with those voting for him.

thanks in advance.

Cool! Thanks for sharing Jerry!

I like your post

Thanks Very Good

@jerrybanfield Really Loving this Steem Secret series :) At this rate... in December when I meet up with my "crypto crew family", I will actually be able to teach THEM a thing or two :) hehe (little sister for the win!!! lol)

Never works for me! ALL I get is a blank screen when I open it ! :(

Okay, will use it when time comes, i don't have anything to keep on wallet so yeah its useless comment and everything doesnt matter

It is an interesting program. I think about the STEEM accounts and keys so much different than I think about other crypto currencies.

how you can make always post that good and long, next one a bit shorter ; )

Thanks for the praise and the tutorial on getting started! Glad everyone's finding it to be useful. I've been working on a new build, and will hopefully have an update for Vessel soon (special thanks to @netuoso for the helping hand!).

good news, upvote and resteem

It's better to Wait to check the stability of this.

Thank you for introducing me to this community @jerrybanfield :)

This looks like an awesome tool to easy and make things easier 😉 thanks for show it to us. 😁

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Please i will like to ask how do i transfer my steem from bittrex to steemit.
@jerrybanfield thanks for the write up i always learn from you.

It would be great at that, previous transactions are saved and can be used again. Or something like an address book. That you don't have to type in the name of the account you're sending to. I have a list of bots I try to remember, but they are quite an amount now. Around 10 I have now. An actual address book to save the nicknames you want to send steem dollar. Would make life easier.

It seems very interesting features. Really a useful tool. Thanks @jesta for creating it and @jerrybanfield for bringing it to us with a tutorial. Appreciate it.

It rings a bell, thank you.


Looks like a great application its about time thanks for the highlight @Jerrybandfield

WOW. Delegation, too?

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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@jerrybanfield Yes really good post.

Okay... From your post I get more questions. Is there "pools" for delegate to get a share of the income for witness? It should be the case.

Then I don't understand the "vests" concept. What's that?

Finally the revenue sharing from delegating SP isn't clear.

Thanks anyway, as always your posts are informative even if in this case it's raises more questions.

Wow Sir best information about desktop wallet