Vessel 0.0.6 - Steem Power Delegation

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Thanks to some help from @fabien with steem-js and @vandeberg for pointing out the APIs, the newest release of Vessel now lets you manage Steem Power Delegation.

Newest Version: 0.0.6a

Download available on github for macOS, Windows and Linux.


Steem Power Delegation Screen

The interface is found within the Accounts section. This interface shows all accounts loaded, their total vests, available vests to delegate, how many vests are already delegated and where they are delegated to. The green plus button lets you start a new delegation.

Delegation Setup

Clicking the + button will prompt you for two pieces of information:

  • An Account Name: Which account you'd like to delegate to.
  • The Amount: The slider allows you to configure how many vests will be delegated to that account.

I've also included a messages at the bottom of the screen with a small explanation of delegation.

Displaying Active Delegations

The overview screen now displays your active delegation(s), who they are to, the amount, and the date it can be revoked. Each row also has a small orange trash can, which let's you remove the delegation and revoke your vests.

When revoking the delegation, the VESTS will be locked in limbo for 7 days. This is to prevent people from double voting with the same Steem Power twice.

Change Log

  • Added Steem Power Delegation and Cancelling
  • Sending Interface
    • After a transaction is sent, only the to, amount and memo fields will reset, instead of everything.
    • Added OpenLedger to the list of exchanges (as well as memo fields in the settings).
  • Vesting/Power Down
    • The power down popup got a slight facelift and a few colors.
  • Accounts
    • Added the SP Delegation Tab
    • Added icons to each of the menu items.
  • Experimental Key Generation
    • Added a close button so you can get out without restarting
    • Added copy to clipboard for all sections - thanks to @AugustoL for adding that in!
  • Various bug fixes + linting

Next up

I'm planning to stop on Vessel for a little bit and focus on chainBB for the coming weeks. I will address any critical issues that arise as they're reported but no new features will be implemented in the near future. At this point I'm personally using the wallet for all of my accounts daily.

One last thing, are you a twitter user?

If so - make sure to take part in Bobby Lee's twitter poll and vote for Steem as the currency that should be added to BTCC. The more exchanges we can get supporting Steem, the more options all of us will have to buy or sell Steem :)


Explain to me what is delegation?

Someone else gets to vote with your steem power - you delegate it. It is mostly for people with a LOT of steem power who have a reason to share it. What are some of the most obvious reasons, anyone?

Say you go on Vacation and you wont be around a computer. It might be nice to delegate some power for that time to one of your followers/friends.

hi jesta, I have downloaded the mac version but honestly speaking it doesn't work for me. I have followed the easy instructions but once I am on Accounts, I can't accede to SP delegation. I am clicking on it but nothing change. Any advice? And thank you for your great job

Not sure if it was you to whom I replied on Github, but sorry I forgot to give the link (kind of unuseful comment). So yea, use /releases to watch for them. By the way, just migrated to the new version 0.0.6-h.

Its ok the last version works for me

Phenomenal tool. I have a question about the "Experimental - Generating Keys". My understanding, when I generate new keys, if I send a small amount of SBD to the new account, will that create it on the steem network?

Not exactly, but close.

With that feature of Vessel, you can create 3x public/private keys, of which you can use the public keys to create a new account through the command line wallet.

The goal is to eventually allow account creation through the wallet, but right now you'd have to take those public keys and use them within the cli_wallet to do the creation. Someone else could also do the creation if you gave them the public keys (which is safe, just never give away the private keys) - which is also something I'd like to add to the wallet.

It'd be super nice to be able to say "Hey friend, download Vessel and generate some keys. Then send me the public keys, and I'll create an account for you in my Vessel wallet!". Then I'd pay the fee for their account creation, and they'd have an account, all while never sharing those private keys with anyone!

What's the fee to create accounts? Who do you pay it to?
There's always the possiblity to create a frontend for the cli_wallet and use the keys to generate an account. Perhaps I'll play with that in Delphi or Lazarus.
Even if they shared the private keys with you, they can always change them once the account is active on steemit :)

It changes occasionally, but you can do it one of two ways:

  • With delegation (cost would be like 0.2 STEEM + 65k VESTS delegated)
  • Without delegation (last I knew this method was like 20 STEEM)

They also shouldn't have to share the private keys. The create account API call only needs public keys. So having them generate the keys safely offline and sharing the public keys creates a very safe (and potentially offline) method of registration.

I need to dig into account creation services at some point here soon for chainBB, I'm hoping to pair it with Vessel :)

Thank you! Just account creation and savings account on my wishlist now, otherwise feature complete for me. I'm sure you'll come up with more magic I didn't know I wanted though :)

up on account creation!

Is there a way to recover the forgoten password ?

Vessel doesn't store your master password (if that's what you used to import the account). So there's no way via Vessel to do recovery of that password.

If you have accounts imported into Vessel still - the keys exist (and are encrypted), so those might be recoverable, but the usefulness of those depend on what type of keys you imported into the wallet. This is shown on the account page with the checkmarks.

Wow ...what an amazing little piece of software... just what I was lookig for to manage my STEEM.

Welllll .. that's f'n awesome! :)


Thanks for sharing these news with us, it is very appreciated. great work!

Namaste :)

This is so sweet I'm finding it hard to resist the urge to just lick my screen up and down.

You continue to amaze @jesta

This is really impressive! It's good to see community members helping to make features available in Steem available to more users.

Keep up the great work :)

This is amazing work! can't wait to try this out. I wanted to give a friend some SP as a head start.

Looks like a really cool tool @jesta - keep up the good work

Hi @jesta. To delegate to another account. Do you need to have the account at your wallet or you can delegate to any user? My app is not allowing me to select the delegation tab... any suggestions? really need that... Thansk in advance! AAMAAAAZZIIINNNGGG WORK! =)

You can delegate to anyone and no, you don't need the designated account in your wallet.

I'm going to look into why that's happening today and hopefully release a quick hotfix build to fix it.

Same for me

I have just seen the new build. Works fine now. Thanks for bringing this up :) (and thanks @jesta for fixing this so quickly !)

Thanks. I am here to help in any testing if needed.

Need this for my disrupting idea...

Raised an issue on github.

Working! Nicely done. Thanks.

Appreciate this @jesta. This is one of the most asked about topics. Great break down. Resteemed

Resteemed to spread the breakdown. Thanks @jesta!

Thank you for the breakdown and update! @jesta

Also congrats on your 1,000th post! @jesta, sorry for the double messaging my apologies

What an interesting post, thank you for sharing. When I joined steemit last year I was overwhelmed by the obvious potential of the "platform" and the "ground breaking" commitment of the individuals involved. Like anything else, there's good and bad; but like any "infant" it must be guided and encouraged to reach its full potential. The same must be said for its members; I'm proud to say that I/we have played a part in the development so far and only want BIG things for both steem and all the individuals involved.

Excellent news!!!

The day I have enough Steem Power I will be using this delegation option to help out others on Steemit.

Interesting feature, I plan to download​ STEEM vessel today and do some of my own tests. Thanks @jesta for highlighting this cool feature.

Thank you for explaining, your project is very good

@jesta . i always happy to see your informative articles.. (y) Keep it up bro

Very nice and exciting news. Thanks for sharing

Very informative.. I follow you. Allow me to resteem your post. Thanks!

Nice piece of information

Wohooo!!! Great Job!!!
Thanks for this @jesta

in love with steemit <3 may steemit keep growing

I'm new to this community and enjoy learning about all these cool new advancements. Thank you for this information.

Hey i've don't have time to open my steem account too often. I see you work on some delegation. How does it work ? is there somewhere a FAQ or user manual ? how do you fond somebody to delegate ? how about the steem earned during delegation ? Thanks

Hey @dan-bn, here's a link about delegation. Btw, if you still don't have time opening your profile how about delegating it and in return get weekly SBD? I am interested, cheers :)

You should check out the @photofeed curation trail. I am not involved with it; I just hope the project is successful.

The potential for Steemit is unlimited - it will ALWAYS get my vote ! :)

This is a very interesting application. I'll intend to try it out soon.

Hi @jesta!

you are so incredible. You are like a motivator who is ready to fill seminars in every event. Thanks for all your posts!

oh oh .... ok I just upped my investment amount to steemit.

Is this a purse? I can't read it. Can anyone translate it into Chinese?这是一个钱包吗?我看不不懂,有谁能翻译成中文吗?@wnh518518

great...resteem and upvote for you....

Very informative.. I follow you. Allow me to resteem your post. Thanks!

Looks great, I want to try it :)

Hi @jesta,
Your amazing, i follow and resteemed your post :)

Looking good you're post brother :) Thanks for the sharing and i will up vote and follow you @jesta

Come on! This IS exactly the top trending post I am expecting ... Thanks! jesta, this is a long waited service for us muggles... :)

This sounds like a sick idea for a guild or small community!

amazing .. I wish am webdev hahahha :D
anyway .. how many times can we vote for that twitter poll?
I did the first day I saw @thecryptofiend twit it ..

Looks awesome !

this is great, @jesta. Congrats to you (and all of us fellow-Steemians here) on this important milestone.

Good choice to now focus on chainBB as I cannot wait to see this one!

Your latest focus chainBB will be revolutionizing things again, I am pretty sure, this time the likes from bitcointalk or all the way down to Blogger- and sites...

Followed earlier already and Upvoted, of course, in order to keep the party here going ;)

Steem delegation is a nice feature on Steemit. Basically we can delegate our SP to others so they can curate for us?

delegation is the key...delegate your powers, i am here to help you!!! LOL!

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Final Round, Battle of Digital Currencies:
Which should @YourBTCC offer?……

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Amazing project, keep up!
Following now

Nice work! Thanks for sharing

As my empire grows, perhaps this may become useful. But right now I am a lost peasant way in over his own head...

So will all these new modules be visible on the Steemit interface once it's out of Beta? Great work on this one.

Thank you for sharing!

This is great @jesta it will be a easier way for people to delegate SP for now.

Great work @jesta. You are a true gem for this community.

Steem should be added to BTCC.

At this point @jesta, your approaching god like status IMO.

great achievements its marvelous efforts ever made by you.

Thank you! it was very useful!!

Wow I just saw it! Awesome!!!

for some reason tabs do not works for me, and I cannot switch to last one :/

BTW. could you add somewhere to the interface a version number?

Good call on that. I'll add it into the settings page or something for reference.

and also some minor things which really bothers me... when I chose particular section, like Overview, Send, Vesting.... there is no graphical indication, which section is currently chosen.

Currently chosen section should be highlighted somehow.

Also I just saw a github report the same thing, do you know if you're using 0.0.6a or was that why you were asking for a version number somewhere? :)

I was asking for this because at the beginning I looked for "SP Delegation" in the wrong tab, and I wasn't able to find it... so I started wondering whether upgrade was successful.

I just discovered on macOS you can use this dropdown:

Not sure if that exists for the other OSes, but it's probably there :)

good to know, but still I think I would be better if that would be more visible. Then people will no have troubles to report on which version they encounter some problems. :)

and... there is no such option in Linux :(

I also cannot switch to SP delegation tab @Jesta. I tried on Windows 10 and windows 7.

I'll dig back into this over the weekend and test why both Linux and Windows are having issues with the new tab.

Hi @jesta, this is good project.
Can I translate this article into Chinese?

Hi @jesta, can I kindly ask (when possible) to add the option to insert the amount of SP in the SP delegation section? Like, clicking on it will allow the edit (and then after pressing enter to fix it up the wallet will update the vesting total and move the sliding dot to the correct position):

Ignore the error message... I was testing delegating to myself. =)

Thanks for the information. Noted

Anyone doing a cli_wallet for windows? Dev mode could have it =) just teasing you!

Great job @jesta, this was one of the features that needed an easier interface for users.

Extremely useful, thank you.

Love this app! I did just recently try to adjust a delegation to add more power to it, but it reset the delegation to only the added amount and withdrew the initial SP. Is this something an interface change could solve or is that kind of adjustment unavailable at the blockchain level?
Thanks again for all the work on this and ChainBB.

I downloaded the mac version, and added in my account, but I can't see the + sign in the SP delegation tab, all I could see was the garbage bin.

Is there a minimal limit of SP to the account before they are allowed to delegate SP?
Please tell me what to do, as I would really want to help my community by delegating some of my SP, thank you

Hello @jesta - nothing critical.
Installed Vessel w/o problem on OSX.
All working as designed, except the savings are not displayed.
Although there are only 0.777 SBD in my savings, it does display 0.000 SBD.

Otherwise - love the clear design and straight forward functionality.
A shoutout to @ausbit for pointing me to Vessel.


I just wanted to say that this tool is amazing! You've got some mad skills man!!

Hi @jesta

I've discussed delegation in my post today, and given a big mention to the awesomeness of Vessel. Thank you very much for this tool, it's the sh1t!

Good points in this post. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Some people say it's a high risk market but if you're willing to hold your coins with a 2 to 5 year vision I bet the risk might not seem that high by then :-). I really advice people to take a look at: For a complete crypto analysis on every single tradable crypto out there.

I have chosen your post as one of the best to upvote for today and made a special post about it. Thank you once again.

Very useful to know! Thank you :-)

I can't use 32x windows.

Hands up if you'd like to be delegated to 🙋🏽‍♂️

Great work .. work hard better projects

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