Globalization, one factor influencing the Movement of People - Underdeveloped countries get Older and Older

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The touch of freedom, we could say, that it was one of the most important objectives of humanity, and globalization offers this aspect to people and even more


In one of my articles some time ago, I was talking about the Romanian Young generation Exodus - How the Romanian population continues to age while Young People leave and how Romania is on the second place in the world, when it comes to the number of immigrants, after Syria which stands on the first place from immigration point of view.

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Globalization, first of all, concerns the trade and the intensification of goods exchanges with other distant regions of the world, the liberalization of capital movements but, very importantly, also of the labor force. At first, these exchanges in goods, capital and labor force mainly took place between the most developed areas of the world and especially between countries that are geographically closest, and in time they have intensified even at even more distant zone far from each other zones levels and less developed.

With regard to international goods exchanges and the increasing workforce movement, those are increasing mainly due to the unprecedented development of major multinational companies that develop their global strategies in such a way to profit from the freedom that is given nowadays. These huge groups, which in recent years have settled also in Romania, are implanted in tens of thousands of countries in accordance with what the markets and the possibilities of the labor force offer them.

The investing countries of these giant companies are mainly highly developed countries such as the well-known triad of USA, Western Europe and Japan, countries that most of the stock of assets placed in other countries.


Movement of people - and why do they leave their countries

Between many reasons for which the immigration rate is increasing, such as the state of war, natural disasters, financial situation, politics, or religion reasons, the globalization plays an important role in the ease of people movement and that is because globalization offers something that is called individuals freedom that few states or government can now decline. Free global competition has liberated entrepreneurial and creative talents and has accelerated technological innovations which makes people much more free than they were before.

What is more is that even if goods and capital move much easier than people, nowadays, there are lots of people who live in a country other than the one of their nationality, either because of financial reasons, political ones or any other reasons that I mentioned above. They have simply decided to leave their country. The phenomenon of migration deserves all our attention to the extent that, especially in Romania, in my opinion this reflects certain problems that the country has and thanks to which, people have to leave their homes, their parents, children and cultural values and that, at least temporary.

Migration flows are especially oriented to regions with better living standards and/or to fast-growing countries where there are opportunities to find a better job and sometimes 10 to 30 times better paid than in the home country, especially in the case of talented young people.

The migration phenomenon, besides the above, is also influenced by the changing mentality of people, especially of younger generations, who are increasingly oriented towards liberalism and democracy, being much harder to be socially controlled as a mass.

Talking about the mentality of the young people, they are now more concerned with changing the place of living, and judging by their actions, young people today are more oriented towards their own well being and no longer accept indecent livelihood, knowing that out there, they can find unlimited opportunities based on what they learned.

Today, and reaching the pick in about 6 years from now, the migration phenomenon can increase even more based on the fact that by the year of 2025 the millennial will make up approximately 50% of the total working force of the world.


The fact that the millennial have already demonstrated a great deal of adaptability along the changes in time, for them it is easy to change the landscape and adapt to a new place where they quickly create a new family, they may even consider family a simple close circle of friends. They are also used to deal with the technology not only embracing every emerging new technology and even wishing to find change or new things, they will always be looking for new places, opportunities and new technologies.

In addition to the above, some studies claim that all these millennial want more than just a job, looking for a work place where they can find an atmosphere and a place in accordance with their social values ​​and mindset.

The ease of movement for these young people will be given also by the fact that they have a great deal of confidence in themselves, when it comes to professional life so they will change their living place much easier, knowing that sooner or later they will find something better. As an example in this regard, I met friends who left Romania, without even setting the terms for a job in another country. The main goal for them was to leave, and then they started to look for a new job there.

For some, the first goal is to leave their country as soon as possible, no matter what

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Thinking about the current immigration situation from Romania, there should be no higher priority for Romania, than the one to keep the young productive people in Romania and use them within the country to have a better development and have a much healthier progress.

The real problem here is that there are not many reasons now for the young people to stay in Romania as the political and economic situation is falling apart and along with this, the country goes more into the poverty direction. But instead the Romanian leaders, promote corruption, attack the judiciary system continuously and think only about their own well being.

That is the real problem and what remains for the young people, is just to look what disaster they left behind.

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