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RE: Globalization, one factor influencing the Movement of People - Underdeveloped countries get Older and Older

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Hi. Nice piece.
I would like to drop some few advices for you. It is always a good practice to include "references for further reading" in your posts (which obviously is lacking in your post). Also, an introduction and summary/conclusion is advised.

For image licensing, it is fair enough to use Free-to-use images and provide a link leading directly to the image source. For images licensing you can check out this guideline.

Cheers and be good.
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Thanks a lot @samminator for the valuable advises. Images source are on the background of each image, for those images that I took from the internet. Images without source are either from pixabay or I have worked on them to a certain extent.
Regarding the references for further reading and the structure of the article, I will take it in consideration for the future articles that I post.
Thanks again and I am glad that you stopped by.

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