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I will be never tired to explain what Steem Repo is .

Steem Repo is the Biggest Repository we have on Steem. We are a Curators Guild with the intent to preserve good quality posts. Our mission is not only to preserve last seven day posts, but to make "an archive" of all posts written on the steem blockchain. For doing this we have the help of curators and reviewers, ready to help us on the project.


How Steem Repo Works is very easy, but behind this simple flow we have an hard work of people called:




  • Curators find good quality posts
  • Curators upvote and comment on posts with the account called @steemrepo
  • If a user answer "YES" Reviewers upload that content

You can read more about STEEM REPO here:

At the end of the process we have a Repository with all good posts found by our curators.

But the vision of steem repo is a little bit different and bigger:

Now steem repo Flow is: Curators choose Good quality posts - Automatic upvote/comment by Bot- Reviewers upload posts into a Wordpress website called STEEM REPO. My idea for the future is a litte bit different. I'd like to transform STEEM REPO into a Steem Blockchain Website (a little bit like Utopian). Exactly the flow i wanna create is: Every user can register on the new Steem Repo Website (with steemconnect for example). Curators choose with criteria which users are considered good for registration (example: reputation, VP, how they write posts, ecc). Once a User is registered on Steem Repo he can write good quality posts. Before a post is written on the steem blockchain and on steem repo website, curators must approve it. If the post is good and curators approved it, the post will be written into the steem repo website and at the same time into the steem blockchain. So we have control over the published posts and can be seen by steem users and external users on the steem repo website. Once a post is approved the steemrepo curators will upvote it with a specified power based on the post quality (it will be automated to make it easier)!!! The idea is like the utopian website but for good quality posts (rewarding the best contents on steem). The biggest difference steem repo will have respect utopian is: the posts will not before written on the blockchain and then approved, they must before approved and then written on the blockchain. This prevent the steem repo to have shit posts, and in the future it will be the best magazine of STEEM.

Any help and idea on this project would be appreciated....

My idea is to create a new application on STEEM CONNECT V2 and to attach it on a new website. The Steem Repo version we have now is called STEEM REPO V. 2.0.

We are working hard to help users and we curate the best good quality posts on the Steem Blockchain.
The main target is based on the Tag #steemrepo and on #postpropotion section on our DISCORD SERVER. It means we give precedence to these two conditions.

this is just an example how we curate posts on our Discord Server

The Steem Repo Discord Server have now reached about 350 Members and we hope to get more users attracted to the service.


We have to say thanks to give us every day the possibility to read and learn more then what we already know.

If you would like to support the project please delegate SP to @steemrepo account

Steem Repo is a Service created by @yanosh01 and would be cool if you can give me a Witness upvote here:



hi @yanosh01. Nice chatting with you on discord. You told me you are a system engineer from Italy. I am a enginneer too from Nigeria. I started blogging about 2 days ago. i will want us to be friends on steemit if you don't mind.
Please do follow me @itsystems. I have followed you.

Thanks for your time

buon proseguimento e buon lavoro! Un saluto @giornalista

grazie mille. Sei il benvenuto se vuoi entrare nel nostro server....

Già fatto e a breve arriva il mio voto per il witness! Se non ci si aiuta tra italiani è la fini! Un saluto @giornalista

Great initiative...
Hope this will run successfully...and we Steemians can enjoy more quality contents in this lovely Steemit community...

Have a great day, dear @yanosh01, and thanks for sharing...☕🤗❤

We are doing our best and we hope people like what we are doing. If you wanna read more about steem repo, join our discord server.

Ok dear friend @yanosh01...
Will join soon...❤

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