YL Aus Trip#1 The Bathers Pavilion,Mosman,Sydney

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我們先在悉尼逗留了3天, 然後就到了墨爾本一個星期!
今天先介紹一家..迷路從前就最喜歡的餐廳-The Bathers Pavilion!

Hello!! I am back!!!
Just finished a relax and chill trip!
Finally, I dash out of Asia and.....went to Australia!!!
We stayed in Sydney for 3 days, then went to Melbourne for a week!
I am not going to introduce some spots that included in a normal travel tour...
Today, I will introduce @minloulou 's favourite cafe- The Bathers Pavilion!

從酒店到餐廳大概需要30分鐘, 餐廳十分受當地人喜歡!
除了我們是遊客, 基本上全部都是外國人!
我們去了兩天, 兩天都需要排隊等位...十分厲害!
這裡除了食物飲品十分好吃, 風景也是超級引人!!!

We only need 30mins driving from hotel to the restaurant, it is really popular between the locals!
actually almost every customer were foreigners except us....haha
We visited there 2 times and both need to wait for seats...really popular!
Besides from the amazing food and drinks, the view outside of restaurant is awesome!!

第一天來的是午餐時間, 旁邊的餐廳是比較正式跟貴!
點了一個湯, 生蠔, 意粉跟pizza!
味道真的十分好, 因為用的材料都十分新鮮!!
陽光洒到cafe內, 十分溫暖!
我們點了一個早餐分著吃, 然後再喝了巧克力!!
價錢相對其他地方有點貴, 但好值得!

We arrived at lunch hour at the first day, we chose cafe as the fine dining side is quite formal and expensive!
We've ordered soup, oyster, pasta and pizza!!!
Those ingredients were fresh, thats why the dishes were amazing!!!
One of the highlight during the meal was Iced chocolate, why all chocolate drinks in Australia are amazing like this?!
We came here again at the following day, we thought there wont have many customer as it was Sunday morning..
But we were wrong, ..the cafe fulled when we arrived!!!(just like the above photo)
Natural sunlight irradiated into the cafe, reli warm!
We shared a big breakfast and drank iced chocolate again!!!
Let's guess which 4 items is needed to make a nice chocolate in Aus!!!
It is worthy to enjoy our meal here even the price is higher than others!!

Awesome beach view outside the cafe!
Can you understand why @minloulou loves here so much?!

!steemitworldmap -33.822429 lat 151.250969 long d3scr

所有照片如非特別註明”SOURCE”在照片下方, 全部都是由我自己拍攝
All photos are taken by myself unless it specially indicated "SOURCE" under the photo

Recommend Website:
The Bathers Pavilion

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