ArtVenture Contest: Alice / Resident Evil

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Greetings to all, happy start of the week. <3 <3 <3

Approximately I had almost a year without touching my Prismacolor until yesterday that I decided to dust them off and use them, it was thanks to the @stef1 and @art-venture contest where this time the theme of the contest is: "Action character".

I debated among many action characters that I like but in the end I decided to go for something more to my preferences and reminded Alice of the Resident Evil movies Played by Milla Jovovich. Well, I really had 2 options, I was between Selene from Underworld or Alice but when I saw images on the Internet I finally decided on Alice because Selene has a lot of black and unfortunately that color came to an end :). Although later I realized that Alice also had black lol.


I made the sketch on a recycled sheet but this time in a different way I had never tried it with those stripes, but I think it worked, although it took me longer than usual.


Usually I would start a sketches by making circles or spots stripes or by the face first, but with the help of these boxes I did it from the bottom up, maybe not to get lost and have as an anchor.


When I had all the sketch ready, I highlighted it a bit and passed it to the sheet where I was going to paint Alice, so that the sketch might be cleaner.


I must say that I am missing skin colors, I had to do many tests to find ones that resembled her skin tone. I started by the face I decided to start by the shadows but with care not to make mistakes.


The face was what took me the longest and I admit that I was very afraid when I was painting since there are no layers, I can not return and if I was wrong I would lose everything that I had taken, which was many hours of work.


The skin was already taking shape and little by little it looked more like Alice [according to me :)..].


The clothes are fun to make, I had a challenge with the gloves, first the color that I did not have and the ones I had were tiny [very annoying to draw] so making those little seams with small pencils is horrible lol.


The hair on the other hand was not so difficult to perform. The weapons had designs of skulls that I did not make in the sketch, I only made them to the pulse, without doing them exactly the same because they were tiny hehehehe.


The background is that of the symbol of Umbrella a bit dirty or stained was the last thing I did.

14 - copia.jpg

Time of realization.

Making this drawing took me more than 17 hours. I started painting at 9:00 pm and finished it today, there was no time to sleep. I had already forgotten how pain is the fingers for drawing so many hours in a row XD.

Used materials

1 recycled sheet.
1 opaline sheet.
Prismacolor Premier.


This has been my entire realization process for the action character, I hope you liked it, have a nice night.

Big hug and greetings!

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You did an amazing work with th character dear Carmen, you are so skillful:) good luck with the contest:)

Thank you very much honey! I'm glad to see you here.
I had time without using the colors, I think I was getting used to the layers of Ps and feel the adrenaline that things can go wrong and lose everything, it intensifies when you make traditional drawings. It was a great experience despite the heheh pain.

Thanks, I'm almost late as always.

Really criminal XD
Te quedo muy bueno, ojala ganes :D

hehehehe yo también deseo lo mismo, es mas... de ganar, te brindo una Osito bien fría. <3 <3 <3

Pero... virtual. XD

Bueno brindemos con las mías baby XD


Esooooo! Pero piensas en todo, incluso tienes una marca personal? pero Verrrr... mole.

Oh I really love this lady. I could go on and watch Resident evil over and over again without getting tired of it. Her confidence in dealing with vampires is extraordinary. I admire her confidence a lot.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of her.

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Yes, I also like that character very much, she is an incredible woman and sexy! I always watch Resident Evil movies.
Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

This is amazing work! I don't have the words to Express my admiration. The step-by-step process leads to the final version. Exciting! I wish You good luck in this competition :))

Thank you very much for your kind words and wishes.
I'm glad you like the step by step, it's great to see you here.
Thank you for the message.


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Really great, very good job.

Thank you! :)
Does it look like Alice? I have that doubt yet lol.

Yes, it looks exactly like Alice:)

Great dear, that makes me happy.

What does it look like? Of course, seeing her, I knew it was from Tom Raiden, hahahaha, I'm kidding! if it is equal to Milla Jovovich.

hehehehe if you're mean to me. :(

I tried hard to make it look at least a little, but I am somewhat rusty with traditional art, I have to practice a lot. XD

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Many thanks!

I see your kindness showing the process of drawing.

The description of the colored pencil is very fantastic. +_+

Thank you dear Jiwoon!

It is a way to show how the process was, although one thing is images and others is to be able to see how it is really, since to get to have an image you travel a long and different path.

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Thank you Carmen for your participation and your description of the process of your creation. I also think that Mila is the best actress and love all her characters.

Thanks to you Stef and your contest for encouraging me to work in traditional, I feel a little rusty in this style but if I keep practicing I will take the wheel again. XD

Now the villains are coming?

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this is great Carmen ! awesome painting <3

Thank you very much dear Adele always so cute.

Amazing work!

Thank you. ;)

It's really good. I also love Mila Jovovich : )

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