My ArtVenture:Pastel portrait “Agent Mulder”

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Hello dear Steemians,






Recently I found one of my first pencil work that I did about 2 years ago when I re-started drawing that was a portrait of the character from my favorite sci-fi cult series from my youth time “X-files” that is Agent Mulder, very well played by David Duhovny.


“Agent Muldre” by @Stef1


Just to check how my drawing skills been changed since then I decided to do another portrait of Agent Mulder, this time using pastel as in my opinion they are the best medium for portrait.

So here it is my before and then, would be interesting to know what do you think.


My step-by-step process:









The finished painting


Pastel portrait “Agent Mulder” by @Stef1

Sketch block 27,9x42 cm, weight 110 g/cm², my soft pastel pencils:


Here it is my pencil drawing made 2 years ago:



Photo source








I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)



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Oh, you travel me in time decades ago with your beautiful artwork Stef:) X files was our favourite series back then and the first one i remember gathering with my friends to watch:)

Thank you George for these words. Like for you, I remember watching first episodes with my father that became our favorite. Later on when I met my husband he is also a fan of X-files, now we have Blue-ray collection of all the seasons and on and off watching it, remembering that wonderful time of mysterious cases and of course eternal quote: "I want to believe" :)

I am so happy we are all fans😊 It was an amazing series back then. And the only one that had an ongoing bigger plot, of course back then you could see it only in TV and the channel did not bought all the seasons, lol. Years later we found the last season to see. Same was with Babylon 5 another favourite Sci fi series😊

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It is funny, we are the whole family fans of Babylon 5, especially our son since he was 10 that became his favorite we all have on and off family evening and love to watch either of these series. Of course we have all seasons on DVD's :)

Really? I was kind of sure 😊 It was a very good show, well written and with this great plot with the shadows rising. I loved it😊

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Thank you for this cupcake. Love it!

Nailed it! Really good likeness. Well done.

Thank you for such wonderful words and for viewing :)

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Thank you for the message and I will visit your discord too :)

It is just amazing that you had skillfully made an artistic version of Agent Mulder's image @stef1 I love it :D

Thank you @cryptopie I really enjoyed this painting too :)

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Отличная работа!

Спасибо :)

The 2 versions are very good but the most current looks much better, besides that it is painted and looks amazing, so much that it looks a lot like Mulder... you have improved a lot in those 2 years that passed. Now imagine yourself in 5 years... WOW!!!

I'm a fan of The X-Files and I like Mulder, but my favorite character was Scully's, did you draw her? <3

Thank you Carmen, yes, there is a huge difference and i can see a lot of areas in the first that were done quite wrong and I love to keep such old sketches. I hope i will keep working and getting better :)

I love Scully too, always was in my mind to do her. I did also the same time around 2 years ago and believe looks horrible. I probably do her again for comparison. Thank you for your feedback :)

I had lost this message!

Yes! He is an incredible character, he made me laugh a lot.
That's a great idea, it's good because you can compare how you say the learning you've had at that time.
I also have many old drawings saved, they are ugly hehehehe.

You are welcome! Sometimes I lose them, but I catch up little by little.

This is fantastic! I love the x-files and my fiance and I have watched every episode at least once. Your portrait is very nicely done and it looks like you've certainly improved since the 'before portrait' (although that one is good too)!

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