The Many Lives And Deaths Of Dovey-Doo - Chapter One - Comedy Open Mic Round 21

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I don't know if it's normal to immediately start thinking of how you will write things, so soon after losing your dog. Maybe that's how you know you have a writer's mind.

For me, I think it's a way of coping with things. @amirtheawesome1 wrote about how he uses dark humour to deal with life and for me, it isn't totally different. I deal with my thoughts via scenarios.

I linked to that post because I don't feel like explaining the scenarios when I already had a post written that spells them out.

What I am planning to do here is to string a bunch of my scenarios together as best I can, and publish them in a series of chapters that I might turn into a 99¢ ebook on Amazon one day.

I can't say for sure that I will, but I do have big dreams of earning $7-$9 a month and this looks like a good way to get the ball rolling.

As I write this, we are still not sure what has happened to our dog, Dover. We went camping out by the dam and both boys, Blue and Dover, took off at 4:30 AM when we let them out for a pee. At least that is what I assumed they wanted. They were dancing around on us and whining, so I opened the door.

When I opened it to let them back in, they wouldn't even come near, so we left them out there to do dog things. It was still a couple of hours until their breakfast and they don't often get the chance to run around in the wild and explore.

Before I go further and get the "better pet owner than you" people telling me I shouldn't have let them out on their own or giving me flak about not having them on about leashes, let me say that I don't think it's fair to coop animals up if there is a chance for them to be free. Even if it's just for a day.

In my mind, a dog is no different than we are. They have a purpose in life, and their government(us), won't let them realize their destiny because society gets angry when the garbage is torn up all over the porch and the brand new haskap bush that they just bought for $50 at the nursery is dying from concentrated urine streams.

So we have to fence them in.

Or they get put down by the dog catcher. There is no in between.

Well, I guess we could keep paying the $50 fine every day, but then they would probably get hit by a car as we live in town and the dogs aren't street savvy.

We, as people, are fenced in as well but unless you are imprisoned it's usually figurative, like jobs, lack of funds, etc... I don't know about you, but I don't feel all that free. I feel freer than a lot of people, but I still have to appease The Man for my food and shelter.

I even have to do tricks and entertain for a few extra scraps.

Just like a dog.

So we find places where there are no dog catchers, asshole neighbours, or traffic and we let them run around. They chase things, bark, and see what new smells are out there. Oftentimes they will com-pee-te. That's when they keep pissing on stuff the other dog has already pissed on. Sometimes it's at the same time and someone comes out with the stain of shame. It was usually Dover because he was closer to the ground.

In short, they get to be dogs.

So after they didn't come back for breakfast we started to worry a bit. I reasoned that they were just having too much fun to be bothered with food, but it was not like Dover to ever miss a meal. We went for a drive and honked the horn a lot.

By around 10 AM we were walking along the beach with a whistle, a can of bear spray, and yelling for the dogs at the top of our lungs. It was pouring rain by now. We did that for an hour and then went to buy a cell phone charger as we were both out of battery. We figured we would be home by now and wouldn't have service anyhow, so we didn't even think to bring a charger.

We got back after noon and Blue was crying in the bushes and could barely walk. He was drenched and shaking really bad, but there didn't seem to be any broken bones or lacerations so I gave him a handful of food and put him in the warm truck. Then we went looking for Dover. Gerri waited at camp in case he came back.

We stayed an extra night there, hoping he was just waiting out the rain somewhere, but he didn't come back and didn't answer our calls the next day either. The rain was knocking the shit out of everything and I could feel a buildup starting in my lungs, so we packed everything up and went home.

That was three days ago. We still haven't heard anything.

This is the general area. Probably about 50 km²

The road across the dam is closed, so it's about 70 km of mostly logging roads to get there now. Usually, you could be there in about 25 minutes going across the dam, but now it's about an hour and a half.

This is a closer view of the immediate area.

Just in case you wanted more details. The water level is way down, so you can walk further up the beach.

It doesn't look good, but we are hoping a logger, construction worker, boater or random person finds him and contacts us. We have put up signs, contacted the dam security, and did the online thing in hopes of locating him.

There are so many things that could have happened and I created an amazing number of scenarios in my head while I was looking for him.

That's what this is all about.

I nominate @rhondak to put up a funny story about Glory and @quochuy to tell a funny story about his worms making a mass exodus from the bin. (That probably never happened because he's the perfect worm owner.)


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Poor Dover. It sounds Blue went through something too. Could they have gone for a swim and gotten caught in a tide? I bet your mind's been working overtime anyway trying to figure out what happened. I hope you find out something one way or another. Not knowing is the worst!

There's no tide on the lake, but there is probably a current. I've never seen either of them voluntarily go swimming though. There are lots of huge rocks along the beach and some big crevices to get caught in, but we walked all through there calling for him and didn't hear him whining at all. He has a distinct, high-pitched whine that carries, so we were hoping to hear him somewhere.

The steady rain didn't help at all though.

Blue is still not himself and oddly has taken on a lot of Dover's traits. Gerri wonders if they didn't swap bodies and Blue ran away with Dover's stout frame.

Ugh lol my dog Hobo knows the stain of shame all too well. I know this is a hard one for you to write, it’s heartfelt and aurhentic. I appreciate that. Wishing you well during these hard times of losing a family member - you will shine in the face of adversity

Thanks, @hobotang. In the coming posts, everything will be explained further. It's weird, the way different people's minds work, but it's what keeps life interesting. It would be pretty boring if everyone was the same.

Is Hobo short and way too curious as well?

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Ah man that really sucks.. poor dog ! I hope he finds his way back home or at least somewhere to a person that will be able to notify they have found your dog. I've had a similar situation with a cat, only one day before moving to the other side of the city. The cat was just a few months used to this house (because I got her only that period) and then she escaped the day before moving. So we were all busy packing and loading, just with the last ride she found her way back home, to dive into the attic and was hard to get her. But was so glad she went with us. But cats have a good sense of finding their way back home I've heard. I keep my fingers crossed for you !

You are good luck. He showed up at the power dam generating station today. It took him 8 days to go 2 kms.

Yay!!! Good to read that.. everything ok with the aventurer?

Seems to be. His pads are cut a bit and he lost some weight, but he's in great spirits and not whining at all. That's a huge change.

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