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I have been working quite a bit of extra/part-time assignments lately. I use the extra money to save up for a specific item or activity that I want to do. I do this so that my splurges do not come out of my household budget. I grew up extremely poor and though we had food and shelter(I'm thankful for that because I know many,many people do not!) there was never much extra for things we wanted. Growing up in these circumstances made me an extremely hard worker and it taught me many great life lessons about budgeting, saving, and making yourself content with what you have, not what you want.

Now that I am an adult, I will save up for these little "project" purchases and I'm always like a little kid at Christmas when I finally meet my targeted goal and buy an item off my list. Recently, my goal was to upgrade my off duty personal weapon. I was having a hard time deciding what make and model gun I was going to go with. My department recently transitioned from Glock 22 .40 cals to Glock 17 9mm. We were given the opportunity to purchase our weapons from the department during the transition and I jumped at the chance. Although the Glock 22 is a great weapon, it is big and bulky and not an ideal concealable off duty weapon. Since my new duty weapon is a 9mm and my wife's personal gun is a 9mm, I knew that I wanted to buy a 9mm. I finally narrowed the choices down to a mid-size Glock 19 9mm, a compact double-stack Glock 26 9mm. or the compact single stack Glock 43 9mm.

After much debate and deliberation, I decided that the Glock 19 was not much smaller than the full size Glock 17. So it came down to choosing between the Glock 26 and the Glock 43. I went back and forth because although the 43 is slimmer, it only carries 6 rounds. Whereas the 26 is a bit wider in the grip, it carries 10 plus 2 with the magazine grip extender. I finally decided upon the Glock 26 and I could not be happier with my final decision. It is a serious weapon that is extremely easy to conceal and to find accessories for. So, I traded my Glock 22 for the brand new Glock 26. I'm headed to the range tomorrow for the 2nd half of rifle and shotgun qualifications and I plan to take the 26 out there for a test run and to qualify it as my backup weapon while on duty.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any self defense weapons? Do you carry a firearm? If so, leave me your preferences on makes, models, and style of carry in the comments!


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I’ve never been a fan of Glocks - always hated how they looked. I loved the look of a Sig but then I actually got to shoot one and it felt horrendous. So now I’m a Smith & Wesson guy 🙂

For me it is all about function over form. I love the simplicity and reliability of Glock. I'm definitely not saying they are the best thing out there, but I think after so many years of carrying one on duty I've developed a familiarity relationship with them. It also helps I'm a Glock armorer so working on them is much easier for me.

I love the M & P series from Smith & Wesson. My wife's 9mm is actually their shield and I love shooting it. I'm also a S & W AR armorer as well. I would have no problems carrying an M & P as a duty or off duty weapon. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Badass man. I'm kinda jealous 😎

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Thanks. I appreciate the support! You got to get that AR built!

Shoot ya I do. Cooled off quite a bit so after I get back from Poland, it'll be on my list of to-dos again😎

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Do you have any self defense weapons?

We can't carry in Australia but I got me a Ragnar Lothbrok-style cache of swords, axes, crossbows... :)

Seriously though, yes, as you know. Have some stuff and know how to use it as everyone should.

I had a Glock once man, wasn't sure if I really liked it. My two CZ's do the job now.

Most people love them or hate them(Glocks) I'm part of the love them crowd.

Don't get me wrong, I'd shoot one for sure and don't hate them. I think my experience with the one I had was a bad one though. Maybe I need to come and shoot yours for a second opinion?

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howdy sir papacrusher! you just can't beat the Glocks and their service record. I would have chosen the 26 also. You have to qualify for it too even though it's a back up weapon?

If i want to carry it as a backup while on duty then I have to shoot a modified qualification course, but the farthest distance is only 15 yards so it is very manageable. I actually qualified with it this past Thursday with a 98%

haha! great job sir. At the Sheriff's department where my wife is a jailer now they were suggesting that she get her carry license so she could escort prisoners to court and do the hospital stays with prisoners and stuff like that, a huge jump in pay for those duties!

Do you know any negatives in regards to getting a carry license?

I can't think of any negatives, plus it saves time when purchasing firearms. It should also open up extra overtime opportunities.

Well yes sir, the opportunities is what she's looking at but I didn't know that it saves time when purchasing guns, how does that work?

Here in GA if you have a valid concealed weapons permit, you skip the background check when purchasing a gun because you had to go through a background check to get the permit.

oh that makes sense, thank you!

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