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howdy sir papacrusher! you just can't beat the Glocks and their service record. I would have chosen the 26 also. You have to qualify for it too even though it's a back up weapon?


If i want to carry it as a backup while on duty then I have to shoot a modified qualification course, but the farthest distance is only 15 yards so it is very manageable. I actually qualified with it this past Thursday with a 98%

haha! great job sir. At the Sheriff's department where my wife is a jailer now they were suggesting that she get her carry license so she could escort prisoners to court and do the hospital stays with prisoners and stuff like that, a huge jump in pay for those duties!

Do you know any negatives in regards to getting a carry license?

I can't think of any negatives, plus it saves time when purchasing firearms. It should also open up extra overtime opportunities.

Well yes sir, the opportunities is what she's looking at but I didn't know that it saves time when purchasing guns, how does that work?

Here in GA if you have a valid concealed weapons permit, you skip the background check when purchasing a gun because you had to go through a background check to get the permit.

oh that makes sense, thank you!

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