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If you are 5 minutes early, you are already 10 minutes late! - Vince Lombardi
This deeply insightful quote from one of the most influential coaches of all time, Vince Lombardi, shows the importance of being on time at any costs. Not only is it a key factor in successful people it is a small way to be respectful to yourself and others and thereby you get to momentarily grasp immortality. Coach Lombardi was acutely in tune with creating successful athletes and winning machines. He has many memorable quotes, but the one referenced above is at the top of my list of favorites.

I would rather have my face stapled to the floor than to be late. It is THAT important to me. On the days I work I have to be there by either 6:45 a.m. or 6:45 p.m., depending on what shift I'm working. Everyone I work with knows that if I am not there by 6:30 then something must be terribly wrong. For me, being on time is the foundation for how successful a day will be. Not only is it a simple way to show others respect, it shows how much you respect yourself.

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Time is the most precious commodity we possess and when we are late meeting with others, we are showing them that their time, their precious commodity, is not important to us. In short, we are showing that they are not important to us and who wants to deal with someone who does not value them? By the same token, someone who cannot be in control of their own schedule to be on time will be seen as someone who cannot control other aspects of the life and thereby be less attractive as a business associate. If you cannot be bothered enough to make sure you are on time and respectful of others, then how can you be trusted to be accountable for others aspects of the professional arena?

I understand that no one is perfect and sometimes the unmanageable occurs, but if running late is normal for you then you may want to re-evaluate your priories. I build enough time into my schedule that even if something unforeseen pops up I can usually still make my appointments.

What are some ways you stay on time? What tips and tricks do you use to keep your schedule running smooth?

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Are you the white American version of me? Don't answer that...You are. :)

Seriously though, being late is not cool.

One thing I do in my professional life is this:

I rarely say an exact time for appointments, not if I am meeting someone outside of my office. Rather than say 1400 I'll say something like...

"I'll see you at 1400 however I'm coming from the other side of the city and may catch some traffic. Let's call it 1400-1415 ok? I expect to be there at 1400, however I may be delayed outside of my control."

They always say yes.

This way I'm actually buying time and the ability to be delayed. I am almost always there exactly on time which builds value, however I have the chance to be a little late without actually being late.

It's a situational thing of course and not a ploy to use on every occasion. It depends on the appointment, the person and various other factors.

Anyway, American me...Have a great day/evening or whatever the hell it is where you are.

That is genius, my friend. I'm not the least bit ashamed to admit that I i will be stealing this situational tactic. Lol American Me. It is early evening here, sir.

I mentioned you on the other writing platform the other day. I was commenting with @steveblucher and realized he was from your curious little country.

With some good dialogue it can actually seem like a benefit to the person/people you're meeting but in actual fact it simply buys you an arrival-window.

I don't know Steve, but he must be a top sort if he's from Aus.

sir papacrusher! Man, I couldn't agree with you more. Being late is so freakin rude and selfish..well unless it was unavoidable but most of the time there are no excuses because you should be leaving early for every appointment.
I know people who are always late, all the time, for everything and I just don't get it.

If you are late meeting me more than once or twice, I stop making plans. It is just a matter of respect to be punctual. Thanks for your support!

great. now I feel bad about being so late with my reply! lol.
well sir I agree totally, it's extremely rude and self-centered to not respect anothers time if one is always late. We're always early for everything!

lol I just paid you back by waiting two days to respond! I am getting sucked in over at WEKU and have been neglecting my Steemit duties a bit!

whaaaatt?? hey is the Alliance over there and is that why you've been over there alot? Does everyone like it there?

It is basically a clone of Steemit. I wandered over there from my Mancave buddies. It feels like there is "something" to it. I imagine it is similar to the feeling people had when first messing around with Steemit. I'm having a blast even though the rewards are not "official" because nothing is trading in the marketplace. It feels as if I have more eyes on my work, but that could be wishful The alliance is over there

sir papacrusher! oh how interesting, well let me know how it goes and I might have to eventually go take a look!

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I am always on time my Dad was never on time and as a young kid stuck waiting around sometimes for hours that did not go well with me. I vowed to never be late. My friends and family know if i am not on time then something has gone wrong.

Same here, if I am not pulling into the parking lot at work 30 minutes early, everyone knows something bad must have happened.


Great posr, @papacrusher. Must have missed it during the HF20 drama. 😎

Being on time has always been an act of respect, to me, in regards to others' time.