5 habits that I apply in my day to day. . . in favor of a better quality of life

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Our life is structured by emotions, feelings, experiences, values, anti-values and habits

That is why in this opportunity I share with you 5 habits that I try to apply in my day to day for a better quality of life

5 habits that will help improve your quality of life


Let's start . . . .

Habit Number

Drink water with lemon every morning fasting

When I was 16 years old, due to a health crisis I had at stomach level, I began to suffer from gastric refluxes, the throat sensation was horrible, I do not wish that discomfort to anyone, I visited several times the gastroenterologist so that I was given a diagnosis but the medications did not affect me. My mother as a good chemist began to treat my condition at the biochemical level and with only two ingredients I managed to overcome this difficult stage at a health level. These ingredients were water and lemon, lemon contains a good amount of vitamin C, in addition it has alkalizing effect in the blood and in the body, it is an excellent natural detoxifier, it contains flavonones, potassium and a very small portion of fiber.

It is excellent for pharyngitis, tonsillitis and colds (I suffered a lot from these conditions). For these and other benefits is that I decided to drink water with lemon on an empty stomach every day, it should also be noted that it is an excellent energizer and reactivates the cells.

Habit Number

Doing physical activity

Being in constant movement activates your body, your cells and your neurons, besides physical activity is an excellent generator of endorphins and serotonins among other hormones, better known as the hormones of happiness. Performing a little physical activity stimulates the nervous system and keeps your brain fully awake. The advantage of doing physical activity, whether a light trot, an exercise based on calisthenics or lifting weights (weightlifting), can improve your circulation in the bloodstream.

I particularly practice Street Workout with the training method based on Calisthenics, this allows me to work a group of muscles with just one movement or exercise through previously planned training routines.

Habit Number

The planning

Establishing an order in priorities and organizing your tasks is sometimes a hard work, much more when you get involved in several activities, which require dedication in part or full time of your time. To be honest, this is one of my habits that I find difficult to follow at face value, since I am involved in various activities and it is very difficult for me to carry out an order and planning at the letter.

Establish an order of importance to each task or activity can help you get that planning you want so much, I must admit that it is not an easy task since there will always be situations that alter that planning is why, I encourage you to try and Just like me, you start to work in planning your time towards the activities that are part of your daily life.

Habit Number

Contact with the nature

Contact with nature is of vital importance, balances your mind, frees you from stress and can help you channel your emotions. One of my favorite hobbies is that, being in contact with nature, breathing fresh air for me is one of the many gifts Mother Earth offers us. There is even research that supports this I am saying, being in contact with nature often becomes therapeutic, making you begin to interrelate with yourself and experience a state of peace and healing and tranquility, both emotionally and spiritually.

If you spend at least one day a week to walk a mountain, walk among trees, listen to the sound of the water of a river or go to the silver and contemplate the beauty of its horizon, I assure you that your way of seeing life will change and you will be a much more grateful and conscious being. So do not wait any longer, it's never too late to start your connection with Mother Nature.

Habit Number

Be Thankful

While it is true that gratitude is a value, I have taken it as a daily habit, I consider that being grateful with the least that life gives you is absolutely healthy, give thanks for what you have or for what you find last Whether it is good or bad, it is undoubtedly an act of psychic maturity. Gratitude exalts soul and spirit, opens doors and attracts people with that same level of frequencies.

I have a habit of giving thanks regardless of how a situation turns out or unfolds, seeing life with this perspective greatly favors the quality of your thoughts and therefore your actions. It is healthy and healthy to have an aptitude for gratitude before life, to develop this personality helps you to confront those situations that may become difficult or dramatic.

I hope that this small list of habits that I try to apply in my day to day can be useful for you, I invite you to make a list of your habits and share it with all of us

Live - Travel - Love - Be free

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Thanks for reading, I'll see you in a next Publication!!!


Aún I still have a lot to tell

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