How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure In Steemit?

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A week ago, I've participated in @legendchew's Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest in which a topic will be given to the Steem community to write something about. I honestly just joined at first because I was running out of topics to write about and actually didn't care about the prizes at stake. Never did I expect that I would actually win that said contest. How cool is that?

And I am once again here participating this week. I am thinking of probably doing this weekly, mainly because it gives me something to write about during the weekends all the while having an equal chance of getting those SBI share prizes which I think would be of good use once the price of Steem goes up. The full details of this weeks contest is found here: Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest & @steembasicincome x [] [Week #14]!

Anyway, the topic for this week and most probably the hardest one yet is:

How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure In Steemit?

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If you ask all redfish and minnows on the Steem Platform about "What Stresses them all out in Steemit?" Most if not all of them would probably answer: "LOW PAYOUT!!!"

When I first stumbled upon the platform and after seeing many low-quality posts on trending with high payouts like a not so funny meme and a selfie both with a $100+ payout, I can't help myself set an expectation on how much I will be earning here. I may not be good at creating funny meme's or even that attractive to get a $100+ payout just from a selfie but in terms of producing decent quality contents, I am sure good at collecting and sharing information that I think many would be interested in.

As expected from a newbie blogger like me who knows no one on this platform and have not invested any real money on Steem, the level of support I got from the community at that time was at no surprise very disappointing. I used to take hours creating one simple post months ago and after payout time, that said post only earned less than $0.5. Lol Pretty stressful isn't it?

Plus back then only a small percent of people are into vote selling, just imagine now how hard and stressful it might be for newbies when the majority of people nowadays are just selling their votes?

Which brings me back to the original question: How did I handle stress and pressure on Steemit?

My Answer: "Set Realistic Expectations and Have Fun!"

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Prevention is always better than cure!

Since the cause of most of my stress on this platform was due to the high expectations on the payout I receive, then it's only logical to get rid of this mentality first before anything else. I know this one is quite hard to do especially since most of us are mainly here for the $$$. But if you are thinking of quitting your job and go full-time Steeming then think again because chances are you'll be having a hard time in this platform if you're not famous or rich to begin with.

Less Expectation = Less Disappointment = Less Stress!

If you look closely at the formula above, you'll notice how I used the word "Less". I am in no way saying do not have any expectations but more like Set Realistic Expectations! Expectations are still important to keep someone motivated and keep things forward.

Right now, I'm no longer expecting a big vote from a Steem Dolphin/Orca/Whale and just try to write things I love and interested in to pass by some free time. I know it's quite hard to believe that one considering the effort I may have put in on my posts, but if you look closely at my blog, 95% of all votes I received on a daily basis are all from the same people due to auto-votes. I could literally just take a picture of anything, post it and I would still get the same payout from posts like this one. Lol Like seriously why I am still writing right? Answer: Because I am honestly Having Fun doing it.

But what if I am already stress out?

This week I have been stressed out due to the @steempress-io vote, I know! I know! I have said above don't expect too much and set only realistic expectations, but for a platform that takes 15% Beneficiary rewards on every post and is most of the time missing my posts, well I can't help feeling stressed about it this week honestly. Lol So back again to the question of How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure In Steemit when you are already stressed?

"Playing Games"

If you know me personally or have chatted enough on Discord, you'll probably notice how most of the time my status on Discord says "Playing with DOTA2". Playing Games for me are a good distraction from Steemit and the real world. Whenever I play games it gives me time to cool off and stop thinking about things that have been bugging me. After a game or two, I start to feel better and is most often in a good mood. So the moment I think back again to what's stressing me like the one I stated above, chances are I'll probably just shrug it all off until I go to bed. Now off to playing DOTA2 I go!!!

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Posted from my blog with SteemPress :

Congrats with the win, I don't really experience any stress when it comes down to steemit since most of what I post has some kind of value to myself aside from the potential post earnings and I kind of enjoy it all similar to playing a video game.

How come you are no longer using esteem. I tested them out myself but noticed posts not always getting the upvote even when only limiting it to posts where most work was put into. I guess it's the same with steempress, the randomness of the upvotes make it all a lot more tricky. (Smaller steady upvotes > bigger random upvotes :) )

Yep I did notice that since last week. I checked eSteem's VP that time and it was only around 60% (used to be 95%+ weeks ago when almost all of my posts are getting voted), I thought the reason I was no longer getting upvotes from them was because it was recovering, so I tried steempress instead this week as I've also heard some great things about it from some people.

Most of them said that steempress focuses mostly on quality contents and gives the appropriate upvote based on quality so I thought this one was more perfect for me. But from the looks of it, I've noticed right now that they are mostly just trailing popular curator groups (curie, ocd, steemstem), and the rest are all pretty random.

Since I am not a member of some community groups which curie (or other curator votes) trail, I think me getting constant steempress votes is not ideal and will just mostly rely on my luck. I did get 2upvotes from them though out of 6posts. So I might continue using it for another week. :)

If the loss is still great (they are taking 15% of the potential payout rewards), I might switch back to Busy again as I've always believed on this too:

Smaller steady upvotes > bigger random upvotes


that is indeed a reason to have some stress. in a way it's you ''pay them for nothing''. Also what's your discord name?

Yep! Although it definitely is worth using if you get a guaranteed vote everytime. I'm not asking much really, just enough to cover the 15% cut would have sufficed for me :)

Discord: jlordc#1029

Well you get my vote. I play Kingdom Come Deliverance to get my mind off

If you can handle @sparrowbernard, then you can handle anything, my friend, uh, Your Dragoncy.

Lol guess I can handle anything then :)

Seems like that. 😀

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