The Crypto Renaissance Poster Design

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What Is The Crypto Renaissance?

The exhibit will be showcasing the creative and community experiences of Sndbox’s first cohort and the power of Steem’s decentralized applications. The show will be interactive, and focused on educating the New York public through professional graphics and step-by-step explanations of the Steem blockchain. The focus of the show will be on @Sndbox projects and how our incubator members have utilized the Steem ecosystem to empower their work. Source

The Crypto Renaissance Mission

The Crypto Renaissance is the first exhibition in New York City that showcases creative and entrepreneurial work made on and through blockchain technology. The world of cryptocurrency now offers emerging tools that empower innovative work and not just fund it or provide for an interesting premise. Over the past several months, the blockchain incubator @sndbox has helped establish many of these new initiatives around the world. The Crypto Renaissance will showcase both the work produced over those months as well as the blockchain-powered tools (Steem DApps) that helped make them real.

The exhibition will be held in the gallery of 100 Bogart, a building complex in Brooklyn that houses dozens of influential blockchain startups. 100 Bogart has been a core part of dubbing this region of Bushwick as “Cryptolandia” alongside neighboring companies like Consensys (of Ethereum). This gallery space is the perfect location for a New York-based Steem launch. Source

Design Detail

This design was made to follow the contest made by @snbox, as for this type of design is a poster to promote the event made by "The Crypto Renaissance". this design is made with simple, elegant and modern which is very suitable for promotion field. for direct use I also attach a poster example in 4 variations of design and editable format.

Design Result

Original File

Google Drive :


I created Logo using CDR X7. And I provide vector files for flexibility and scalability, as well as the .PNG file format to quickly use the design.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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These posters look great! I'm just starting out as a graphic designer, so I'm following you for inspiration :)

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