Announcing The Crypto Renaissance [A Steem-Powered Exhibition in NYC]

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Steem-Powered Exhibition in NYC

Today we’re excited to announce “The Crypto Renaissance,” the first Steem-powered public exhibition in New York! This show will professionally showcase the tools and resources built for creative professionals on the Steem blockchain and specifically how @sndbox members have integrated them into their practice and daily lives. The exhibition will be open to the public for several weeks and serve as a free and public space for New Yorkers and all visitors to learn about the Steem blockchain, the world of crypto, and immediately begin converging their creative work with Steemit ecosystem.

The Crypto Renaissance Details

  • Schedule: July 20 (Opening @ 7:00PM) - August 15, 2018
  • Location: 100 Bogart Street | Brooklyn, 1st Floor Gallery

The Crypto Renaissance Mission | Description

The Crypto Renaissance is the first exhibition in New York City that showcases creative and entrepreneurial work made on and through blockchain technology. The world of cryptocurrency now offers emerging tools that empower innovative work and not just fund it or provide for an interesting premise. Over the past several months, the blockchain incubator @sndbox has helped establish many of these new initiatives around the world. The Crypto Renaissance will showcase both the work produced over those months as well as the blockchain-powered tools (Steem DApps) that helped make them real.

The exhibition will be held in the gallery of 100 Bogart, a building complex in Brooklyn that houses dozens of influential blockchain startups. 100 Bogart has been a core part of dubbing this region of Bushwick as “Cryptolandia” alongside neighboring companies like Consensys (of Ethereum). This gallery space is the perfect location for a New York-based Steem launch.

Here is the floor plan for the exhibition:

Exhibition NYC-01.png

The exhibition will feature large scale boards that document community projects that have taken place within the Sndbox incubator as well as an introduction to the Steem ecosystem, and showcases of the many apps active across the blockchain. iPad's will be placed strategically throughout the exhibit for visitors to browse, post, upvote and comment in real-time. (More on the @exhibition account, below.)

Exhibition NYC-03.png

Exhibition NYC-05.png

How Can I Support this Exhibition?

@sndbox has invested $5,000 USD for the rental of this space. Our team will be fundraising over the next month seeking to raise 10,000 SBD to pay for the expenses of the gallery rent, insurance, exhibit materials, Steem account creation and workshop programming. Any SBD donations to @sndbox will go directly to the benefit of the exhibition.

In order to fundraise for the Exhibition, we have a "DONOR WALL" where Steemians can donate SBD in exchange for a customized portrait of your profile picture and your Steem Username. This IRL WALL will become a collage of faces and contributors and will be installed in the very front of the gallery.

Donate SBD become part of the Donor Wall!

AmountSend SBD to the @sndbox account w / memo: "EXHIBITION"
200 SBDCustom portrait / username illustration = 12" x 12" (square)
75 SBDCustom portrait / username illustration = 6" x 6" (square)
10 SBDIllustrated Steem username = 3" x 6" (rectangle)

Your profile image will be created digitally by the professional illustration team behind the @creativecrypto magazine. Each contributor will also receive a high-resolution image in exchange for their support.

Exhibition NYC-04.png

An Interactive Steem Exhibit for the Public (Newbie Friendly)

For the purposes of capturing the ongoing progress, workshops and upcoming activities concerning the exhibit, we’ve created the @exhibition account that will be used as an experimental forum for this event (then passed on to another event). You can read about the rotating account’s purpose here and we highly encourage any Steemian with ambitions of doing Steem-powered events to check it out. After the @sndbox exhibition, the account will be available for others to utilize and apply to use for their own projects. You can find a concise explanation and mission on the @exhibition account.

Creating New Accounts for Visitors

@exhibition will be used to create new accounts for visitors (we will have a dedicated iPad station providing the option to create an account). This @exhibition account will also be used as a kind of "Guest Book" for visitors to publish thoughts and ideas directly into the Steem blockchain.

Looking Ahead

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting more on the specifics of the exhibition and you can support and contribute this major effort to establish Steem as one of the most robust technologies in one of the most crypto-focused global cities. These posts will include -

  • Exhibition Curation and Layout. The Crypto Renaissance will have a range of content and interactable booths that showcase the emerging tools of the Steem blockchain.

  • Donor and Sponsorship Program. We’ll have rewards and dedicated representations for those who either donate directly to the project or delegate temporarily to the @exhibition account. A part of the exhibition will be dedicated to those that contribute and we’ll have a full program of custom swag reward supporters.

  • Public Workshop and Event Schedule. The exhibition will be stacked with public events meant to showcase the creative energies of the @sndbox and Steemit community for the general public.

  • Developing the @exhbition Account. We’ll be experimenting with ways we and potentially others will use the new account to host a series of public and promotional activities for Steem.

  • Outreach and Post-Production. The exhibition won’t just be limited to the duration it’s up on the walls. We’ll also be developing exclusive online, video, and physical content in the following months.


Learn more about the @sndbox incubator:

Help us spread the word!

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This is AWESOME! @opheliafu and I are so thrilled to be a part of it! The amazing @sndbox team takes it to the next level yet again!!

Thanks @dougkarr and @opheliafu!! We're very excited to have the Dwelling squad as part of this exhibition!

This is amazing guys! I wish I could be there. I just made a 75 SBD donation. Thanks for all you do, @sndbox!

Wow, thank you so much @ericvancewalton!! Your support will go a long way :D

You’re very welcome!

Just donated for a large portrait. STEEMIANS LET'S DO THIS. See y'all in NYC.

PS use this humble headshot -

Looking great, haha! ;)

Thanks for sharing and congratulations. Will be traveling to New York in July and will stop by and see you guys.

My heart bleeds for this project!
A living feed on the walls of a real world location? Amazing concept and I wish it all the success in the world. Bridging the gap, consider website apps like and virtual market spaces like the kind SecondLife possess and some next-gen VR+AR concepts like this one that would surely progress public immersion into this emerging realm.

The future is here.

Thank you @sndbox for sharing this wonderful news!

Thanks @craigahamilton! Exciting thing is, we're also in talks with @dadanyc to have them host a presentation and workshop during the exhibition =)

You guys never cease to amaze me! Congratulations and good luck, @sndbox!

Thanks for the support @olaivart!

Not to be Missed !!

Great idea and wonderful location. I just got started with Steemit, but I will try to stop by the exhibit at some point before it ends. I wish you great success.

Definitely! We would love for you to come join us during that month.

Definitely! We
Would love for you to come join
Us during that month.

                 - sndbox

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This is another fine initiative from @sndbox. I do not live in New York, thought I was cheated out,but thanks I already saw how i could participate. Resteemed

Wow how cool is this!!!

Get your STEEM ON! This show is going to be an exciting opportunity to showcase Steem Apps and an action packed sampling of the incredible projects that use them.

Sent 200 SBD to @sndbox for my 12" x 12" custom portrait! ;)

Looking forward to having my mug drawn by these incredible artists and on display in the exhibition.

I just can say that the opening of the exhibition is a wonderful thought! I will be happy to observe the process. It is a pity that I am not in New York and can not attend the event.

I wish you good luck in your great endeavor!

This is a great project for those in New York, i wish i was there. Resteeming

Thanks @oghie!

Hi @sndbox. I came to thank you for your recent upvote for my post. This means so much to me.

I notice you have a curation tail. I wrote this post a few weeks ago to help people do better with them in light of the way that steemit curation rewards work. I hope you will take a look at this post and make the change suggested.

I had some "people who know what they are doing" look at it and they agreed it will help you, the people you vote for, and especially the minnows who follow your trail.
One Tip to Improve Your Curation Trail

Thank you again for your upvote. You give me hope at a difficult time.

sndbox This is the much infamous idea that everyone always dreams of. great job guys

Wow, this is wonderful, I really never stop impressing @sndbox, I love their work and passion with what they do, congratulations and thanks for posting, many successes!

Hi @sndbox

How are you ?

Your project is very nice .
My heart blessed for your project .

Thanks for sharing @sndbox

Upvote you .

I love that idea and congrats for the initiative.... I would have love to attend it but its not within my reach for now.... Thanks for sharing the ideas with us..

Well these kind of news are very appreciative but on the other hand a great wish arouses in my heart that may someday this happen in my country too. There have been many great initiatives which are making crypto strong. Like yesterday I saw a news that there is a coin capital bitcoin shop Puerto Banus. They have BTC ATMs too.

Welcome to the world of @Creativecrypto and @sndbox, I wish I could join this event :( but That's not possible right now :( I'm live in Pakistan and It's not easy for me to come here and join this event, but My prayers are with you, Your event will be a success. People will learn about Crypto, steem and the mission of @creativecrypto and @sndbox :) Best of luck

Thats a very good news for Steemians. Hope this initiative will help steemit to grow more to be more strong like never before... And thanks alot for sharing this. This gave me much inspiration for steem work. Thank you alot

Best wishes for this project may you get more audience on this project.

All the very best and hope everything goes accordingly and most importantly it sure will be a great step which will allow people to get to know more about Steem.

A great effort .

This is very exciting! All the best to you and all involved!

Thanks for sharing......................

This is fantastic. We hope can participate!

My Entry for Contests The Crypto Renaissance Design Competition .