@Art-Venture Artist Showcase: @marcocosta. The Steem payout of post will go to Artists

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Hello dear Stemeians,


We have started last weekend the showcase of Artists who in our opinion have received the deserved attention and with our @Art-venture project we would like to draw your attention to those people once again and to present them.


The Steem payout of showcase post will go the Artist.


Last week was the first issue but we noticed that despite of making a post about @kevmcc he still has not had any attention. Therefore we are going to change out tactic and made a decision if we do a post about someone them Steem of payout of our post will go to that Artist.


Who we will choose for showcase?


Many of those people we follow from their early steps in Steem and see their active almost daily contribution. They are real artists with their own web sites where they present their works and share them in our blockchain too.

We want to reward them for:

  • Original quality content
  • active posting despite of some days when they have not received deserved support
  • Still being there on Steem that means they believe in Steem and its future (although better to say: having hope for better future of Steem)

Visual Artist speak the language of ART!


Many of our community trials saying that they upvote only English speaking.

But Hey... The people here are visual Artists and we speak through our works. What if Leonardo da Vinci would be posting his brilliant works in Italian would then the curation trials ignore him because he is not speaking English?



Marco Costa @marcocosta.



Marco is an exceptional Artist from Lima, Peru with his own style and love to the heritage of his country and culture, Andean themes from the world of divinities and iconographies of the ancient peoples of Peru. His web site will give you an idea of his background and development.



His pencil technique is amazing! We can see the variety of animal drawings birds with their feather and dogs, leopards with their fur.


Dibujo de Halcón Gerifalte



Dibujo de Ave en Vuelo



He also has human portraits and sometimes combines the human face and pre-Columbian sculptural element of the culture of Peru.


Duodécimo Rostro CombinaDos



One of my favourite the Oil painting of Last Supper of Jesus, he presented last year in steps you can see how the painting is developing. Seeing the payout of the post which is $0,77 is very bitter.


Painting the Last Supper of Jesus



Another beautiful work is Jon Snow from the acclaimed Game of Thrones, everything in this posts deserves more: the author talks about the topic, the character that he created, why he has done it and the drawing is superb, the payout of $0,27 is a shame for our Steem community.


Dibujo de Jon Snow


If you also became a fan of Marco please show him your support and upvote of leave a comment.


Dibujando Niña Andina



Dibujo de Pegaso Negro







All Steem payout from this Post will go to @marcocosta!


As always, fathfully yours,

@stef1 and @myskye




They are all incredible, he really is an exceptional artist. 0.77 payout for the Jesus Supper...woah that is bitter! Thanks for sharing, I will start to follow and upvote him right away 👍

Thank you @pegarissimo for your feedback for for reading the post, that is only the way we can spread the word and give a chance for those Artists to shine once again with the hope that someone will find them and support :)

Very grateful for this noble gesture @art-Venture for supporting my art and the art of the artists who do not find fair support, I am grateful for the constant support that they provide to my art that I show on this platform. Great blessings!

You are very welcome and we are always happy to share your works, thank you for your nice words!

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