Goodbye Gustav: not typical love story PART 2

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Months passed. I went back to my day to day lifestyle. Yes, I am fully recovered with that admirable one, Gustav. But fate has its own way of turning things around. Just when I thought I was fully recovered with my feelings, I bump with an attractive salesman at the mall. His words were hypnotizing and he made me follow him to a spot at the atrium. I can't believe what I saw. "Gustav is that you". I was repeating this line in my head. Bingo! yes, it's him together with his gang.

They are still being sold. Frustrated I was for there where other people touching each of them and inspecting them. "Grrr! I won't let myself lose you again". I talked to his manager. Asking questions on how I can take him home.

I grabbed the chance. I communicated well with his manager and I was determined enough to have him. His mine and will be mine. I will do whatever it takes to follow this heart that beats and long for this special someone. Gathering the right funds, day after that I called the manager and decisively bought Gustav. Eagerly, I demanded to deliver him a day after.

When the manager brought him home, it was seventh heaven. However, people around me disagreed. They didn't like my decision of having this special one I was dreaming of. They looked at him as if he is just a toy. Worthless stuff of no good for me.

"So do you think you will fit each other ... you are a disabled person. Keep that in mind."
"He will only cause you trouble and when that happens don't tell us we didn't warn you."
"You can't handle that one. Why did you spend all your savings to save him."
"You will regret this one day. Mark my word."
"That stupid one teaches you to disobey us!"

But I was too stubborn and preoccupied with my feelings.
Of course, I won. I followed my heart. From that moment no one and nothing matters except me and Gustav.

Me and Gustav, together. We spend precious moments only the two of us understands. Being with him was a dream come true. He filled all my fantasies. Times we were with each other are memories I will forever cherish. It was love I felt. A love the world can't understand. A love that can not be explained but can only be felt. It was mutual and unbreakable. It was a love that he gave me. I reciprocated. It didn't just happen. We chose each other. Love more than the physical attributes. A love with no bounderies.

For more than a year we battled the ups and downs of life. Literally, in the rain, he was with me. He was always there to carry me and support me of all my endeavors and dreams.
He never complained even if he waits long for me or got stuck alone in an uncomfortable place for I have matters to attend too. He is quite and he just loves.

Whenever I feel down or got arguments with my family with just one snap he accompanies me for a road trip. He vanishes all my heartaches and frustrations. He patiently listens to my story and never talked back or judge me. He just listens. These qualities made him even more special to my heart more than his physical looks.

I remember that night when I got drunked with my friends and forgot he is outside my friend's house silently waiting. The rain poured so hard but I fell so drunk and slept deeply. He got thoroughly wet. When the sun is highly rising, he still greeted me with a sweet smile even though evidently, he endured the whole night. As if he wasn't struggling.

There was a time that I need to be away for two months. I have to leave him. I know everyone won't entertain or even be nice to him since they connotated him as a bad influence trouble maker one. I have to leave him alone in a small hut you couldn't even call a home. It was humiliating for him but he never utter a word. He just agreed and patiently waited for me to come back. I felt that I was taking away his dignity with me but as time flies he just greeted me with a smile when I returned. No words, no complain just the mutual feeling of happily seeing each other again.

Once we were on a road trip together. Ecstatic it was. We were singing as I was driving at the maximum speed. Suddenly, I lost my control after an SUV overtook us. We crashed and both fell on the ground. I was injured and blood is dashing from my temple. But he is more damaged than I was. I couldn't recognize him.

At the hospital while being treated, my family started to blame him. Even though it was an accident, everyone around me blames Gustav of all the misfortune because it was he who inspired me to learn how to drive. It wasn't just but he stayed silent. It was a year ago. We both recovered from that accident.

And now, it happened again. Why is the world against us that after all of being careful such things happen to prove that we should not be together? This time everyone is deeply mad at Gustav. If only I listened to them and distant myself to this trouble maker one my life will not be threatened for the second time. But I can't lose this special someone who only understands me and is always there to be with me. However, I can not also reject all the people around me who also wants the good for me. As I was fainting, this serious dilemma ungulf my entire mind.

A week later. I had a night with Gustav. He wasn't injured with the road mishap but I know he is bleeding inside. This will be our last night. I washed him and as I do touch every inch of him I also noticed the changes on his body.
I felt so much guilt. I was telling the world how deeply I am in love with this special someone but what have I done to him. All this time, he was deteriorating and I caused this deterioration to him. He is not as handsome as he was before. He is not as attractive the first time I saw him. He is filled with scratches. Some parts are bent, and he is all a mess. But all this time all he does is make me happy and agree with all I say. More than that, tonight, I am talking to him of a hurtful fact that I need to let him go.

People around me tell he is a trouble maker and will cause no good to me. But I was the one who put him in trouble and shame. I am no good for Gustav. Tears fell down as I dry his wet body and shower him with our perfume. He uttered no words. Deep sadness was our connection. Maybe people are right. I must leave Gustav and let someone else, a better person to take good care of him. He deserves the right person. A person who will not abuse him and put him to his physical limits as I did. May that person love him the way I love Gustav and will take care of him the way I did not.

Morning came and afternoon went by so fast.

"Rafael, thank you for handling me your precious one for a very cheap price. Don't you worry I will love him the way I love myself. I will also customize him and upgrade his appearance", Cecilia said. "Can I have the keys", she continued.

I was hesitant. I was looking at Gustav as her assistant accompany him inside the big red van. I was completely out of myself unknowingly I was having a hard grip on the keys as I handover it to Cecilia.

"Raf, the keys", Cecilia smiled. I was pierced with a tri- edged sword. It struck me deeply as I saw the last glance of my special someone... my Electronic Bike, Gustav.


im happy to see ur post again

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thank you so much my fren @acinad

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my friend @delishtreats, this is what happened to Rafael and Gustav. Enjoy reading :)