Promoting STEEMIT to my Facebook Friends

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I used to spend most of my time scrolling thru my Facebook Newsfeed before. I didn't take seriously when I first landed into this platform last year. Until this last few weeks I suddenly have a change of mind and finally decided to be an active steemian. I admit that I regret not paying attention in this platform.

Convincing other people to join this platform is really a big challenge for me. But I was really determined to do so. So let's bring it on!!!

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After deciding to sail and explore steemit once again, I came to know @steemph, a non-profitable organization which aims to build communities and enrich lives through Steem and Steemit here in the Philippines. (thank you for this mam @dandalion). I believe in their advocacy, their missions and visions, as well as how they assist every Filipinos and even non Filipinos to their journey in the platform is truly admirable. The people behind this team are very accommodating and will surely help you to the best way they can. And there's no wonder why the family is getting bigger as days goes by.

I've started promoting steemit to my workmates who loves to travel. The two of them signed up and one of them has finally got an approval last week, Hi @ejeeywander! While my other workmate is still waiting for the approval.

Oftentimes I scroll thru my facebook account and whenever I see posts that I think is worth sharing in steemit, like travels, and those people that I've known that has the potential to earn with their talents and skills, that can contribute under arts, technology, charity and etc., I no longer hesitated, I am sending them a message in an instant asking them if they wanna join the platform.

When I am giving them the background I always use Ms.@monkeypattycake's video as reference. It is very helpful. Thank you for this mam!

Some of the people I've talked to so far are now waiting for their approval. While some are still thinking if they will believe me or not. I even persuading them to come with me on the first Cavite Steemit Meet Up Plan an event that will be held on Kawit Cavite for Caviteños as stated on Sir @watersnake101's post - Meet Up Caravan Full Steem Ahead - Cavite.

It is true that we cannot please everybody. Sometimes, I am loosing hope as I think that I am lacking of some convincing powers. Glad that I have ms.@dandalion and Tita @immarojas who are very supportive to me all the way. They are both cheering me and motivates me that help me boosts my eagerness to promote steemit.


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You are doing a great job, Anna! Keep on sharing!


Thank you so much :) We're all in this together! :)

Hi mam me too i've also shared steemit to my other friends on fb and they thought it was a networking ! 😂😂😂 but im not loosing hope maybe one day i will be able to convince more as of now i've already convinced 2 people. Followed and resteem your post


I've encountered that once. I remember I asked someone if he is interested to join, he replied "If it is networking, I don't want to" , even if I haven't finished my sentence. HAHAHA

Thank you very much! Let's keep on sharing this platform! As ms.@dandalion always told me, don't loose hope, even if they didn't join, at least you've shared them this platform. Time will come that they will be the one to ask you about it rather than you persuading them to join."

Let us be patient :) And continue to support and promote what we believe in :)

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Continue with the good work.
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Thank you very much :) I believe in this platform :)