Goodbye Gustav: not typical love story PART 1

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"Dump off that piece of junk or else we will disown you"

These were the words of my brother as he assists me in the emergency room. I was fainting but I can still see his angry yet worried face as he continually nags me about that piece of junk, Gustav. Blood was shedding in different body parts of mine. My brother is right. In fact, not just him. My entire family is right about Gustav. He will just lead me to more trouble. But I can't help being with him. I love him.

Love at First Sight

More than a year ago, I met the love of my life. As I walk across the mall with my friends, I saw him at a corner together with his gang. He doesn't say a word but I felt electrified by his appearance. So manly he is. With his black theme and sophisticated looks, one can't resist his charm. It was a swift first encounter. I can help but turn my head and take a few glimpses of him from afar, wishing we may meet again.

I will never forget the night after that experience. The feeling is drowning. I am catching my breath as I detail his cuteness in my mind. I was giggling in the middle of the night and told my self to pass by at the mall again to see him.

So I did. Memories linger my mind about that two short weeks when I felt so inspired in my crafts as I see him in the same spot each day. Standing still, elegant yet classic in a way, Gustav will melt your heart out. I question my feelings because I should not be feeling this way. He doesn't even know me. Aside from that, a lot of people approaches him each day. They do touch him! he doesn't seem to be bothered. They talk to him and seriously inspect his entirety. I can hear them bargaining with Gustav's manager. But he is the most expensive in his gang. All of them failed to buy him.

Prayers do work on those times. It was in these moments that I do pray intensely. Hopefully, by tomorrow, Gustav will still be there and I will be the one who will be able to buy him and take him home with me so we will be together. But, during those moments I have no other choice but to look to him from a distance.

"Hey, Rafael wake up. he is not yours and will never be yours", my conscience whispers these words in my head. I want him, however, I'm scared. What if he doesn't like me? How can I buy him and save from where he is now? Will he be still there tomorrow? Agonizing myself with these thoughts pushes me to hopelessness. Maybe, this is how a forbidden love feels.

Love failed

As a daily routine, I went to that same spot again. I was startled. He is gone. His manager and the rest of his gang was nowhere to find. Searching all over the mall led me to despair. There was no sign of them.

"Ate, nakita nyo po yung mga pumupwesto dito? Saan na po sila?" I quipped to the vendor.
"Ah sila ba?! Lumipat na sila ng pwesto. Ganun naman yun. Hindi naman titigil yung agent nila hanggat hindi sila nabebenta lahat!", the vendor replied.

My knees weaken as I hear those words. What is happening to me? Why am I so affected by his absence? Why this heart-piercing feeling ... why do I feel this?

"Lagi kitang nakikita. Type mo yung isa sa kanila ano?... yung nakaitim. Hahahaha.", the vendor's intriguing question.
Shocked I was. But all I can respond was a forced smile.

Where is Gustav? Will we meet again???


Do you realize that your text is not all translated? :) I'm not sure if this was the intention so maybe you can check it?

We often fall in love with people who are not meant to be with us, who hurt us and we suffer because of them. But this is love. It doesn't look at what is good for us, it just is and we feel those strong chemical reactions all over our bodies :)

I wonder what happened to Rafael as he is in the hospital and hope to read about it in the next part :)

Have a great weekend!

thank you so much for reading @delishtreats. You encourage me to make an end part for this story :).

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