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Time for some new steempearls! :) The steempearls are a report about the last 5 topics, that I liked the most and I want to sum up for you. Please have a visit on these accounts and enjoy the content like I did. All Thanks goes to these fabulous writers out there. ღ

The first steempearl / PSYCHOLOGY

goes to @jaynie for Sharing Happiness
A true gem here. The title doesn't even express the wisdom in this post. I believe it is essential to have the right mindest in life, that it is the reason what we became. I will implement the instructions of Sarah Ban Breathnach at the end and try that one out. Thank you for sharing it. The story with the wolves I have heard ages ago, and I loved it. It is so true! Thank you for remembering me!
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The second steempearl / BLOGGING

goes to @robertandrew for Who do I follow on Steem and why
I love this challenge! I ound out that @theycallmedan was the origin of this challenge, but the first posting I saw was yours, so I mention it in my steempearls. It's always great to find and highlight the passionate bloggers on steemit! I know, it's already three days old and there are several more of these, but I had work in my RL. Y'all are familiar with it, right?
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The third steempearl / STEEMIT

goes to @tarazkp for Regrets of the returned and cost averaging experience
I am one of these returning users. When Bitcoin and Ethereum reached their peaks in early '18, I sold slowly and was completely out of crypto until now. I recently saw several buysignals in crypto and now I am starting to accumulate more. I don't regret having cashed it out, tried to make money otherwise, made some mistakes and lost some of the money I made during 2017.
I don't regret anything, as all of this was the right decision on time, even when in hindsight some weren't. I couldn't agree more on your posting, that life is sometimes how we deal with the outcomes, how we spend our time and how we work onto our goals. It's a lifesetting that can be applied to all parts of our life. I love how you have nailed it down! Thank you for it.
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The fourth steempearl / AUTHOR

goes to @cheah for Changing the game
A post about promoting your own novels. As a reader myself I like the possibility for indie autors to release books on their own. The problem is always the money for advertising. Cheah has collected some good ideas how you can promote your own book! Great find!
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The fifth steempearl / ART

goes to @hiddenblade for House on fire or painting study
Just wow! You did an amazing artwork and by sharing the steps until the final picture everyone can learn the skill. As I mentioned some times before I strongly believe, that arty skills are coming from techniques and training mainly. The smallest part of it is talent. So I appreciate the sharing of the techniques showing the progress onto a final artwork.
Thank you!
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If you enjoyed the steempearls, feel free to make your own steempearls article and post it under the hasthag #steempearls ;) Have a great day and steem on ♠

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This is amazing, thank you so much for what you do!

Thank you very much for the shout out! Much appreciated xxx

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