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Time for some new steempearls! :) The steempearls are a report about the last 5 topics, that I liked the most and I want to sum up for you. Please have a visit on these accounts and enjoy the content like I did. All Thanks goes to these fabulous writers out there. ღ

The first steempearl / ART

goes to @chessmonster for his excellent paintings like the Oak Creek.
The blog of @chessmonster is full of very, very beautiful and brilliant artworks! Just check it out - you will be astonished! Thank you for sharing all your amazings artworks with us.

The second steempearl / NATURE

goes to @doitvoluntarly for Common Pesticides Pose A Great Threat To Bee Populations Says New Study.
Another proof, that the pesticides are killing the bees. How many more do we need?!?! Thank you @doitvoluntarily to remember people about it.
Humans need to save the bees! It is essential. I can only tell bee-friendly people:

  • Plant bee-friendly domestic plants in your garden/balcony, not only lawn and the billionst thujahedge (!) (and then the same ppl with lawn and thujahedges are placing an insecthotel in the garden and wonder why no insects are coming *facepalm)
  • Don't use pesticide in your gardens
  • Buy organic food. It is not only better for your own health, it is grown by less pesti-/herbi-/fungicides that poisions the environment and the groundwater and yes - the bees!
    I think there are more things that everyone can do - these are just my three measures.

The third steempearl / MUSIC

goes to @soundreasoning for The Holy Grail of Music Theory: The Circle of Fifths (FAST MUSIC THEORY).
Of course I love music. Although I didn't play an instrument for a long time of my life, music was always accompagning me: I use to sing a lot since childhood. Since I started to play piano, I noticed, that practicing singing all the years helps me a lot now :)
For all musicians out there @soundreasoning is bringing us some theory!! I just love it, because I "know" what fits together, but I don't know why :) And finding explanations here on steemit just made me very happy. Thank you and keep up your great work!!

The fourth steempearl / STEEMIT

goes to @ilyastarar for 9 Steps Checklist for Creating Successful & Engaging Steemit Posts.
Thank you for this checklist for successful and catchy blogpostings. We can always improve our stories a little bit, f.e. with more structure and pep it up with media for the readers. Thank you for your input!

The fifth steempearl / SCIENCE

goes to @meisi51 Good news: Being Forgetful Means Your Brain Is Functioning Properly.
Oh, OK! I am very glad to read that! Now as you write it in your article, it all makes sense. Otherwise we would have a lot of unnecessary informations in our heads and I think it is essential to different all our inputs. Nice article, nice informations, nice account :) Thank you @meisi51 for your work!

If you enjoyed the steempearls, feel free to make your own steempearls article and post it under the hasthag #steempearls ;) Have a great day and steem on ♠

If you want to see all the steempearls ever written by anybody, just follow the account @steempearls .

These amazing dividers are coming from @scrooger There are several more - Check it out at Text Dividers for your posts. Easy to use! Just COPY and PASTE


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Oh Thank you so much @dropahead
I'll check it out!

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Damn it I have missed so many @steempearls I have a lot of catching up to do, sorry I haven't stopped by in a while, have been a bit selfish.

No problem @markwhittam . I noticed that when we follow a lot of blogs, we are missing a lot of good posts. That is why I kicked out about 150 accounts out of my feed last week. Now is better, but actually I still miss a lot of my favourite ones and need to visit them manually. And nontheless, some will be forgotten. It is just human and happens to all of us. :D
Thank you for the stop-by :)

That's a great idea, I need to go through my list and get rid of the ones who I have no interest in :)
Thanks @tabea

Thanks so much for including my blog!

Thank you for your amazing artworks @chessmonster

You're welcome and thank you for your kind words. @tabea

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Thank you so much @tabea for this!

I am humbled to be here andso happy to know about #steempearls initiative. I will cover it in some way to let people know about it. I sure am following you and hoping to read more from you.

I loved the you summarize blog posts you mention.

Thank you @ilyastarar
I think good content needs a bigger spread, that's the intention behind the @steempearls initiative :)

I followed you and @steempearls for doing a great job. I'll mention it in some post for others to know.

Thank you so much for your support @ilyastarar
I appreciate it! ♠

@tabea - thanks for being mentioned in your #steempearls blog. This is a really cool idea for a blog to summarize other articles you enjoyed and giving the people credit for it.

I am very pleased that you liked my article.

I am following your blog from now on :)

Best regards,

Thank you for creating nice science articles ! :)

You are most welcome :)

Thanks for putting this together and sharing it! This is a very cool idea... and I enjoy it also because it's a nice "reading list."

I'm humbled. Thank you so much for the mention!

Thank you @soundreasoning for explaining musictheory on steemit :)

thanks you,help me please