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Time for some new steempearls! :) The steempearls are a report about the last 5 topics, that I liked the most and I want to sum up for you. Please have a visit on these accounts and enjoy the content like I did. All Thanks goes to these fabulous writers out there. ღ

The first steempearl / TRAVEL

goes to @mahaelsayed for her absolute amazing account. This topic caught my action:
Tibet.. tourist destination timeless
@mahaelsayed has so many many excellent content on her blog. For travelmates a mustsee and mustfollow for sure! She has done topics about so many places in the world already. Just awesome! Thank you for your constant work @mahaelsayed .

The second steempearl / STEEMIT

goes to @aggroed for his super project minnowsupport. Here is another
300th Witness Vote Update- Watching minnows grow up quick from their time in "the pond" aka the Minnow Support Project Discord Channel PALnet.
I can just recommend joining this project, that all of the small accounts can stay together, support each other and makes us stronger. And that is exactly what @aggroed and his friends are doing. They created an awesome initiative just for us small fishes in here. Thank you so much for your daily effort @aggroed and all the supporters like @minnowsupport, @someguy123 , @sandstorm , @teamsteem , @danielsaori , @sammo , @thecryptodrive , @ausbitbank and sooo many more (disclaimer: this sumup is for sure incomplete) .

The third steempearl / STATISTICS

goes to @stephenkendal for his STEEMIT: With the Average Number of Registered Accounts for June increasing to 2,123 I am pleased to confirm I have lifted the Year End Target now to 625,000..!!.
Thank you @stephenkendal for your excellent statistics. I am kind of addicted to statistics anyway - and seeing the success of steemit in the last months makes statistics even more amazing! And you guys are making them visible for us! Thank you for your effort! :)

The fourth steempearl / PHOTOGRAPHY

goes to @sardrt for Architecture in Black and White. Paris, Valencia, Lyone, Florence , Sevilla, Rome ,Amsterdam, Cagliari. (Photos by [email protected])
I just love to see the pictures of this artist. She is making me just happy, whenever I see a posting from her! Thank you @sardrt for sharing your brilliant work with us! I love it.

The fourth steempearl / TRAVEL

goes to @mywanderlust for his The Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic
This is another account full of amazing stories about travelling. I like to watch all the pictures, read the stories behind.

If you enjoyed the steempearls, feel free to make your own steempearls article and post it under the hasthag #steempearls ;) Have a great day and steem on ♠

If you want to see all the steempearls ever written by anybody, just follow the account @steempearls .


Nice, you value and mentioned the posts of your followers. I have just followed and upvoted you. Nice idea @tabea :)

Thank you very much @pinagpala

We have a lot of pearls in steemit. This is just the top of the aisberg!

Hey @hebro
Just make your own #steempearls article, if you found good contentcreators, who you like to honor! :) I would like to see and follow other good bloggers - that I didnt found yet ★

It seems to me a good idea, but I will not face the copyright of your ideas, which I appreciate!
Best wishes!

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Great blog! Thanks for featuring me :))

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Very interesting accounts!
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