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Time for the new steempearls! :) The steempearls are a report about the recent 5 topics, that I liked the most and I want to sum up for you. Please have a visit on them and enjoy the content like I did. Thanks to all these famous writers out there. ღ

The first Steempearl / PHOTOGRAPHY

goes to the wonderful @foxkoit for his absolutely amazing black and white photography .
I just love it. And I decided to make some research about that too. In all the years I photograph, I have always appreciated B&W photographs, but I never researched them seriously. Foxkoit is remembering me to do that. Please visit his grandious works on his blog. He photographs citylife, textures, cars and much more! Check it out!

The second steempearl / FOOD

goes to @atkins for the 10 delicious meals you can make in only 30 minutes.
As mums, we like to have some short-time menues in our recipebox. So these 10 are really welcome in my own kitchen. Healthy, fresh and fast. What do you need more?

The third steempearl / STEEMIT

goes to @elyaque for his daily steem reports . Elyaque has a lot of work here every day. And I just love to see statistics, so I was hooked immediately by elyaque's daily statistic. If you are a lover of steemit and likes statistics, check out his account.

The fourth steempearl / PIANO-LOVE

goes to @yuhjtman for his another priginal piano piece
For all the pianolovers out there: This piece is so melancolic and feelful. I love it. Followed your YT-Account too @yuhijtman and am listening now to another beautiful guitar composition while writing this post. Amazing discovery here on steemit :)

The fifth steempearl / GARDENING

goes to @survivalist for his
3 Gardening hacks to get your garden growing faster and leave your neighbors green with envy
These are the ultimative tips for your garden. If you want your plants grow, give them food, give them water and a lot of light. In the topic here you find a lot of useful information how you can cultivate your garden in an efficient way.

If you enjoyed the steempearls, feel free to make your own steempearl article and post it under the hasthag #steempearls ;) Have a great day and steem on♔


Creative idea, and a great name. Thanks for sharing the views with others on the site. Have done individual Schteinn Reports on a few people, but never in groups. Keep up the good works.

Thank you @ddschteinn
I'll check your reports out too :)

A good candidate for your next steempearls, a new steemian who has been down, and very nearly out, but bounced back and Is proof that you should never give up,

Let's show him some support and spread his story, so it can help others in the deep end.

Thank you my friend

Thank you for suggestion me that. I am deeply impressed and this will be a mindful day again. Thank you ღ @markwhittam

Thank you @blackwidow7
You are very kind. <3

I love your posts blackwidow7 I just came across them and now following for more future pearls from you. Awesome.

Thank you very much @sunscape

Thank you, @blackwidow7 ! I like your multinterest approach!

Thank you @yuhjtman

This is a really great idea, I love posts that are about spreading quality content for new and underrated users!
I'm looking through all of your Steempearl posts now.

Thank you @whatamidoing
Feel free to create your own Steempearls :)

Thank you!! you make my day more happy :) Thank you!! and all others who come here, I hope that they will go well too :)

Thank you @foxkoit for your great photographs ღ

Thank you!! you too :)

Great post, great series concept and great name!
The Daily Steem Report was my favorite.
Followed! :)

Thank you very much @trevorlyman
Feel free to create your own #steempearls :)

I just realized, this post will make a great post in my first Steempearl post! So I'll be using it. :D

Great! Thank you. I think I will! :)