Join SteemPact! Empowering Change Together – Week #2

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Hey fellow Steemers,
want to do something meaningful this Week? Then read closely!

SteemPact is going into week #2!

We believe that we steemers can unleash a tremendous power to push things forward. Together with you we want to make the world a better place. Let's empower change together!

What is SteemPact?

Our introduction post.
Each week you are given the opportunity to propose a charity that you think changes the world to the better. In addition to that you can vote on other charities. The charity with the most upvotes (in number, not value) will finally be donated the liquid reward of our weekly post. So your upvote will literally do something good.

What does this mean for steemit?

Each donation will be in the name of the steemit community, so we show the world that we can do something good! Furthermore we will encourage charities to join steemit and get donations in steem. For you this means you will get updates on their progress and can support the ones you like most directly.

How to nominate a charity?

In order to nominate a charity please make a comment on our newest weekly post (we will publish it every monday) telling us more about it.

  • Please make sure that there is a way to contact the charity in order to bring them to steemit.
  • Also include a link to the charity or a page with more information about it.
  • If you state that you donate all rewards of your comment and you win, you get 100 whaleshares sponsored by @officialfuzzy.


  • A charity is anything that you think changes the world to the better.
  • A charity does not necessarily need to be international, your local charity is fine too.
  • In order to prevent fraud we reserve the right to disqualify charities that we believe are not credible. In this case the donation goes to the next charity (second most votes).
  • Donations will only be payed out in steem.
  • Charities need to have a dedicated steemit account to ensure transparency.
  • We will release proof of every donation on the blockchain.
  • Nominating your own charity is allowed but should be disclaimed.
  • The liquid part of the rewards (50 %) of our weekly posts will completely be donated to the winning charity.
  • The vesting part of the rewards (the other 50 %) of our weekly posts will strenghten the @steempact account and thereby allowing us to support future charities by voting them up with more power. Should we power down the account, that will go to charity too.
  • The rewards of the comments will go to the persons nominating the respective charities. They are free to donate it (and can win whaleshares doing so).

I want to support this! How?

  • Upvote this post. Now you already have donated.
  • Look in the comments for charities you like and upvote them.
  • Nominate a charity you think is good.
  • Join our steemtrail (see below).

I want to support all posts you ever make! How?

We offer a steemtrail that you can follow. All upvotes from @steempact are for a good cause, so supporting the trail makes you automatically support good causes. We are also partnering with SteemVoter to make a @steempact guild available in the future. In the meantime you can use SteemVoter to autoupvote our project.

I want to throw money at you! How?

Please consider throwing money at one of the charities instead:

  • Send STEEM or SBD to @steempact.
  • In the memo write one of these:
    • The link to one of our posts. We will add it to the donated amount.
    • The link to a comment for a charity. We will donate it to that charity, but we will add it to the post if there are problems (see rules above).
    • Write anything else and we will try to find a suitable charity to donate it to.

Who is behind this?

@robofox and @reggaemuffin are running this account. We are supported and vouched for by witness @thecryptodrive. We will happily answer all your questions!


Thanks to @epicdesigns for the epic design of our @steempact brand!
Thanks to @thecryptodrive for supporting us all the way!
Thanks to @officialfuzzy for sponsering the whaleshares to bring users to donating their part too!

Last weeks winner

Last week the @kedjom-keku project won our pot of 295 STEEM. Together with the almost $9 reward from their comment this is $600 or 600 trees planted.

We have to thank @thecryptodrive for his generous donation of 150 STEEM and we are glad the community could match it with upvotes! He is a top witness for steem and deserves your vote.


We are looking forward to the videos these guys promised to upload and will resteem all posts they make that show how the donation got used, so follow @steempact if you want to get updates.


@reggaemuffin is running for witness, so if you like what he is doing for steem, vote for him as witness:


@steempact got you a 100.0% @minnowbooster upvote, nice!

I hope I'm doing the right thing by replying to this post, but I'd propose the Against Malaria foundation. They are recognized by Effective Altruism organisations like GiveWell for being one of the most effective ways to save lives! they mainly give out malaria nets. I've been donating to them for ages personally, but it would be great to give some money as a community.

This is their website:

Hey @somegermannerd, it seems like againstmalaria won. Sadly there was not that much activity this week, but we will still donate! Do you think you can bring them to steemit?

Shame that there wasn't more activity. They're a big organization so I think it would make more sense for someone with more standing in this community to reach out to them, I just joined a week ago.

SteemPact is awesome! I love it! Keep up the great work @robofox and @reggaemuffin! I nominate Mercy for Animals and donate all rewards from this comment if I win. Mercy for Animals is an international non-profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. Animals hold a special place in my heart and because they don't have a voice I feel it is up to us as humans to be their advocates.

Thanks for the world guys <3

Where is the next post?

Hey I just wanted to thank you for being a witness and creating the bot. Thanks.

wow!!!!!!! its nice!!!!!!

great network you have right there

This is a little unorthodox and I don't think it qualifies for your program, but check out this post if you will.

Excellent post.
Welcome Friends "Blog For You"... We All need Support ... Up vote, Post & Follow ➡️ I Will Do The Same For You......!!!!☺️@yash0108

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