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I think it's very important to note here that that $1M USD all went to players, not to the Steem Monsters / Splinterlands company. Even the 5% market fee was all put right back into tournament prizes paid out to players.

Do you see that happening in Hearthstone or Clash Royale? This is exactly the power of a decentralized game where YOU own your digital assets.


Splinterlands is really fun. It's not like other blockchain projects where you just play because you want to try something on a blockchain. Well done.

The only drawback it has on non-blockchain games is the fact that battles are not interactive. You can't do something during the battle, just watch.

I know this would be very hard to implement, since players already value cards based on their stats, and changing how cards play will inevitably the change the value of the cards relative to each another, but this would really make splinterlands the perfect dapp. Better go through that before it goes viral (after this crazy bear market).

This is my son's complaint relative to Magic The Gathering. I'm not really up to speed on these things.

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The only drawback it has on non-blockchain games is the fact that battles are not interactive.

I have an idea concerning this: maybe at first step one could allow players to change the order of their teams after every round? Does that sound interesting? It wouldn't be a huge intervention ...

I tag @yabapmatt so he might read the suggestion.
(Actually, I am not convinced that it would improve the user experience of the game, I am just collecting ideas ...)

I think this is a really good idea. It’s way simpler to code.

But this should still affect the prices of cards relative to one another.

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I just wish someone would communicate this eloquently to a non crypto savy audience. If nobody else manages, I'll have to!

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We need the game like Clash Royal on steem.

Sooooo true well said! Glad I found this game and community!

this is incredible! then how do you cover costs? Is it just the same, you guys also get profits from trading like others?

We make money from pack sales.

oh i see. now I realized that i actually didn't read the post carefully. thanks! is there any way to see the revenue? I saw posts about revenue from time to time, and i also once calculated on my own, but wondering if there's a place to see it more easily.

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SteemMonsters is truly revolutionary.